View Full Version : Real ID waiver finally granted to Maine 4/2/08

04-02-2008, 06:14 PM
Thank God. The Fed has finally granted a waiver to the state of Maine as of 5pm on April 2, 2008. The waiver is good till December, 2009. So now we don't have to be strip searched and padded down when getting on an airplane or apply for a passport. :woohoo:

04-02-2008, 07:00 PM
That was great news but I believe it was only a temporary reprieve. DH and I decided to get passports (even before our son gave us a trip to Aruba). His passport arrived this week after just 14 days. I applied this week so expect it soon.

:cheer2: :cheer2:

I just noticed that we are arriving at WDW on the same day. See you there!

04-03-2008, 07:00 AM
Great news............we leave in 29 days.....I think I will still get a passport soon for future trips though