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02-13-2008, 11:05 PM

Amy Baldwin (Foster) 24: Soon to be wife
Chase Foster (ME) 24: Soon to be husband
Karen Baldwin: Amyís Mom
Byron Baldwin: Amyís Dad
Matthew Baldwin: Amyís Brother
Connie Foster: My mom
Andy Foster: My Brother
George Baldwin: Amyís uncle
Memommie: Amyís Grandmother
Jamie Reed: Andyís girlfriend
Mike Farrington: Friend
Karen Farrington: Friend
Vic Jones: Connieís boyfriend

Date: Jan. 29 Ė Feb. 12
WEDDING: Feb. 1st

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
Congress Park

Day 1: January 29th

Arrival day at about 5PM Eastern time. We donít do much this day but unpack and nap. We ate at the turf club which by the way is awesome. Drinks are expensive! We were waiting for a table and decided to buy some drinks, I ordered an absolute stress and amy got a pomegranate martini. I slipped amy a $20 thinking this would be enough and she came back with like .45 cents. Ouch!

Day2: January 30th

Today was a chill day for us. I had my tux fitting at 2Pm so we got up and ate some breakfast. We stayed at SSR so the walk to DTD was amazing. We headed over to do some browsing and to get lunch. It was about 1PM and I was thinking we better get back for my fitting. We decided to eat at planet Hollywood before so we got a table and ordered. This place is awesome with its food and environment. We finished eating about 1:45PM so we hustled to the marketplace and got on the boat to SaratogaÖfirst timers. The boat was taking too long to launch so sitting there I was like ďamy I have to go Iím gonna run for itĒ so I left her there and took off running. Amy said when I was gone the boat captain was like ďdid someone just leave, do we need to wait on him?Ē amy said no but then the lady next to her was like ďthere he is!Ē and there I was running down the pathaway to Saratoga full speed. Amy laughed at it. I got there a few minutes before keith from Carolyn allens came and I got fitted for my tux. The tux looked amazing. I love the feel of a good tux. Amys family flew in today and we got them all taken care of at POR. Amy and I went back to Saratoga and I want to say we ate at artist palette. Sleep. Pic is of a card and balloons left on our door from mickey. It was so nice

Day 3: January 31st

The day before the wedding. Just trying to get everything in line for the big day. We got up with amyís family at rainforest cafť at DTD. At the same time my little brother, andy, arrived and he met us there for lunch. We had a great lunch and headed back to the resort. The next hour or so everyone else: my mom and her boyfriend Vic, Jamie ( andyís girlfriend), Uncle George, Memmie (amyís grandmother), mike and Karen (friends) all arrived. We had a rehearsal dinner at buca di beppo at 5:00PM at the Florida Mall. We all somehow got there at the same time and was seated at the round table. This is a very interesting dinner style and if you get a chance to try it please do. Its Italian restaurant served family style. Ohh and itís a LOT of food!!! We ate dinner and then decided on plans. Amy, my mom and Jamie decided to go and get there nails done at the mall while me, andy, vic, mike and Karen wend back to POR to drink. We got to POR to drink a few and the girls met up with us later. Everyone excluding us and mike and Karen were staying at POR, it was very convenient. After drinks the plan was I was staying with andy at POR and Jamie was to go back to Sartatoga with amy. So I wouldnít see the bride at all until the ceremony. Andy and I got back to the room watched some tv and lights out.

Day 4: February 1st

The big day is here! Canít really tell you my wifes view of this because I didnít see her until the ceremony but it was pretty basic. Andy and I woke up and hung out for a bit. We played some video games in the arcade and then got dressed. Limo came to pick us up at 1:30PM. Amyís dad is in a wheelchair so I hired a mears van to come and pick the whole family up. We arrived at the boardwalk resort which is nice by the way. At this point its nothing but anticipation, just get here!! I met my Disney planner amy who was awesome through the whole thing and our photographer paul looper. Took some pics and then we were escorted out to the seabreeze point location where the wedding was at. It was an amazing ceremony and amy looked beautiful. The wedding was over and so was our nervousness. After the ceremony we all went to the yachtsman steakhouse which is a very good steakhouse. Recommended all the way around.

Day 5: February 2nd

Today we woke up 9ish like usual. Everyone was still in town but did there own thing for now. Amy and I met up with her family: mom, dad and little brother matt to go to the Titanic The Experience. Amy and I went to this last year 2006 at its old location. Back then this was an amazing walk through where the employees actually act a part. I could tell though this time it was shortened up and wasnít as exciting. It seemed to be half the show as our past experience. It also had moved from international drive to the Orlando science center. All in all though it was still a good show just not as good as before. After the titanic we headed back to POR with the family. I drove back to Saratoga for a nap and amy hung out with little brother matt. I came to get her an hour later. Later that night amy and I got up with my little brother, andy and his girlfriend Jamie and our friends mike and Karen to go to pleasure islando. Oh My Gosh this was the best time. Me and my wife are not clubbers at all but we went out 10ish and got back in at 1ish. Donít get me wrong alcohol let us loose a little bit but it was truly a great night. We went from 8 trax to mannequins to beach club back 8 trax and ended at mannequins until the beat stopped. Simply amazing!!! We are planning our next pleasure island trip now!
Me and My bro

February 3rd

Wow and I hurting from last night. It was worth it but didnít get to bed until 5AM. Today is nothing but a chill day because I canít get out of bed. I think we went and got food from artist palette again but pretty much stayed in the room.

February 4th

Well all better now and though we should start to hit the parks. Magic Kingdom is where we are going. So we jump on the bus from SSR to MK. MK is PACKED!!! Crap man I thought it was going to be slow. Thatís why I picked this time of year. So far I deal with it. We wait in line for haunted mansion (favorite) for 30min and I can say the new refurbishments are awesome. This is where it kinda went south. Iím one who never makes reservationsÖnever really had to in September. So were hungry and we go around to like 3 different counter and table service restaurants. This is about 1:30PM and all are lined up with people. I think we just got cranky and ended up in a bad mood which ended up in a little fight. Nothing big but just silent treatment type stuff. I said fine lets just go back to the resort. Got back to the resort hugged and talked. So were good now and still hungry. Drove over to the palette got a quick lunch and headed to wonderworks. Weíve been here before but we love it every time. Something about hands on museums I really love. After the wonderworks we went to the mall at the end of international mallÖ.ummÖ.Festival Bay Mall. When you go in there arenít that many storesÖI think its kinda new. But it does have a VANís SKATEPARKÖIím a skater and had to skate this park. I also bought some nunchuks from amyís gifts. Pretty nice mall though. I didnít take pictures but I think we had dinner at landrys on 535. Great seafood.

February 5th

Magic Kingdom Take 2! We actually got on the bus to epcot and the bus drive was so cool. He actually told us today was the busy day for epcot and the slow day for MK so we ended up jumping off the next stop and happing on the MK bus. Low and behold he was correct. The crowds were so much better. We rode everything major pretty much twice. It was awesome! We ate at pecos bills, great burger. We rode the rides, watched the parades and had a great day at MK. We headed back to the resort an hour before closing and decided to eat at turf club again. The lamb is very very good!

February 6th

According to the bus driver today was the day for epcot. Hopped on the bus and we were on our way to epcot. The crowd level was a little large but still manageable. The one main thing I wanted to do was Test Track and thatís because last trip it was closed so I didnít get to go on it. We grabbed a fastpass test track and got in line for mission space which was only a 20-30 minute wait. Surprisingly we have never been on mission space either. Mission space is an awesome ride. We did do the wussy side also but still was awesome. Still had time for our fastpass so we went to see what the nemo ride was about. Very cute ride and when it happens I canít wait to take my kids on it. Now were hungry for some food and we picked restaurant marrekesh. Iíve never eat Moroccan food but man itís good!! We both loved the atmosphere and the interesting combinations of food. After the food we shopped a bit in future world and headed over to test track. It was all I ever wanted and more. The last 65mph bank was thrilling!! Nows it time for the showcase. We started on the left by test track and went around. Beforehand also we made ressies for chefs de france. We shopped till we dropped and so much money was spent but hey itís our honeymoonÖwe can do it. Chefs De France was very tasty. I had scallops and amy had escargot. The service was amazing! Goodnight
Chefs De France

February 7th

Today is our universal studios/ islands of adventure day. I had a plan this day. I actually booked a 1 night florida resident room for $130 so I could get 2 room keys for the express pass. Iím so glad I did because even though it wasnít that busy we walked onto everything! We had to of ridden each ride like 3-4 times. It was amazing just running to the hulk and jumping on carts with no wait. We ate at the cosmic pizza cafť because we smelt pizza and was drawn to it. For dinner we ate at the new bubba gump shrimp which is a very cool experience. A complete restaurant formed around forrest gump..its not cheap though.

February 8th

We decided to make this an off day. We did 3 parks in a row and we will do 3 more after today. I think we swam and did laundry. We walked to DTD again and shopped.

February 9th

Headed over to seaworld about 12PM. Amy missed the shamu show last trip because of rain so she was super stoked to see it. We ate at voyagers at 1:30 which was pretty good. I had baby back ribs. After eats we went over to the shamu stadium and it started. Amy absolutely loved the show as well as I did. We explored seawold and even went on kracken and lost city of atlantis. Sat in the front row on atlantis and got soaked. Time to go home because itís freezing.


February 10th

Today was animal kingdom day. I love animal kingdom because of the rides but also the animals around are amazing to see. I have to say I have a friend that used to live here in lynn haven that now works at animal kingdom. I wasnít counting on it but was hoping I would see him there because itís been so long. We started off getting a fast pass for everest and then decided to get something straight off as were hungry around the same time 1ish. We ate at tusker house and saw the aftrican dancers. They are awesome jumping and flipping everywhere. They also announced out marriage out loud. We then jumped on the train to rafikkis planet where we petted the goats. Went through the walk through and took a bunch of good pics of animals. Also by now the safari wait was at 80 minutes which is a no no for us. Way to long! To dinoland it is where primeval whirl was a cinch to get on. Finally it was time for everest. We gave the fastpass tickets and were standing in line when I saw my friend. It was awesome to see him and we exchanged hugs. We rode the ride and he was waiting as soon as we got off. He really made our day because he had a stack full of fastpasses for every ride in the park for us as a wedding present. It was super cool of him to do that even though I didnít expect anything. We ended up riding everst 3 times where the wait time was no less than 50. I said goodbye to him and headed to dinosaur. Iíll tell you I have ridden dinosaur many times but this time was the scariest. It broke down 2 times in the middle but the scary thing was that it went pitch black but the sound was still going. So all you saw was black and heard very loud dinosaurs.

February 11th

The last park day and very sad. We are ending things at Hollywood studios. This is probably our favorite park out of all of them. We arrive around noon and head over to get a fastpass for rockin rollercoaster. We wanted food again so we went over to the Hollywood brown derby (tradition) and was seated right away. Everything is so delicious here to us. I had a really yummy noodle bowl and we had chocolate cake for desert. Since we were right there we got on the great movie ride and then headed back over to sunset blvd. Amy loves beauty and the beast so I took her to the musical show. She LOVED this and I have to say it was a great show. Tower of terror was only 20 min so we got in line for this. Always a great ride and this one was extra surprising. It was then time for rocking and normally I love love this coaster but we were put in the second to the last car and it just didnít have the spark like in the past. We then headed across the park to muppets 3d and laughed very hard. In the mean time we are always browsing shops or getting coffee or a mickey premium. We then went back to the TOT and hit it for one last time. The rest of the night was spent shopping where I spent a good $200 or so on merch including some for my kitechen. Every minute getting sadder and sadder. Ohh we did go to dtd and ate at raglan road and cheered for a good night with a shot.

February 12th

The saddest day ever!!! We were all packed up by 10 and were very sad to leave and still at this moment. To leave a room where you lived for 2 weeks is almost impossible. We decided to walk to dtd one last time. We ate at planet Hollywood for a good last meal. Walked down to the Westside and the walked back to the car.

All in all this was the best trip I had ever taken because of many factors: Wedding, friends and family, and Disney. The crowds werenít exactly what I was expecting but it didnít matter I had a great time with my new wife. I kinda just skipped through my thoughts with this report. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any questions.

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Congratulations! :)

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Wow ... Congratulations, and thanks for taking the time to post about your wonderful wedding trip. The pictures are beautiful; hope you both enjoy a long, happy life together!

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Congratulations! Great TR and pics.

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Congratulations! What a lovely trip report. Your pictures were great. Have a magical life.

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Congratulations! You guys are a cute couple. Your TR was fun...thanks for sharing!