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03-20-2002, 07:41 PM
be here for some reason.......well anyway,,,, I have been browsing these boards every time I need a disney fix.....I have learned alot of great tips on this board, but i think i missed the discussion on the beach club.

Just what is the beach club resort that is supposed to be available in june, is it the old yacht club? refurbished? And will there be just addons or will there be new ownerships offered?

I have 3 teenagers, I live in Florida,,,,and it APPEARS that the BW is the type of place my teens would like, but Im going next month to check it out .....sans kids (intelligence gathering trip....you understand kids, doncha?) yeah right mom! Trying to decide where to make my home resort before I buy.

Anyway, my priorities, aside from keeping DD's and DS happy are to be close to transportation, EPCOT, and i guess close to fast transportation for downtown disney. We are really not the quiet laid-back types, we are more an action family (until 8 pm, then MOM loses steam) So there you have it......oh, and one more thing....my girls will NOT share a bed so we need 3 beds/2beds and a sofa and I get to sleep with one of my daughters. Im to do another intelligence gathering trip (just to make sure,you see) in November....(forget it kids,,,you'll be in school)


03-20-2002, 08:15 PM
Non-members are always welcome here...that's how many of us started out! :)

While you are doing your research, you will get to see the models of the BCV rooms. The resort will open in July and is a new facility- built from the ground up- between the Beach Club Resort and Epcot.

The BCV is the only on-site DVC resort currently being sold by DVC. OKW, BWV and VWL are only available thru resale for new members. You are welcome to visit those resorts and the staff at the desk may be able to show you around a little or have the BWV sales office show you the filmed information.


03-20-2002, 08:20 PM
well thanks very much DOC,,,,I just assumed bcv were the old yacht and beach club....thanks for your help, I will ask to see them when i go,, :)) Mae

03-20-2002, 09:01 PM
trust me non members are welcome here. I know because I was a non member who got a lot of answers here to my DVC questions. I even rented my points from the rental forum here. And know I am a member who tries to pass on what little knowledge I have of DVC to others who are interested.

welcome to the boards and ask any questions you think of and they will be answered by someone here.


03-20-2002, 09:17 PM
I asked plenty of questions here before we became members! Please feel free to post here anytime!

03-20-2002, 09:26 PM
Welcome to the boards!! I'm sure you know the Boardwalk is in the middle of the action. Beach Club is close...maybe a 10 minute walk. In fact on the Beach club villa's site its lists "entertainment" as the Boardwalk. The one line you will hear on these boards is "buy where you want to stay". Right now the 11 month window is VERY important at the Boardwalk. We really aren't sure what will happen once the Beach Club Villas open. Good luck and happy "hunting" :cool: :D ;)

03-20-2002, 09:30 PM
well, thank you all,i feel better already...but i really dont know , Brittsmum, the significance of the "11 month window" at the bw,,,can someone elaborate? thanks again :) mae

03-20-2002, 09:56 PM
Whichever resort you chose to make your second home allows you to make reservations at the 11 month window. If you buy at the Boardwalk...at 11 months to the day you can call to make ressies. That would probably be your best opportunity to get std/perferred view etc. for the days you want. If you buy at the Beach Club....you could make ressies at the Beach Club at 11 months. You could only make ressies at the "sister DVC" resorts at 7 months, therefore limiting your exact dates, views etc. It is really hard to get into the Boardwalk right now but I was able to get 6 nites standard view one bdrm at the Boardwalk at 4 months out so it is possible But as I said...the "rule" is buy where you plan to stay most. I hope I explained this well....ask away....most people on these boards would be glad to help. :) :D :) :D

Deb & Bill
03-20-2002, 11:34 PM
It's great when non-members post here to find out information about DVC because we members love telling others about the great deal we have. If you want to buy at the BWV, you will have to check out the resales. BCV are about all that are available for new members at WDW.

If your family doesn't want to share beds, you may have to get a 2 bedroom - one king, one queen sofa, one double sofa and one queen bed. Or get the 1 bedroom and they get to sleep on a futon or something else that you bring from home.

The only thing that bugs me is when non-members tell everyone who is complaining about how much room accomodations cost to rent DVC points. Then we get requests for points at Christmas time in November. Or when non-members whine that they aren't allowed to put a family of 12 in a one bedroom that has 975 sq ft.

It always helps the non-members to read the FAQs first before they start giving out information. We'll be glad to clarify anything they don't understand there.

Good luck on your visit and your "home hunting" trip. Maybe we'll be welcoming you home soon.

03-20-2002, 11:58 PM
I certainly started surfing this board when I really started seriously thinking of buying DVC. There is a wealth of information to be gained on this board about buying into Disney Vacation Club. The FAQ sheet is a wonderful place to gain basic knowledge to start with. Also go to disneyvacationclub.com and look at the different home resorts, they have floor plans for each of the resorts and lots of information to help in our decision making. Good luck with your fact finding.:)

Disney Doll
03-21-2002, 12:28 AM
Anyone is welcome onthese boards. I know that I, for one, LOVE to talk to non-members about the joys of the DVC!!!!!

Yacht Club/Beach Club is one big hotel with 2 different decorating themes, but they are joined at the hip. The Beach Club Villas are a separate entity, closer to the Beach Club Resort, but they are newly built.

If your family likes the BW area(and it sounds as if it would meet most of their requirements!), then buying at the Boardwalk Villas or the Beach Club Villas would probably be your best bet. The Boardwalk Villas are only available through resales.Go to the other board under the DVC and click on "The Timesahre Store". That will show you many of the resales available. I'm sure there are probably some for the Boardwalk Villas. The Beach Club Villas are currently for sale through Disney.

My hubby and I have been members since 1997, with our home resort being Old Key West. It is by far the best money we've ever spent!!!!!

03-21-2002, 07:45 AM
One tip that's worth repeating, buy where you want to stay.

We always welcome non-members who are looking for info about the DVC system.

03-21-2002, 09:15 AM
I also want to Welcome you to the DVC Board. I came here looking for answer when I was thinking of joining. That was 4 years ago. Guess I will stay awhile longer.

03-21-2002, 11:02 AM
Originally posted by dvcreg
One tip that's worth repeating, buy where you want to stay.

BUT what if you want to stay everywhere! :D

Maepartner, I am so glad your posting your questions here. Research is needed when making such a large investment. I too posted a lot of ??? here before we bought. Heck I am still posting lots of questions here! :rolleyes:

It is soooo nice to have this fourm to swap information.

Have fun on your scouting missions! :bounce:

03-21-2002, 03:39 PM
If you want to be close to Epcot - then BCV. If you want to be close to both Studios & Epcot - then BWV. But fast transportation to DD - forget it. The only DVC resort that is close to DD is OKW. If you like action you won't be happy at OKW - very laid back.

The Disney Institute will soon have a DVC resort - I think they are tearing down some of the old one - you might buy there if DD is important to you - but that won't be until 2004???

However you could buy at BCV or BWV now and get the DI when it opens - so both Epcot and DD are covered.