View Full Version : all star music vs. all star movies

02-16-2008, 12:09 AM
i recently booked a standard room at all star music due to no preffered being available...now i'm thinking maybe i can switch to movies? any comments on this hotel?

02-16-2008, 07:33 AM
We stayed at the ASM in 2005. My kids loved it. We did not request a preffered room and were still pretty close to everything. I am not sure I would actually want a preffered room because they put you near the pools and it can be quite noisy over there, especially at night when everyone comes back from the parks and jumps in the pool.

You can also request to stay in different sections of the hotel, but that is just a request, no guarantees on where you will end of staying. ASM has Fantasia, Dalmations, Toy Story, (I can't remember the other one)

02-16-2008, 07:49 AM
I stayed at All Star Music in '05 in a standard room and was very lucky. I was in the Calypso Building but on the back side, away from the pool and it was peaceful and quiet with a very short walk to the main building. I really liked that resort, but I fell in love with Pop.

02-16-2008, 08:44 AM
We've stayed at the ASMv before and had a great time! Our DS 4 loved the Fantasia pool. And all the oversized Disney icons were a lot of fun! I have heard, however, that ASMu could be a little calmer/quieter- not so many kids. With a Disney resort, you can't go wrong. :thumbsup2

02-16-2008, 10:23 AM
we have stayed at both they are basically the same just different icons/pictures in rooms. my ds loved them both he was 5 the 1st time and 6 the 2nd.princess:

eta: you can use the pools at all the value resorts no matter which one you are at.