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02-19-2008, 12:11 AM
Anybody have a to do list for the last couple of weeks before you leave? :confused:
Yes, I'm stressing! I'm taking my DNiece 11 with me and she doesn't even know where her clothes and stuff are yet let alone parental permisson slips! :scared1: So, want to make sure I'm not missing ANYTHING!

So far I have this.

Two weeks before
Pre-pack niece to make sure she has everything she needs (she doesn't) :eek:
Pre-pack my bags from my packing list to make sure I have everything I need and can fit it in one checked, one small carry-on.
Start cleaning house because mom is staying here while I'm gone
Make sure I have some idea of touring plans etc to at least give a guideline when we hit the parks
Put all info on PDA ;)

One week before
Confirm dog sitter (mom)
Doggie instructions/vet info/leashes/dog food etc
Water plants
Make lazy brother who lives with me remember to take trash out while I'm gone :)
Confirm hotel room
Confirm flights and seats on flights
Itinerary to mom, lazy brother, sister, DN's mom and grandma (she's my step-niece) with all necessary phone numbers, flight info
Confirm who's dropping us off at the airport and picking us up
Make lost child id for DN

Day before
Check in to flight
Finish packing/cleaning
Put ME tags on suitcases