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03-17-2002, 09:42 PM
Does anyone know the current pricing for BCV? I know I will find out tomorrow when we call, but I want to know now!!! Is it $75 with a $5 off incentive, bringing the price to $70 a point or is it $80 with $5 incentive?

And, does anyone know how long it takes to close with Disney? We want to close at the end of April and pay cash.

And, does anyone have any DVC sales person they particularly recommend? How about the Timeshare Store? I believe I read last year that a woman named Jackie was very good there... am I remembering correctly?

We are considering the BVC or a resell at OKW, BWV, or HH. We have checked the listings on TUG, and there weren't that many right now. Is there another timeshare broker that others have found to be very good? If so, we would love that recommendation.

Oh, and you guys are terrific!! I feel like I really know what I am doing now...

stayed at OKW on rented points last year, and am going to get my own now!

03-17-2002, 11:40 PM
We recently bought BCV's and are very happy wiht our guide, Bruce Douglas. e-mail me if you want particular's.:) Sharon

03-18-2002, 09:05 PM
Points are currently $75 with either $5 credit or a certain length stay at select hotels, can't tell you much about the hotels-We took the $5.
As far as closing, we paid through our own loan so Disney has our check now, but they will not be closing until June. You can make ressies as soon as you get your package from DVC, they only need a deposit. (just make sure you pay, I'm sure they will cancel you if you don't :D )
Our guide is Randy Kruger, he is simply fantastic. Let me know if you'd lke his direct number, I can't find it right now!

Deb & Bill
03-18-2002, 10:27 PM
We just added on 100 points at BCV after adding on 100 points at VWL last November. Our guide is Patti Douglas - very friendly and has helped us since 97. She's a senior guide, so she has a lot of experience. Her number is 800-827-7143.