View Full Version : Hilton Head for an Adult 3 night getaway?

03-22-2002, 07:03 PM
My DH & I are trying to get away for a few nights w/o our kids!!! Do you think Hilton Head will be swarming with kids in mid-July? Not that I don't like kids or anything, but would like some adult time.

03-22-2002, 07:36 PM
Yes!!!! They are everywhere! LOL! We had a lovely adults only week at HH in a 1 bedroom, top floor of the Lodge. Go for it.

Sandy B.

03-22-2002, 09:14 PM
There are plenty of adult activities at the resort and on the island. My husband and I don't have any children and visit HH frequently. There are plenty of quiet spots throughout the resort.

There's a romantic little restaurant, the Spartina Grill, not far from the resort. It's very popular with the locals so reservations are a must during the summer months.

It's a great place for an adult get-away.

Hope you have a great trip.