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03-07-2002, 05:01 AM
Hi Theresa

Remember the info you posted about aspartame? Well, I have been trying to find some alternative vitamins for the children as the Sanatogen ones contain it.

I bought some from Holland and Barratt on Saturday, teddy shape Junior Time by Kordels and they are so disgusting they won't eat them! They are not just being fussy, I tried one myself and they are horrible! I remember you saying that you bought yours from the health food shop, I wonder what kind they are, and are they OK to take ie not making your daughter feel sick!!!

Thanks Theresa :D

Theresa Hudson
03-07-2002, 06:38 AM
Dana's are teddy shaped (quite thick), orange flavour. You are supposed to chew them but I have to crush them for her and she has the powder (I think they are more horrible this way!).

But! I can't remember the name. I will find out for you.


Theresa Hudson
03-08-2002, 04:13 AM
Guess what!!

They are Kordels!!!

Maybe that is why DD won't chew them! Do you think you children would have them crushed up?


03-08-2002, 06:12 AM
LOL theresa, the poor children!!!!!

I was amazed that all the vitamins for children in Tesco had aspartame in them. It only seems tobe the health shop ones that don't. There were about 3 different kinds there, and DD Sam went for the strawberry teddies, but they absolutely stink too, when you open the jar the smell hits you, so no wonder they taste bad!

My two are 8 and 11 so not hard to give vitamins to usually, they were quite happy chewing the Sanatogen ones. Maybe I will give it a try crushing them up and putting them in a bit of milk or something, see if that works, at least they would go down quicker than having to chew them!

Oh the trials of being a Mother! :rolleyes:

Thanks for your help :D