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Pirate Me
02-21-2008, 03:23 PM
I'm looking for the following:

x Roughly 15 Water Carpets
3x Parrot Palm Trees
River straight and curved pieces.

I was in a buying mood and maniacally bought ALR items, which proved to sit, gathering dust in my inventory box and storage rooms.
I knew it was time to do away with them when they started getting dust on my other items! :scared:

I've got:

1x ALR Marching Cards
1x ALR Mushroom SM
1x ALR Paint Cans
2x ALR Shrub Arch
2x ALR Shrub Wall Long
3x ALR Shrub Wall Short
5x ALR Wide Trees

Ride Pieces:
2x Dark Ride Alice Start
2x Dark Ride Alice Teleporter
9x Dark Ride Straight
4x Dark Ride Turn Left
4x Dark Ride Turn Right

All of the items I want and am trading are buyable, so it's pretty simple.