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03-14-2002, 04:42 PM
I would like some information about the 1 bedroom villas. We are thinking of staying at one fo the villas for our next vacation in a 1 bedroom. We have 2 children DS 11 and DD 6. I was curious about the sleeping arrangements. We have never stayed in any of the DVC properties. Any information or suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

03-14-2002, 04:51 PM
You will LOVE the 1 bedroom villas! You will have sooo much space for your family. The bedding will be a king size bed in the master bedroom and a pull out couch in the living room (quite comfy actually). I believe they are queen size pull outs :) . If I am wrong someone will correct me :)

Do you have an idea as to which villas you would like to try? If not, what are you looking for in a place to stay? (i.e. pool with a slide, biggest rooms, close proximity to the parks etc)

03-14-2002, 05:56 PM
We are thinking of staying at either the BCV or the BWV. We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary when we are there. We hadn't planned on taking the kids but feel guilty going to WDW without them.

03-14-2002, 10:28 PM
don't feel to guilty.There is always next time.
We stayed in a 1 br and loved it .It is like an aprtment, tons of room.
Go and enjoy and Happy Anniversary whenever it is:pinkbounc

Disney Doll
03-14-2002, 10:52 PM
The 1BR are great!!!!! We've stayed in them in OKW and BW, seen them in WLV. haven't seen the BC yet, but I am sure they are as nice as what we have seen!

You have almost a master suite type area, with a large bedroom with a king size bed, a dressing area that also has a jacuzzi tub and a sink. The closet is in this area. This attaches to the bathroom, which contains the shower stall, toilet, and another sink...the bathroom is very roomy. There is a TV in the MBR as well. There is a second door leading into the bathroom from the hall, and as you walk out that door, you walk through a laundry area, and then into the main hall which leads into the kitchen/living room area. There is a queen size pull out couch, which my friend (who has slept there) says is very comfortable. There is also a loveseat and a nice armchair. The kitchen is sort of galley style, and there is an island in the center of the room, making it sort of a great room type area,in combination with the living room.There is a table which seats 4. The kitchen comes fully stocked with dishes,utensils,pots/pans etc.There is a TV in the living room area, in the cabinet under the island. There are doors leading out to your balcony. All in all a 1BR would be a good size for your family. The kids could either sleep in the queen size pullout couch or you can leave the couches closed and they could each take one. The pullout couch is a 3 cushion couch when closed. The loveseat is a 2 cushion couch. I have known some DVCers to bring a blow up mattress, if for some reason they didn't want siblings in the same bed. There is plenty of floor space to do that.

03-14-2002, 11:15 PM
I agree with everyone else. We have stayed in a 1 bdr at OKW, BWV, and VB. They will spoil you. It truly is like staying in an apartment. We just returned from a 6 night stay a couple of weeks ago. We had 5 nights in a 1 bdr at OKW and the first night we stayed at the GF for our anniversary. I had always wanted to stay there. It was great and I'm glad we did it, but the room at the GF wasn't near as nice as any of the 1 bdrs we have stayed in. There is nothing better after a long day than coming back to your own jacuzzi tub or spending a wonderful evening out on the balconey. It really is like coming home. I know you will love it!

03-16-2002, 09:28 AM
I'm not sure I read it above, there is a VCR in the living room and movies available to watch from a DVC equipment area (dependent on the resort, at Vero it's at Eb and Flos). There is also a full size washer and dryer in the one bedrooms which is wonderful with kids, you don't have to pack nearly as many clothes.

03-16-2002, 09:31 AM
What's the cost for the movies?

03-16-2002, 12:32 PM
The movies are free at the VWL.

SueM in MN
03-16-2002, 01:31 PM
I'm not positive, but I think the movies are only free for DVC members. I think I remember seeing a sign above the movie rack with charges for non-members.

03-17-2002, 11:27 AM
We just returned from an 8 night stay in a 1BR at BWV. I don't think the sleep sofa was queen size. The "sofa" was two cushioned and there was only one other living room chair. There were two dining chairs by the table and two kitchen chairs by the eating shelf by the kitchen counter. The TV and VCR are in an armoir?sp. By the way we wanted to tape the 9/11 special and brought a blank tape. We were told they no longer supply remotes for the VCR that allow you to program for taping. You can tape but must be there to do so manually! Something about the remotes being stolen but that didn't make much sense.

Deb & Bill
03-17-2002, 04:44 PM
At OKW, the sleep sofas are queen sized. At BWV, VWL and BCV (I assume this one since it mirrors the previous two) they sleep sofas are double sized.

03-17-2002, 04:51 PM
Deb & Bill are right that OKW has all queen size sleeper sofas. At VWL, BWV, and BCV the pullout sofa in the studio (which is also the 2nd bedroom of a 2 bedroom) is a full size. The pullout in the living room of the one-bedroom/two-bedroom is queen size.

03-20-2002, 12:27 PM
Is it ever possible to get a roll-away bed in a one bedroom? We are staying in one for the first time this August and are unsure whether my sister-in-law will be joining us. If she does, she would not want to share the sofa sleeper with her brother and both are adults so neither would fit on a love seat. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows!


03-20-2002, 12:34 PM
bring a blow up mattress

03-20-2002, 01:03 PM
Would rather not use an inflatable mattress if we can avoid it but could if we had to. Thanks for the tip.

03-20-2002, 01:38 PM
Arw76, how many of you will there be?

The sleeper sofa is not a love seat (see Pam's post above).

It is not a typical sleeper sofa and is very comfortable, IMHO.

If there are only going to be three of you, a one bedroom is very comfortable.

I'm pretty sure that the DVC resorts don't have rollaways.

Good Luck!

03-20-2002, 01:39 PM
No rollaways at any DVC resort..

03-20-2002, 01:39 PM
I'm pretty positive too that NO Disney resorts offer roll-away beds, neither the regular resorts or the DVC resorts.

03-20-2002, 02:26 PM
Thanks you all for the info. There are presently three of us: me, my husband, and his brother. My husband's sister is considering joining us, so she would make a fourth. She is the one who doesn't care to share a bed with her brother though, so that's why the just the sleeper sofa wouldn't do. Sounds like the inflatable mattress is the best option! Thanks again.