View Full Version : For all those interested in info on Beach Club...

03-18-2002, 02:36 PM
The travel channel has been running a show called Great Hotels. Tomorrow(March 19th) and Thursday (March 21st) ,the show will feature the Yacht and Beach Club Hotels. The Tuesday show is at 3:00p.m. (Eastern) and the Thursday show is at 11:30a.m.(Eastern). I don't know if it will show anything about the villas, but maybe we can catch a glimpse of it. The description did say that it would feature SAB. I just thought that others might be interested in watching. I saw the ones last week that featured AKL and the GF, they were both informative and fun to watch.

Terry S
03-18-2002, 02:49 PM
I saw the show last time it was on. They do not show any of BCV at all, not even a glimpse of the outside. It is a really good show though.