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03-16-2002, 05:33 PM
We are going to VB for the first time in May for 6 nights (followed by 3 nights at BWV). I have some VB questions:

1. I thought I read about a character breakfast? Do they have one? When and can you make PS?

2. Where are the best places for dinner with a 4 and a 6 year old? Nothing too fancy and nothing with long waits!

3. Any suggestions on a dinner spot that dd would really enjoy for her 7th b'day? We plan on doing Chef Mickey's (her choice) our first night at WDW but how about on her b'day in VB?

4. What are the onsite restaurants like?

Thanks for any info!


03-16-2002, 06:33 PM
They certainly used to have a breakfast with characters but I'm not sure of the dates, I'd suggest a call to the resort.

There is a book in the recption area that gives menus, phone numbers and directions to a large number of restaurants in the area, depending on what takes your fancy I'd select from there. I haven't eaten in it myself but I believe Mr Manatees has a reputation for being good with kids. I really enjoy Jack Baker's Lobster shanty, with kids of that age you're likely to be eating early so I doubt you'll find crowds too much of a problem. There is a first rate Mexican restaurant called Hirmana's close to the resort ( to be more precise the food is excellent and more "authentic mexican" as opposed to "Tex/Mex", it's a small family run concern about 5 minutes drive from DVC, the decor looks like it could be updated a little, but you're there to eat not look at the wallpaper LOL).

I think you'll be lucky to find anywhere that's going to compare to WDW restaurants for that "special treat" , but you will find a number of nice restaurants in the area.

I believe they have combined the restaurants on site ( Shutters and Sonya's), although they previously used the same kitchen anyway. The food was REALLY good in there, but it was, IMHO, a little pricey when compared with what's available nearby. The service from the pool bar does pretty good sandwiches, burgers and fries. The bar does snacks as well. There is a pizza takeout about 70 yards away from the resort.

If you're going to be at the resort for 6 night IMHO eating on site all the time is going to work out expensive. Hope that helps a little

Jeff P.
03-17-2002, 12:01 AM
We just retuned from Vero on Sunday last week. I am ready to go back!

They have a character breakfast on Saturday mornings at Shutter's with Goofy and Max. The breakfast is a set plate which includes breakfast breads, eggs, sausage, bacon, potatos, etc. The price also includes juice. As with most things at Vero, it is very laid back, and the characters really interacted with our children. They had a good time.

We called only a day ahead of time, and we were able to get an early seating. The later seatings were already full. If you are going at a busy time of year or want a specific time, you may want to call ahead (561-234-2000).

We also ate at the Lobster Shanty this trip, and we really enjoyed it. We went on Friday night, and the wait was pretty long, but it may be less busy during the week. The food was very good, and there is a nice park area next door you can wait in and let the children run around. Our kids are 6 and 3, and they had fun running around and playing.


03-17-2002, 06:51 AM
Lisa, We have been going to VB for years and planning on going down in April of 02. WE have been to the character breakfast with goofy and max, my kids had a blast and they are ages 11 and 13,
I not sure, but they used have a kids program for a small fee where they had activities for the kids, gave them dinner. The program last for about three hours. We have taken our kids when they were younger to shutters restruant at vb and they were ok while we ate. They have a great pool area and alot of activities for the kids ie: bingo, swimming lessons, movies at night time, sing around the camp fire, kickball, canoe rides ( for a fee). My kids really look forward to going and the ocean is near by where the can run thru the waves. Any more questions - e-mail and I will try to answer them. It's about a two hour drive from orlando airport. JP:bounce: :pinkbounc :jester:

03-17-2002, 10:33 PM
Thanks so much to everyone for the great info!