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03-15-2002, 01:39 AM
I was wondering how to go about incorporating disney into my wedding a little more. I collect Cinderella, so of course she's going on the top of my cake (dancing with prince charming) and Cinderella invitations. but how else could I add those special disney touches without making myself (or my fiancee) look like nutballs? our colors are light blue and gold (go figure!), and short from dressing up like them, I don't know what to do. any tips?

what about everyone else? How will you make it a disney theme (if at all) I'm interested in hearing everyone else's perspectives! and I promise I won't borrow your idea unless I have your permission! :D

03-15-2002, 08:35 AM
My Fiancee are also trying to have a Disney Theme wedding this coming August. We also have the Cinderella Cake Topper and Cinderella Invitations. We also got Cinderella Champagne Flutes. One other thing we plan on doing is instead of numbering the tables, we are going to name them after Disney Movies. We aren't going to decorate the table like the movie though (we atill want to have a classy wedding...LOL :) ) All we are going to do is place a 4X6 picture of the movie in a frame to identify the table. We are having a hell of a time trying to find movie posters for disney movies. Does anyone know of a website I can get these images? Oh yeah, one more thing. When the band annouces us as a couple for the first time, we are going to come in to an instrumental of "When you wish upon a star".

03-15-2002, 09:38 AM
I'm Scoot95's fiancee. He forgot to say we are also making the table cards (the things that say what table each person will be sitting at.) My mom had this great idea to use the same pictures we're using on the tables themselves and make them small, like thumbnail size, and put those on the table cards. This way people can match the picture on their card with the one on the table. We will also make sure the pictures have the name of the movie.

I gottam, ask, where di d you get your cake topper and invitations? I'm curious if it's the same as ours. We got our topper from the Disney store, of course! And we got our invitations and champagne flutes form Now And Forever. We also got the little stickers you can put on the back of the envelopes that are Cinderella's carriage and our names!

Good luck!!

03-15-2002, 04:11 PM
Well, I actually have two cake toppers- LOL my parents got me the first one for christmas about 6 years ago (when I decided to collect cinderella). that one is about 8" tall and it's cinderella and prince charming in full color, and cinderella's in her wedding gown. then, last year for christmas my fiancee got me the wedgwood cake topper- cinderella in her ball gown, and it's in my wedding colors, wedgwood blue and ivory, about 6" tall. if I can find a picture of the two I'll post them for you. My mom and dad got me the full color one from the Disney collectibles club, and my fiancee got me the one we're actually using on the cake from the Disney Gallery Store (the other one is going on the head table). As for the invitations, my sister is a graphic designer and she's making them for us. My mom found cinderella stationery at the disney store and my sister's going to turn them into our invitations. (Shh-don't tell Disney!! LOL) we were going to get them from Carlton's, but we liked the homemade ones better!

03-15-2002, 04:23 PM
Sounds great!! Our cake topper was from the Gallery, we bought it about 6 months ago. It's Cindy and the prince after their weddings, coming down the steps. 2 little lbue birds are holding up her veil. I love it! Only our parents have seen it, we won't let anyone see it until the wedding!

Did you get any ideas you like for your wedding? Feel free to copy any of ours that you like, we don't copyright them!! LOL

03-15-2002, 04:31 PM
Well, to be perfectly honest, I had an epiphany on the way home from my fiancee's today- I talked to him today about getting the groom/bride mouse ears and wearing them at the reception, but then i thought-why not get the whole bridal party involved? i'm going to call fairy tale weddings tomorrow and ask how much it would cost for all the hats and to have them shipped- we'd give them to them in secret (no one but them could know!) and then at the tail end of the reception, since it's an early wedding/reception, ending at 6, we'd all sneak out, put them on and come back in to the Mickey mouse club march. then finacee and I could make our departure to the See ya real soon! part!! I almost got teary-eyed thinking about it. but other than that, I haven't thought of anything. I have to get to work, I'm late!! LOL

enjoy your day!

03-15-2002, 11:39 PM
Happy to find fellow Disney brides here. I am also planing a disney-themed wedding in October.

SoleilLoca, wearing ear hats and the grand finale sound like a great idea!!! But for me, I think I am the only Disney-maniac, and my fiance will do whatever I wants. The two sets of parents don't care about Disney...so, I have to play it low profile.

I live in Canada. Therefore, it is pretty tough for me to get any Disney wedding-related product. But thanks a million for internet!! For my own wedding, these are what I will do to make it Disney-themed:

-- Mickey and Minnie cake topper (from mouseshop online.)
-- Mickey and Minnie invitation address label (from Ebay.)
-- Mickey and Minnie bubble labels with our names and wedding date (from Ebay)
-- Cinderella "glass" slippers as favor (it is actually plastic, 3 by 4 inchese.. in each slipper, I will put some candies wrapped in tulle)
-- Naming each table using Disney couples! like "Snow white & Prince charming," "Cinderella and Prince," "Mickey and Minnie.".... you get the idea. But I will name the head table our names since I want to be a Disney fairytale couple, too. :D :D :D
-- Walking down the aisle "a dream is a wish your heart make" by Linda Ronstadt (CD bought on Ebay)
-- Frist dance; "A Whole New World." from Aladdin.
-- Instrumental Disney songs will be played throughout the whole night.
-- Tied my flutes with mickey mouse bow by Beverly Clark

I think that is all for my wedding.. I am thinking about getting the ear hats before my wedding so that I can take some pictures with the hat in my gown....
I am also in the process of getting some Mickey shaped confetti to put in my invitation envelop....

I have been planing for my wedding for a year now...still another 7 months to go...cann't wait!!! Also cann't wait for our honeymoon to WDW!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

03-15-2002, 11:41 PM
oh oh oh...forgot to mention, I will make my own program using Disney clip arts, from the following website..


:) :) :)

03-16-2002, 01:09 AM
I was just listening to that version of "a dream is a wish.."...LOL

We're going to have disney music (not just instrumental) throughout the dinner...we have at least 8 disney CDs with music from the shows and movies..even parades..that I'm going to burn for the DJ (fiancee's cousin, how's that for convenient?!) everyone's going to be pulling their hair out by the end of the dinner! I've been debating on the mouse ears for the bridal party- there's only a couple of groomsmen and two bridesmaids that would be excited about it, the rest would probably be embarrassed and might not. so I'm thinking i'll probably scrap the idea and use that money for the honeymoon. it's fun to think about, though.

I've seen some Cinderella champagne flutes in the disney catalog, but we already have our flutes, so I'm not too concerned about those. I do, however, have a glass slipper that my parents got for me when they went to WDW last that has our names etched into it that will be sitting on our cake table (or the guestbook table). We're also looking for these really cute teacups that we saw at the disney store last year- they're ivory teacups with the mice from cinderella sitting on them. We're entering the reception to "so this is love" from...cinderella, of course!

we're not doing any place settings at the tables- between his family and mine, they'd just sit where they wanted to anyway. LOL:rolleyes:

As you can see from all my above posts, I'm BEYOND excited about finally having a place to talk about disney and my disney wedding- no one else really cares, and my fiancee is just kind of agreeing with me because he knows how much I love it. I'm so glad I found these boards and other disney brides!!

03-16-2002, 05:09 PM
I got married in Walt Disney World, so it was much easier for me to have a Disney theme to my wedding. LOL. Our reception, however, had a slight Midsummer Night's Dream theme to it, though we did have a few Disney touches.

We got married in the Wedding Pavilion, with Cinderella's Castle in the background. We used Disney Music for most of the entrances, except mine - I stayed traditional with the wedding march. However, for those planning a Cinderella Theme, make sure to include the Chiming of the Hour before the wedding march, since 12 o'clock is a significant time in that fairytale!

The songs we used:
The mothers' entrance was to "Candle On The Water" (from Pete's Dragon)
The groom entered to "Some Day My Prince Will Come"
The groomsmen entered to "A Dream Is A Wish" (though I debated about Once Upon A Dream, and also thought that entering to "Heigh Ho" would be amusing)
The bridesmaids entered to "If I Never Knew You" (from Pocohontas)
The flowergirl entered to "Tale As Old As Time (Beauty & The Beast)"

At our reception, we had the following Disney touches: A White Chocolate Cinderella's Castle as our wedding cake topper (you can see a picture here (http://www.ourfairytale.com/receptionmoments_cakecutting.html) ). These can be ordered through Impressions (http://www.fairytalewedding.com/Castlecake/castle_cake_top.htm) and shipped anwyhere in the US. We also had a Mickey & Minnie Cake topper that we placed as a decorating piece on our cake table.

At our pre-reception, we had Mickey Head Confetti sprinkled on all the tables. You can order this through Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings department, or you can make your own by getting a Mickey Head Paper Hole Puncher at any local craft store. Sometimes the Mickey Confetti shows up on EBAY for sale.

For favors, we had Mickey Wreaths made, decorated with white and green flowers (our wedding colors) and hung from the back of the guest chairs. They were made by Minda of Briar Rose Celebrations (briarrosechocolate@yahoo.com) and were beautiful!

For our groom's cake, served during our Illuminations party, we had a storybook cake - another touch that could fit in well to a Cinderella themed wedding.

Mike's Amazing Cakes (http://www.mikesamazingcakes.com) has a Cinderella Castle shaped cake.

Other touches I've heard of for Disney and Cinderella-themed weddings:
- using Disney Snowglobes as centerpieces
- using the little plastic cinderella slippers with slits in them for placecard holders
- using the plastic slippers or pumpkins filled with candy for favors
- Minda makes a lot of chocolates, shaped as Cinderella's Castle, Slippers, Mickey, Minnie, and other Disney characters, and so much more. Makes great favors

Hope this helps!

03-16-2002, 06:14 PM
WOW!! We'll all have to post pictures after our weddings!!!!! I thought of someting else just today that Fh and I are going to have at our reception. We already bought the Mickey and Minnie bride an groom Mickey-gram dolls from th Disney Store and we're oging to pu them on our table.

03-17-2002, 02:17 AM
The disney snowglobes is a good idea- between my mom's tinkerbell ones and my cinderella ones, we'd have more than enough- I'm afraid someone would walk off with one though, or break it...then i'd have to hurt somebody. :mad:

as far as our music at the ceremony goes, one of my best friends sings, and I'm going to have her sing "so this is love" and Linda Rondstat's version of "a dream is a wish" before the ceremony, while people are coming in. the processional will be just your average wedding music (unless I can find an excellent CD with instrumental disney on it).

Lorana, your cake was beautiful. We debated on having the castle cake (a local cake maker does them, too) but we decided on just the regular figurine (he "spent a lot of money on my cake topper, gosh darnit!") which i am still trying to find a picture of.

03-17-2002, 10:24 AM
There's a great Disney Instrumental CD called "Disney's Instrumental Impressions." I don't think it's being sold anymore, but you can find it on EBAY and sometimes on HALF.COM. There may be some other sites out there that still have it. It's a great CD, and includes instrumental versions of Beauty & The Beast, Some Day My Prince Will Come, If I Never Knew You, So This Is Love, Bella Notte, Love Is A Song, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A Whole New World, Endless Night, Part of Your World, Something There, Lavender Blue, and When You Wish Upon A Star.

03-17-2002, 12:10 PM
Yes, "Disney's Instrumental Impression" is a great CD for creating a romantic ambience, perfect for a disney-themed wedding. The cd has been discontinued, according to the Wedding Pavillion at WDW. I got mine on Ebay. But I haven't seen any of that for auction on Ebay lately. So, keep an eye on them.

Also, I have found a great tool to find MP3 on the internet. The software is called "imesh." Go to "www.imesh.com" to download the search engine. You will be able to find cool songs on the internet--the whole song, not just clips. Download the file and burn them onto CDs if you can.

good luck!