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01-30-2008, 01:44 PM
I'm booked for CL at DLH. I was wondering if anyone has pics, and any info of what is offered on that lvl such as treats and such. I'm trying to avoid prearranging something that might already be offered. Thanks in advance.

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01-31-2008, 06:18 PM
bump.... hope someone can help me with this

01-31-2008, 08:06 PM
I'll be there in a few weeks, but I haven't actually had the experience yet. I now it's been talked about before, but I'm not sure if anyone has shared pictures. Have you tried googling Disneyland Hotel Conceirge. Here is one link: http://www.mouseplanet.com/lani/concierge.htm If the search funtion on this board will work for you (it doesn't for me), you might be able to find some more information.

01-31-2008, 09:29 PM
We stayed there last Oct and absolutley loved it. We got to check in at the concierge check in just like in the photo above. It made check in a breeze as the regular line was bout 5 people deep. The cm checking us in also made our kids honorary cms at check and dh and ds got to go behind the counter and program our key. They took their photos swiping our keys and it was put in a cardboard frame. My kids were also given balloons. We checked in early (around 11 am) and our room was ready and we had access to the lounge. It's the tower formerly known as sierra on the top floor facing downtown disney. For breakfast, they had granola bars, fruits, cereals, oatmeal, pastries (danishes, croissants, etc), bagel, cream cheese. They also had yogurts (i think they were yoplait) but you had to ask a server for it as it was not at the buffet. Around noon, they'd have smuckers uncrustables, more fruits and veggies(carrots, celery), bags of chips. During wine and cheese hour they'd have cheese, crackers, fruits, chips, salsa, one hot appetizer it changes each night(wontons, beef skewers, etc). You can get beer and/or wine. In the evening they have desserts: cookies, cupcakes, fudge, rice crispy treats, chocolate strawberries. Drinks are available all day: sodas, water, coffee, cocoa, tea, juice boxes, milk in cartons(upon request). We loved eating breakfast in the lounge. We could look down at downtown disney and see the staff getting it ready for the day. We also watched the fireworks from the lounge since they pipe in the music. You also have access to the glass elevator which takes you directly into the lounge. The staff was awesome. It was by far our best trip yet to disneyland. We've stayed at PPH with concierge before and was a bit bummed out by DLH (our only one bad thing). When we stayed at PPH, we recieved a complimentary plate of mickey rice crispy treat on our first night and we didn't get any special treat at DLH.