View Full Version : Travelocity help needed

02-27-2008, 05:05 PM
I booked a package through Travelocity and was thinking of switching to a hotel that includes a breakfast. On my trip confirmation, it states that if I want to make a change to my hotel there is a $25 fee plus the difference of the two hotels. I don't have a problem with that BUT I have called twice and they tell me it is a $185 fee just to change PLUS the price difference of the two hotels.
They must have a call center in India, the reps do not speak English well, I don't understand this because my print out says $20 hotel change fee!!!
Has anyone been through this before:confused3

02-29-2008, 06:55 PM
I was also told verbally that there was a $20 change fee when I made the ressie via the phone.....
Of course, now it is a different story......Travelocity says Yes it is a $20 change fee to change a hotel but since I booked a PACKAGE It has different fees which are not on my print out. I think that this is so misleading. Especially since my print out doesn;t state that and I was told VERBALLY on phone, DOn;t worry about the hotel, blah blah if you decide you want the other one, just call back and we will be happy to switch for you for a $20 fee plus the price difference.