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02-17-2008, 11:31 AM
hey guys

I was just checking for a week at the wilderness lodge and it is all sold out on the computer. Is the parks really going to be that busy ? but now that i am typing this i am thinking because of spring break

02-17-2008, 11:34 AM
We picked mid-April because we thought spring breaks were all in March and it wouldn't be as busy. From what I have seen on the boards, that is not true and a lot of East coast schools are on break in April.

02-17-2008, 11:43 AM
wow, i just checked the wilderness lodge and animal kingdom and they are both sold out.

Disney Ron
02-17-2008, 03:03 PM
:idea: Play with your dates...for example sometimes if you plug in just 5 days it will say no availablity. But if you put in 7 days including the five you want it may come up. Then you just call and cancel the two extra days and indicate you want to shorten your stay.

We have had to do this a couple of times. Good luck!

Mrs. Disney Ron

02-17-2008, 03:27 PM
I agree with you! I am stunned that I keep seeing no availability. However, if you go on AAA's site, you can get resorts that say they are sold out on the disney site and other travel sites. I can not believe it is going to be that busy! Making me think I might not want to go!