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03-09-2002, 09:12 AM
Hi there

After such great advice first time around I thought I would ask again. I'm doing my holiday of a lifetime again in April, only 6 months after the previous one!

Question 1
I am staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel And Suites in Kissimmee. Has anyone stayed there and is it nice. Are there plenty of things to do of an evening and are they close by etc?

Question 2
It seems I have been really unlucky with passes as all of the offers seem to start in May. Does anyone know of any deals on tickets for mid April?

Question 3
What is the weather usually like for this time of year and are the parks particulally busy. How long is average queueing?

I think thats all and any help or advice is very much appreciated.


03-09-2002, 01:43 PM
I can give a little help with the third question.
The weather will be just about perfect, if it's anything like our two April visits.

Fresh but warm in the morning, hotting up mid-afternoon, cooling to sweatshirt over t-shirt at night. Very little rain. Very little humidity. As I said near perfect!! :)

03-09-2002, 01:58 PM
Hi DD,

Am going to WDW on 22/4 and I know what you mean about the passes, we seem to have dipped out big time! I have been extensively researching ticket prices for a while now though and have written a list of the best deals. What type of pass are you looking for and I can tell you the best price I have found so far!

03-09-2002, 05:49 PM
Hopefully a 7 day hopper

03-09-2002, 06:14 PM

we stayed there a few years back and it was a good hotel - big rooms, big pool easy to get to and not far at all from Disney. It is also right next door to Old Town (although that has gone down hill these days so only really worth a look). I found a link which might help:


The weather is great in April and the queues are not bad. You'll be between the Easter crowd and the US memorial crowd so it is quiet. I don't think you will have much problem waiting to get into the big attractions at that time of year - get fastpass anyway for the biggies.

I don't know about tickets but this lot have good deals all year:

They also do free shipping and are very reliable - many people who use this site have ordered from them.

Have a lovely time - we cancelled our April trip as we are embarking on a house extenion!!


03-10-2002, 03:27 AM
We stayed in the HI next to Old Town a few years ago and it was fine :)

We had a Kidsuite room, which was fun with the bunk beds in a mock fortress (!) in the room, and everything was clean, if a little 'no-frills'.

03-10-2002, 06:05 AM
Hi DD,

The cheapest 7 day hopper I have found is currently with www.palm-travel.co.uk and is 189. However, www.sunstyle.co.uk have a special offer on 10 day passes for 195 at the moment. Personally, I have decided to purchase 5 day hopper passes without the plus feature from www.floridaorlandotickets.com and a separate pass for Pleasure Island as it works out cheaper(!) and collect them from their ticket office when we get there!

03-10-2002, 01:04 PM
The deal at palm travel is a bit of a con. I phoned them and they said the 7 day pass was 220 and that the deal had just ended but when you look on the website it says 2001 prices. They don't seem to have updated the website!!!!