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01-23-2008, 09:37 PM
Hi All,

So finally I am starting a planning journal. I'm still relatively new to the Disboards but have been planning our wedding since July. I'm going to start with a quick list for future reference.

Welcome Party/Bachelor/Bachelorette Gathering: ?/ Jellyrolls
Rehearsal Dinner/Dessert Party: Italy Isola -
Ceremony: WP 2:30 PM - about 50 guests -
Reception: CR, CG, Napa Room
Farewell Breakfast or dinner?: 1900 Park Faire (I hope)
Prewedding/Postwedding Resort: Grand Floridian
Honeymoon: 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Disney Cruise -
Disney Magic Kingdom Photo Shoot Trip (Post Cruise Honeymoon): PO-FQ,
Photography (RD/DP & Day of Wedding): Randy Chapman
Videography: STVS
Wedding Colors: Ice Blue, Royal Blue, Silver
Theme: Cinderella's winter wonderland
Party back home: Jan. 2009 about 200 people
PS July Counting down the days!

OK now that I have the formalities out of the way to make future reference easy the next post will have some of the more fun details that are more interesting. ;)

01-23-2008, 09:53 PM
your plans sound wonderful, look forward to reading more and congrats too!

01-23-2008, 10:07 PM
Well the reason it all started with a mouse click is that I met my fiance` Erik through E-harmony but more on that later. So here's a little background on each of us.

Bride: Christine, 29 year old self-acknowledged Disney (especially Cinderella) fanatic. According to Erik I carry an insane amount of Disney knowledge in my head :rotfl:. However as I've learned during my limited time on here, and from a few past friends, there are a number of people with more Disney knowledge then me. My Disney obsession started when I was 4. This was my first trip to WDW and Alice in Wonderland spent 5 whole minutes talking just to me. It was the coolest thing ever and I couldn't wait to grow up and work at WDW like Alice so I could spend time working with the Disney Princesses :cutie:. Lo and behold in college I came across Disney's College Program and jumped at the chance. It was interesting and eye opening to say the least but I had fulfilled one Disney Dream - I worked with the princesses. I actually worked in Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland where I would stare wistfully at the castle that I teasingly referred to as my own. Then I did a second stint after college working in Caribbean Beach for a few months before the real world intruded and I had to pay back my college loans :scared:. So then I moved back home to NJ pixiedust:where a couple years later I met the love of my life, my DF Erik.

Groom: Erik, age 36, not a huge Disney fan but I'm working on it. Shares my love of writing - hence he's a magazine editor. Major music fan - dare I admit that he definitely knows more about music then I do Disney :worship:! Super smart - hence his ivy league degree. He's the only person in my life that has been known to correct my grammar. Which amuses my BFF immensely. Divorced but the only "kid" is his 11 year old dogie Evan. We both love sports - though my favorite is hockey and he's way into baseball and football. Both of his favorite sports mean lots of time dealing with fantasy sports - which is when I sneak onto the Disboards! hehe :lmao:

Next post - info on dating, the engagement and the start of our little family.

01-23-2008, 11:02 PM
Hi padisneyfour, thanks for the congrats and tuning in :happytv:! I have my first reader already! :hug:

OK picking back up on the story, we met on E-harmony in May of 06. After a few weeks of communicating online we took the plunge and decided to meet up. I should probably mention that at the time Erik and I lived about an hour and a half apart. So he came down to South Jersey and we met up for lunch. I guess those commercials are true because our first date lasted about 5 hours! Being the sweet romantic he was he brought flowers :cloud9: all I can say is the man was raised right and gives me flowers for every appropriate occasion. I count myself a very lucky girl and hope it continues :goodvibes. I should probably mention the date - 6/4/06 which by pure luck (since we didn't get our first choice date for the DFTW) is exactly two and a half years from our wedding date. Should make the anniversary easier to remember :laughing: and the wedding all the more special since it's an anniversary of sorts.

So we had seen pictures of each other online and everything pretty much measured up. I still wasn't head over heels :upsidedow but we had plenty to talk about and I enjoyed his company. According to Erik, he was :lovestruc from the beginning - sweet man! We had lunch and ended up going somewhere else for ice-cream afterwards - we both love sweets! I finally ended the date because I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and needed to get inside but didn't think the first date was a good time to bring Erik home to meet the folks. Unfortunately to save money I was living at home at the time. So second date was just the same as the first - this time it lasted 7 hours though :) with lunch, ice-cream and a movie. Oh and our first kiss - I only let him give me a peck on the lips but it sure was sweet! It took a few weeks of phone communication before we could have our third date but by then the intellectual attraction wasn't all I was feeling and we had the best date yet. It was official I was starting to fall :love:and from that point forward (except for a preplanned trip in late July) we've spent every weekend together since. Probably would have spent even more time together but the drive was a bit much during the week. I met his family, because of the holiday on 4th of July 06 which was wonderful. Then Erik met my parents and BFF the following week. Funny note... while I was content in our relationship I was just along for the ride at that point. My BFF called it that day though. Her exact comment was that we'd be engaged within a year. I told her no-way.:laughing: She was right though she squeaked by within a few weeks. Which brings us to the next topic.

To be honest it wasn't a surprise. DF and I had been talking about buying a house and what we'd want in a wedding since December 06. It felt so crazy to talk about something that serious so soon, but at the same time neither of us liked having to be apart all the time. Erik swore he knew he wanted to marry me since that first month of dating but it took me a little longer to get there. He wanted a small wedding since it's his second. I was OK with that since it meant I got my DFTW :woohoo:! Plus I don't like being the center of attention. My mom laughs at this since no matter what I do I'll be the center of attention on my wedding day. But I keep telling myself it won't be so bad if it's a small group. However a small group for us is 50 people and that's just immediate family, grandparents, godmothers, and closest friends. In the spring he had a conversation with my dad. But other then that I didn't know where or when he'd pop the question.

I had been trying to wait patiently - which was hard since I knew it was coming. We had a family trip to WDW in May but it wasn't then... we had our one year anniversary but nope it wasn't then... a few weeks later was my birthday but again nope... a few days later we had an overnight romantic trip to Atlantic City but again no ring. I wasn't disappointed but I was starting to get anxious as each special event went by. So on June 30th I happened to get my hair cut. We were going to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert that night so I went all out and even had them style my hair. Normally I just do the cut but I figured I'd go for broke. So we go to the concert and our seats are blocked off for a film crew! Erik nearly had a fit and I could understand being upset but he seemed especially on edge. His friend was working backstage at the show so we were trying to keep in touch by phone with him and had to notify him that our seats were changed. It was pretty cool because at least the new seats they gave us were in the same level but further down so were were practically in like the 4th row off the floor. So we're watching the concert and they started out singing together and then Faith did her set first. As the songs went along we would chat about the music as best we could and I was playing with my cell phone trying to get a few decent pics. Then during Breathe - one of my favorite songs - I turned and mentioned to Erik that it reminded me of how things were between us. At which point he says "I know that's why I want you to marry me so we can be like this always!" :cloud9: Sigh :lovestruc I of course said yes. :yay: I loved that he did it at a concert because it was so him. I loved that it was during a country concert - especially of a couple as hot together as Tim and Faith - which is so me. And I love that while we were surrounded by thousands of people he managed to make the moment just for us. Which was great because I'm so shy I wouldn't have wanted to be the center of attention. At least of anyone's attention beyond his! A few songs later his friend caught up with us and I gave him my left hand - he went to kiss it hello till he saw the ring! At which point he started exclaiming and hugging us and giving Erik high fives. It was very sweet. My mom had given Erik strict orders to have me wake her up when we got home so I did and had to re-explain it all to her since she was half-asleep. The next day we had a 4th of July BBQ with Erik's dad's side of his family where we were able to share the news.

So as I mentioned earlier we had already discussed a wedding and knew it would be in Disney. That made the only big choice of when to get married. We also decided to buy a house together - which we had been talking about anyway so that we wouldn't be apart so much. But we not only had to find a house, we had to decide what to do about our animals - and blending that part of our family together. We also had a few other obstacles ahead of us in the next few months. I'll get to those next time, plus I'll see if I can post a pic of my beautiful ring I haven't really tried to add pictures on here yet. Hopefully I'll get to add some tomorrow - I have a temp job for the day though so we'll have to see. Thanks for reading so far - hopefully the back story is interesting enough :3dglasses I promise I'll get to the actual wedding planning soon so stay tuned:surfweb:!


01-23-2008, 11:27 PM
I just have to say that I love the title of your thread...It all started with a mouse (click) ~ clever! Congratulations and happy planning, I can't wait to read more.

01-23-2008, 11:41 PM
congrats! seems like you have all your plans in order. I love your color scheme. It's going to be so pretty! Can't wait to read more.

01-24-2008, 08:34 AM
Congrats!!Another NJ princess: :bride:!! I can't wait to read more!

01-24-2008, 08:43 AM
'bout time for that PJ Christine!!! :laughing:

01-24-2008, 09:02 AM
Congratulations! :wizard: You got engaged on my birthday...cool! I can't wait to hear everything else!

01-24-2008, 11:25 AM
Loving it so far! Congrats on everything. I love Tim and Faith too!

01-24-2008, 11:57 AM
:cool1: :woohoo: Woo Hoo for eHarmony. I kid my DF all the time that we should try eHarmony to see if it would match us up. I know that's horrible, but I just read an article on them in Readers Digest this month. They now have a marriage service. So maybe I'll finally get to use eHarmony for something since DF and I have been together for 11 years, since before the website ever existed! :laughing: (now I feel old, ugh!)

Your story sounds amazing and you seem very organized in the planning that you've got done so far. I can't wait to read more. I'm leaving in just over a week though, so I'll end up taking a hiatus. I'm already looking forward to and dreading coming back and catching up on everyone's PJs and TRs! :rotfl:

Thanks for sharing!

01-24-2008, 12:17 PM
YAY Christine!!! :banana: I'm so glad you started a PJ!! Your plans sound so wonderful and I -love- the colors you picked out!!

I just wanted to say also - That I met DF on Match.com! Post piccies soon I can't wait to read more!!

01-24-2008, 12:20 PM
Congratulations! I think your proposal story is great. I love Tim and Faith too!

01-24-2008, 05:52 PM
Yeah, Christine!! :banana: Your pj is up and running, did you find out how many posts you need before uploading pictures? I've never heard of such a thing.
Oh and I just had to say that Cinderella is my favorite! It was the only Disney movie I had growing up and we owned it on BATA,:rotfl:

01-25-2008, 04:08 PM
Thanks for everyones comments! I was so excited when I briefly got online yesterday and saw I had so many responses! I feel so loved :cutie:!

Anyway just wanted to give a quick update. I was having issues last night with the computer so couldn't get anything done after work. And then the Dis shut down by the time it was working again :eek:!

Anywho we have to go away overnight so I probably won't get to post much till Sunday. But then should have plenty of time since DF is going on a buisness trip :banana:, nah seriously I'll miss him. But I'll have my mom around to help me get so many crafts done. And way more time to spend on here :surfweb:! But I'll get to all the craft details on Sunday in my next couple of updates. I have to see if my dad has the photo disk with the shots we took the day after the Engagement concert - those were some of our best ring and couple shots.

Oh and thank's MistressofallEvil for the comment about about being so organized. I definately don't feel that way most days. Check out the dream description below for more details. Hehehe, I love your thoughts on extra uses for eharmony. Totally hilarious! Happy traveling enjoy your trip and wedding I can't wait to read all about it when you get back - I just got caught up on your PJ in the last couple days and now it's almost over :upsidedow. I by the way loved your stories about being with entertainment and best buds with some of the characters! hehe as a former cp I know how that goes!

OK so last night I had my first wedding nightmare. It involved not having any undergarments :eek: but already being dressed in my gown and I also hadn't written my vows yet as we were getting ready to walk down the aisle!!!!!!!:lmao:It cracks me up now but I'm taking it as a definite sign that I feel a but unprepared shall we say!:laughing: Good

OK gotta go DF is standing in his coat to get me out the door! Talk to you all later.

Christine princess:

01-25-2008, 09:12 PM
omg..you're having "The Dreams"!!:rotfl2: lol!! It will be ok..I had those dreams for a while too lol. They scare the jeezers out of you huh?? My most recent one was about a week ago. DF and I were at BCR the night before the wedding, and I realized 1) I had never gotten my dress fitted (its about 2 sizes too big right now) so it was going to fall off of me, 2) I had never made arrangements for hair/makeup, and 3) I hadnt shaved my legs and had no razor!! AAHHHH!! :scared1: Scary

I love the "It all started with a mouse click". DF and I met online and I always say "It all started with a mouse" lol:surfweb: :mickeyjum

01-26-2008, 12:14 AM
cp_princess: have you thought at all about favors? I was looking at some for myself yesterday and came across these really beautiful personalized mouse pad favors and I thought of you. I'll try and find the link.

01-29-2008, 10:21 PM
Pinktink - I've been going through thoughts on about 10 different favors - can't settle on anything. I want to do so many! So hard to narrow down.:rotfl: The mousepads are cute though I'll have to add them to my list- hehe!

01-29-2008, 10:29 PM
OceanGdss - Yeah I've heard they can be brutal - having the first one this early really surprised me. Of course now they're getting worse. I told DF today that last night I dreamed he wanted to back out and then later changed his mind. He's like I had a dream last night that I was at our wedding and didn't know most of the people that were there and they were all drunk. He's like maybe that's why I postponed the wedding!:rotfl2: See that's why I love him makes me laugh - and he's sharing in my wedding nightmares - got to love it!

01-30-2008, 01:22 AM
So we got engaged in late June - about as late as one could be, 10:00PM on the 30th! hehe! Well as mentioned we had been talking about weddings and a house for about 6 months by then. Erik had asked what order I wanted to do everything in and I had said Engagement, House and then Wedding. So we could have a long engagement but not have to be apart for quite so long. Well, with Erik's knowledge I'd been looking at houses for a good chunk of that time to find out what our options were. I had been having a not so great experience with my job so we decided being closer to his place of employment was a big factor. Well we ended up going to look at houses in person just before mid-July and on our first day out saw 3. Well we really liked the 1st one but there was already a bid. However the people weren't thrilled with the offer so our agent thought that if we were serious and wanted to put in a bid it might get serious consideration. The house had virtually everything we wanted so we couldn't see letting it slip by. Especially because it was priced well. So first day out we basically bought a house. I should probably mention that I'm huge into house design, and architecture so I do know what I'm looking at - making it not as crazy as it sounds. Unfortunately that was the easy part.

In order to put in an enticing bid we had to give a closing date of 1 month! Which was the least DF could do because of his lease. And even then he was overlapping by about 2 weeks. But the other offer was for a closing Asap so it was the only way we could compete. Also while it was close to his job it was 2 hours from mine - a bit too far for a daily commute. However I couldn't leave my job yet because I was about to have surgery on Aug. 15 - which if you're calculating along you'll realize is one day after our closing was scheduled! But I needed to keep my job and my benefits. So he moved in on Labor day and I couldn't until the end of Oct. which was really rough. What was worse was the closing got moved back till the day after my surgery so I had to sign proxy over to DF to buy the house for both of us and I didn't even get to go in my house from our original visit until about 2 weeks after I owned it! Also they almost postponed surgery because my blood pressure was high - can't imagine why! Then I couldn't take painkillers - oh I had my tonsils taken out at the age of 29! I'm allergic to most painkillers so I had to live on liquid Tylenol for 3 weeks. And I had a horrible time dealing with the anesthesia :sick: for the first 3 days. As if it all weren't enough my grandmother passed away about 4 days after surgery I couldn't even go see her till the funeral because of the risk of infection. I tell myself that compared to the stress of all that a DFTW should be a breeze! So these are the things that filled the time between the proposal and my original request with Disney in July. Since we had to wait for a year out before our dates were confirmed I spent a bunch of time on the Wish Book trying to figure it all out.

OK so other non Disney things while we were waiting to hear back. As I mentioned Erik has a dog 11 year old Evan


and I have an 11 year old dog Shadow

I also have 2 kitties that lived with me at my parents house - no pics right now. Anyway they're like 19 and 20 so we knew we wouldn't be taking them to our house too much stress. My parents also have a dog, Ginger,

Well Evan doesn't like other animals. He's a great, sweet doggy but doesn't play well with others. He had nowhere to go but with us. Shadow on the other hand could stay with my folks. Though she's depressed with me not there - her whole behavior changes when I'm gone it happened in college too. But she's got Dad there all day and Ginger to keep her company. Plus last year, 2006 she had seizures on Christmas eve so it was decided that for her best interest she's better off staying in Mom and Dad's house. That's how we blended our family of animals. We also got a baby cat in Oct. a few weeks before I moved in. She's our Halloween cat named Boo here's one of her earliest pics


Evan tolerates her, only attacking her if she eats or plays (what else does a kitten do??????:rolleyes:) But we're working on it and we get peace every now and again. She's a bit crazy though - the vet calls her devil cat she hates him more then me! She doesn't actually hate me just thinks I should be attacked when she's bored or angry. But when she's tired she's a complete love bug who wants to cuddle! Told ya she was a bit loopy! So that's our family!

Tomorrow I'll try to post some wedding pictures now that you're all caught up on the back story! And now that I finally figured out how to post pics :dance3:! Though whenever I upload them to photobucket I'm having issues getting them to be the right size on here so any suggestions on that would help. It took like 4 tries to get these small ones and some I cut out because they still kept coming in large. Thanks for reading!


02-05-2008, 12:11 AM
OK so I'm not sure how long this post will be since I really should be heading to bed. However being the horrible Disbride that I am I feel terrible for not giving an update in days. Especially when I've promised certain really nice patient people that I would.

So I guess I'll start with colors. Here are my inspirations - though the colors don't come out quite true on here.

Now hopefully these pictures will show up without being huge like they were the other night. I apologize some of them are sideways! Anywho these three stones I happened to come across while shopping for supplies to make some mock centerpieces. The dark blue is a very deep royal blue, the light matches the Cinderella blue perfectly and of course silver. I have since scrapped the centerpieces for three reasons. 1st is that the location we hope to have our reception at up here in NJ, if I ever get the ball rolling on making those arrangements for some reason it's not as fun as dealing with the Disney part, have their own centerpieces I can use for free. Which is lovely because they're not bad, and their vase is silver which would go with our colors. So it's very convenient. 2nd I'm rethinking the making centerpieces to bring to Disney, largely because I'd get charged a set-up fee and then have to worry about getting things down there. This may be one instance where it's just easier to go with Disney floral. Finally they didn't come out the way I wanted. I have since found a pic of what I wanted so maybe Disney can help me find a reasonable copy within budget...:cloud9: I'll keep dreaming there I think. I seem to have lost my pictures of them, and the cat already destroyed one of them. But at some point I'll have more flower information. We've already decided to use the Disney boutonnières, corsages and possibly their flower petals for the flower girls. I've already bought supplies to make my bouquet and the one for my MOH.
Here some of the supplies, we haven't put them together yet.

These are for my bouquet with any extras to be for decor and such - there's a lot there I doubt it will all be used

These are the materials for my MOH's bouquet

Now for the flower girls, we'll have two, I made their baskets. OK so I've only made one but the other just has to be put together. Here are some pictures of the baskets before and after. I was so glad we got engaged over the summer because I knew I could get some great post-Christmas sales for things like faux-florals and such. And since we wanted a Cinderella Winter Wonderland Theme I knew some of the Christmas stuff would work perfectly. I had a friend a few years ago who made our bouquets for her wedding and they turned out so lifelike and beautiful :worship:. So I had faith we could do so too.:rolleyes1 The baskets like the florals above were from Micheal's and 50 to 75% off love those sales :dance3:! I can only imagine what I would have spent otherwise :scared1:!

Here's a couple of pic of one of our flower girls, my niece
with my favorite princesshttp://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Family%20and%20Pet%20Pics/2007134.jpg
With her favorite princess (they share the nickname of Belle

Our other flower girl lives in TX so I haven't had a chance to get a pic with my camera yet. The last time we saw her was 4th of July :sad1:. She's Erik's niece.

Here's the before pic of all the supplies,http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Wedding%20Planning%20Album/Materials%20and%20Supplies/WeddingAccessories007.jpg

Here are a few after pics


The ribbon on front has 3 silver jingle bells hanging from it. This is an idea that I realize I may kick myself for later if the only sound on our ceremony video is clanging bells! But it's so cute an addition I couldn't help myself! I was really really proud of how these turned out.

Here's a pic of the ring bearer pillow - I made this to match the girls baskets - minus the bells so far. I'm thinking of stealing a Disney idea though and instead of adding a ribbon to tie down some fake rings I'm thinking of getting a glass slipper to attach and put the rings in there. We shall see :confused: I've still got plenty of time to decide.

Top of pillow
Bottom of pillow

And our trusty ring bearer - a huge Car's fan - hence his Christmas present from us this year that he just couldn't let go off even at dinner

OK that seems like a lot for this post so I'm going to stop here and break it up a bit.

Christine princess:

02-05-2008, 12:25 AM
You are not a bad disboard bride!

Those baskets are adorable... you're so crafty! Now I want a flower girl! :rotfl:

02-05-2008, 12:25 AM
Wow! I like your baskets! You are really good!!!

Fantasia Sam
02-05-2008, 04:23 AM
OMG you MADE those - that is amazing, the baskets look great. Ilove your colours and your whole theme I look forward to seeing more of your plans.

Oh dear and you are already having the dreams, let's hope you are getting them out of the way now ;)

02-05-2008, 09:04 AM
Just beautiful - your baskets came out great and I love the ringbearer pillow. I am thinking of making my own also because I want a white pillow with claret piping around the sides and claret tassels hanging from each corner. We are also planning on going with the glass slipper on the pillow so you will have to let me know how that turns out.


02-05-2008, 02:56 PM
Thanks for the confidence boost - I do love those baskets so far they're my favorite craft. I'll keep everyone updated on the ring bearer pillow and what I end up going with. Thank you so much for reading and responding. It totally makes my day and encourages me to write more! So now on to the next entry...

02-05-2008, 04:53 PM
Yipes I have a job interview tomorrow and it looks promising so I figure I better write as much today as I can since if all goes well I'll have even less time to post! That's something I'll miss terribly when I end up working - though I think DF will be doing a happy :dance3:to see me rejoin the working world. I don't think he realizes that most employers are not like his where you can be on the internet as often as you like. So that's my rant on that ;).

OK so I'm going to start by trying to add some pics from other sites so I don't know how well this will work.


That's the closest image I can find for my rings. The only difference is all my stones are princess cut and the stones on the wedding band will go all the way around. They're from local jeweler so I can't get pics from their site. And my pics didn't come out clearly at all. The best part to me is the fact that most of my sapphires are from my FMIL they were part of a ring she gave DF to sell, use or make into my ring. I gave DF a picture close to this when he asked what I wanted but told him he could go with whatever he wanted. He made a great choice!

OK now on to the dress. Possibly my second rant of the day so I've warned you it's probably coming.
Being the Disney obsessed bride that I am I of course was enticed when I heard about the Disney Bridal line. I found a local salon that was doing a trunk show and was super excited. This was my first real experience trying dresses on and I thought it's Disney it'll be great. WRONG! First off, I admit wholeheartedly that I'm overweight and need to shed more then a few pounds. However I've come to loathe a good portion of the wedding dress industry. The only dresses they had were size 6 to 10 - I'm a 24 and a large part of that is chest. Well I'm not exaggerating when I tell you they squeezed :crowded: me into a number of dresses that day. I swear I was flat chested more then once putting those dresses on! I don't know what I was thinking. It was not only horrible for my self-confidence but it was physically painful. And really how can you get any sense of what a dress will look like in those conditions? This was not the only store that attempted to do this. Though as time went on I really just had to say no. I will say the rep for the Disney Bridal line was super sweet and helpful but really that doesn't excuse the way things were. Personally I don't understand why they can't have more larger dresses. I realize that it would make it harder for smaller girls to get a complete view but hey at least they can pin back the extra fabric. When you have elastic stretched across your back (if they can even do that which on some dresses they can't) and nothing even begins to line up right there is no way you can see how it would fit. This is why despite my personal dislike of David's I highly recommend their store as a place to go try different styles of dresses on to see what looks good on you. While I'd buy other dresses from them I just couldn't see me buying my wedding gown from them but at least they had enough variety where you could see how different styles flattered your body. This was huge because like many brides I ended up with a dress in a completely different style then I wanted or expected. Going back my mom and MOH said they wanted to cry when I was being squeezed into dresses that they wouldn't let me do so again. :hug: But eventually it worked out and I found a dress that I love :lovestruc though I'm still tempted to add a small hoopskirt underneath to add a little more fullness. I just want to wait till mine comes in and see it on me in my actually size before I make that decision. I ordered and put down my deposit the week before Christmas and was told it would take about 5 months! I'm so anxious and couldn't believe it should take that long :eek:!
OK RANT OVER :hippie:

So here are the pictures

The original dress I thought I'd get but decided I needed some more princessy bling...
Style T8107

The dress I ended up buying because it was much more me thus I no longer had a pout like the girl in the first picture - however I have yet to actually try my dress on because it's not in yet.
Style 8218


Here is a pic of me and my MOH in the David's version of this dress

OH NO PHOTOBUCKET IS DOWN! Ok I guess the other pictures will have to wait till next time.

In the meantime I'll give you the dilemma about my dress. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Obviously, like the hoop skirt, I want to wait till I can see myself in one that fits. I originally wanted a lace-up back on my dress. The dress I chose didn't have one.

The main reason I'm thinking about lace-up being that I figure I'll be wearing the dress on 3 occasions, wedding day, MK photo shoot (1 and a 1/2 weeks later) and home reception about a month later. Plus since the week before my wedding is Thanksgiving and my dress shop is 2 hours away near my parents house I probably will have my final fitting 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding. On top of all this, I have time in WDW pre and post ceremony and a Disney Honeymoon cruise where I know I'll be eating good tasting and probably bad for me food. I really don't want to spend the time after my wedding stressing about food of all things. Now the wonderful woman at my dress shop says she doesn't recommend changing the back on this particular dress because of all the beading on the top and the faux bottons that run all the way down the back. However she has said that if it's what I want her seamstress will do it for me. I know I've had dress shops tell me they can take a dress in or out up to two sizes. But I just feel like with a lace-up back I can make it loose if I need to or tighter if I stop eating from stress. I know I won't be able to pack on 10 pounds and be fine but at least I feel like I have a better chance of getting it to fit right over the two month span that I'll need to be able to fit into it. Plus since I put my down payment down I've seen lots of dresses that to me appear similar in beading and such where they have a lace up back and it looks fine. So I'm really leaning towards making that jump what do you all think?

OK still no photobucket I'll try to write more later tonight hopefully they'll be back up by then.

Christine princess:

02-05-2008, 05:07 PM
I COMPLETELY agree with you on having more dresses for bigger girls thing. I'm a bigger girl myself, and I'm so sick of being told "well, when it fits right, it will look like this" or "just imagine this". It's so hard for me to get an accurate picture of me in any dress because it won't zip or it's bunching :headache:

I definitely want a lace up back, just because I think it's so pretty and it's something you can really only get away with on your wedding day... jmho :goodvibes

02-05-2008, 05:44 PM
I just found your PJ. Congrats on your engagement and planning your DFTW.

You chose an awesome month to get married! We are coming up on our 2 month anniversary on Valentine's Day. (We were married 12/14/07.) Our colors were navy, lavender, and silver-- it all turned out great. December is a great month to get married at WDW.

I totally agree with your rant on wedding dresses. I did buy my gown at David's because it was the only stinking place that had plus size dresses! My dress is sort of similar to your's, but strapless.

Looking forward to reading more about your planning!

Fantasia Sam
02-06-2008, 05:21 AM
Ditto to all the comments on being a fluffier bride and trying on dresses LOL I remember trying on THE dress and it was only a US 10 LMAO I was just running around the shop with the back zip un-done and my bra showing and me not having a care in the world because I had just found THE dress LOL what an attractive sight that must have been... NOT!!

In hindsight I would have liked a corset/lace back as that would have probably saved me a load of cash - the dress shop made me order a size bigger and actually we ended up spending $250 then getting it tailored and taking it in so that it actually fit me ::sigh:: I guess this would be another reason for a fancy 10 yr VR LOL

I really wish I hadn't been bullied in getting a bigger size.

Good luck with your job interview Christine :)

02-06-2008, 10:28 AM
Hi christine!!

love your engagement story...how fun to do it with faith & tim singing!!!romantic!!!!!

your ring is beautiful!!!
the baskets & pillow your making are AWESOME...great job!!!

Congrats on the house!!!!

how did the interview go??

the link wouldnt let me view the dress..so i cant give my opinion on your question, but did they say how much it would cost to do a lace up back???it might be a TON!!!!

your furbabys are adorable!!!:goodvibes

02-06-2008, 04:41 PM
Hi to all the new readers! Hehe I'm glad to have you! And thanks for the support on the trials of being a fluffier bride!;) Let's see I'm going to try to answer some of the more recent questions.

Helloirishkitty - YES that's exactly what I was talking about! I mean really for all we're spending shouldn't we know where the dress will line up on our body? I mean do they really want us to pick the wrong thing and be flashing our entire guest list :rotfl:and with us bigger girls we all know that's a possibility!

JaxTeach - I'm can't remember if I ever posted on your pj (got to love bridal brain I can remember every shade of blue but not what I did yesterday) but I know I read a good chunk of it. You had some wonderful beautiful ideas I could even be borrowing a few for all I know! I should probably state here for all the Dis-brides that like many I've seen so many wonderful ideas I know I'll be pirate: some! So thank you all! I can't remember but I'm thinking the sleeves may be removable. I like them though - the original dress had a single spaghetti strap and I had been planning on modifying that to three straps just because I wanted the extra support and liked the look better. I did like a few of the strapless dresses I tried on and didn't feel like they were falling off (except for the ones that were put on by elastic bands being pinned together to force it to fit). I can understand David's is hard to fight because of the convenience. Yeah I'm excited about Dec. I love that time of year! I'll bet your wedding was beautiful! I love your colors ;)!

Fantasia Sam: I can picture the running around the store thing :lmao: the store I picked from was a little small for that! hehe! Plus I didn't actually get to try on my dress there - her version was too small. Well what do they expect but half naked women running around - if they had dresses closer to the size of the average woman this wouldn't happen! I'm actually - or was when she measured me right about where two sizes meet - so sort of in between. Well I ordered the larger of the two just in case though I'm determined to lose more weight between now and the wedding. I believe my saleswoman said that they do a flat rate for all the alterations. It's not x amount for hem, y amount for sleeves, etc. the way some stores do. So since I'll have to have it altered anyway I got the impression it wouldn't really affect the price. However if I wanted blue beading added- something else I considered because I liked the way the David's dress had blue embroidery and beading - then it would cost extra.

myprincessgirllisa: Thanks for all the sweet praise! I'll post the pics I do have for you now that photobucket is back. The job interview was not my greatest. I ended up being late because my alarm didn't go off though luckily I woke up on my own about 15 minutes later - thank god for the local rooster! Yes, we have a rooster, a flock (I think it's the correct term for them) of chickens and a Goose that wander what we have of a neighborhood freely. It's actually a grouping of about 30 houses that are clustered near each other surrounded by farmland. They are a pretty funny little group actually. Sorry guess you didn't ask for all that info :rotfl2:! Anywho I was late and then my interview - which I drove an hour and a half for roundtrip - was 15 minutes long. :headache: I'm not disappointed but I'm sure DF will be. I have a feeling this job thing may be the first real big argument we get in at this rate. Not much can be done about the situation now though.

OK I'm off to write the next pj segment. With the pictures I promised!

Christine princess:

02-06-2008, 05:31 PM
OK now to where I left off.

Here's a pic of me and my MOH and BFF at David's. This one cracks me up - ignoring the expression on our faces - I love that I'm taller then Shell here at 4 foot 10 I don't get that feeling often!


This is the David's version of my DaVinci Dress. I really liked that the embroidery was blue and some of the beading too. However I wasn't crazy about the beads they used. This is what made me realize that I know David's copies a lot of other designers. So since the original dress I like was Davinci I decided to see if they had something closer to this. Which they did. Thus my dress that I picked. Now Shell, my mom and I had gone to like 5 shops that one day it was Thanksgiving weekend. It was crazy. David's was the only saleswoman who managed to get Shell into a dress! :worship: I had been asking her for weeks to try stuff on and she wouldn't do so for me - the bride! But she would for a stranger how wrong is that! hehe jk! I'm glad she did though she decided she liked the longer dress as compared to the tea length she was originally thinking she wanted. I think she looks great! Though she refuses to go shopping again until May cause she wants to lose more weight ;) I guess so many of us feel that way!

OK here's me holding the ivory version of the dress I picked

Close up of the train http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Wedding%20Planning%20Album/Dresses/2007035.jpg

Full length back of the dresshttp://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Wedding%20Planning%20Album/Dresses/2007023.jpg

(since you can't really see the back on the website version anyway)

Beading on the top of the fronthttp://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Wedding%20Planning%20Album/Dresses/2007011.jpg

Full Front view of dress

The only difference is mine will be white with silver instead of like this one which was cream with silver.

Also for the rehearsal dinner/dessert party since we'll be having photography I decided I wanted to dress up a bit. OK I just wanted to dress up a bit but the photography gave me a reason! So here is the dress I'm thinking of - it's a David's bridal gown - I know I know I've said mean things about them, true but mean things about them, however since it's not my actual wedding gown I'm OK with it. It's style #81591 and in Blue Velvet which is approximately the color that my MOH will probably wear on the wedding day. Plus I figure I can use this dress on the cruise for the formal dinner.


I may add one of their slips underneath it in silver or a lighter blue - we'll see.

OK if I were to go with Davids for my flower girls here is the dress I would choose. I like the second dress better, it's not a David's dress but I don't know how comfortable I am with ordering them sight unseen online when the place will not guarantee color, size or anything nor will they send swatches. But the second flower girl dress is the first one that I saw that I fell in love with. I'm not sure but I think I'd go with the light blue option instead of the white as a way to incorporate my third color and to make the girls feel more like Cinderella.




I also like this third dress. And that it has some color with it so maybe with blue flowers for instance this would work as well. But again not sure how I feel about ordering from this site. I may bring these shots the next time I go to my dress shop to see if she has anything similar. I like that they are close to my dress but not exact miniature copies. However what I like about the online idea or David's is that it makes it easier on my Flower girl from TX to order or get her dress. So anyone who wants to weigh in I'd gladly take the feedback. Or if any of you used this site and had good or bad experiences I'd love to know.

OK since that's pretty much everything on dresses for now this seems a good place to start. Have to go feed the furbabies!

Thanks for reading!


02-06-2008, 08:01 PM
the dresses are beautiful..... they will look wonderful:)

02-07-2008, 02:22 PM
I just came across your PJ... everything looks great, the dress is beautiful and the ring is just amazing... can't wait to read more.

02-08-2008, 05:34 PM
Happy Friday all! Welcome to any new readers - thanks for posting camara381 and padisneyfour!

So now we have flowers and dresses covered so far. As some may know from a previous post in the midst of all our planning I decided I had to have a dessert party. Well I also decided that it had to be on the Italy Isola if I was going to go through with it and luckily I just beat the minimum for a Rehearsal Dinner/Dessert Party at that location! Pam, my sales planner, is amazing for suggesting this solution I absolutely loved working with her. So far, by the way while I'm discussing planners, I want to say having Meri has be great. More on that later though. OK back to the dessert party. There has been a lot of debate between me and DF on this topic. Originally over if we even needed to have one, as some of you may remember from earlier posts I made asking for help in convincing him. Lucky me my FIL thought it was a wonderful idea and since they have chosen to pay for it DF ended up going along with it! :banana:Gotta love when things go smoothly with the FIL's so far mine have been so wonderful and I know I'm super lucky that this is the case. They have all been in my corner on every choice so far and since I'm not even sure they understand why a Disney wedding was so important to me (Disney is not a big institution in their family so my fanatic tendencies probably are like Greek to them) this means the world! Sorry I digress and go on tangents a lot! hehe! Anyhow once it was agreed upon that we'd have a dessert party I then had to convince DF that it should be kept a surprise. The reasoning being everyone involved knows so much about the wedding, such as why we chose our reception location (Wishes fireworks and view of the castle) what my dress looks like (except DF of course) all those types of details. So I wanted to have a special surprise for them all since they've been kind enough to travel all that way. Well I've now sworn DF, and my parents to secrecy and asked DF to do the same with his parents. So hopefully things will stay quiet. Now the big dilemma is how to and when to reveal the surprise to everyone. I have a few ideas, and I think I'm going to start a thread with a poll because I'd love some outside input. So keep your eyes out for that because I'd love to have your help!

Last week DF was away on business - I hate him leaving but I do tend to get a ton of things accomplished.

1st and here is why I'm so happy to be dealing with Meri thus far. I had booked an upgraded room for DF and I at the Grand Flo. Even though our contract for the room block is for Garden view I figured we could upgrade and just pay the difference. I mistakenly got this impression from an early conversation with DFTW. Well the week of our wedding is also the week of the parade being filmed and the week after Thanksgiving. So I've been stressing about getting a MK view room - which to me was very important and one of the reasons I've wanted to stay at GF for so long. Well as soon as I could I booked our room and decided to deal with the repercussions later. Probably not my smartest move but something I felt was neccessary at the time. Well DF's response was if we don't get the discount I don't want the room. Pretty funny to me since when I first discussed this with him long before we got engaged he's like I guess I should plan on spending big bucks on their honeymoon suite huh? At which time I said I don't need the suite just wanted to stay at the hotel. And I still stick to that it's just if I can upgrade to a regular room with a MK view I wanted to go for it and it's a heck of a lot cheaper then a suite. Plus I don't feel like I can bank on getting the magical upgrades brides sometimes get because I know the hotel will be busy that week and that currently it doesn't even show any suites available! First off the woman at group reservations really didn't impress me she definitely wasn't being magical that's for sure. So I went to Meri after having booked and explained the situation. At first I didn't hear back from her for like a week so when I sent info about our planning session I also kind of nudged her with a reminder about the situation. Well she had it fixed within 24 hours, and got us the discount for our room so all we're doing is paying the difference more or less. And within 48 hours I had my new confirmation from group reservations.

Speaking of the planning session we finalized that as well. We'll be going on July 23rd and have our planning session on the 24th so that we have the whole rest of the weekend to play and enjoy the free AP's! I'm so excited because this will be our only relaxing vacation this year since while the honeymoon and wedding will be fabulous they probably won't be completely stress free and we'll have to wait almost the entire year for them. Also we'll be trying to get reservations for the California Grill that day since they don't do tastings and we want to have an idea of what to pick for the reception. More good news from Meri she's submitted a request to Epcot catering for us to have a tasting for the rehearsal dinner - which if they grant it would be a special occasion. From what she has told me they won't normally do this, I tried to convince her that since we don't get one for our reception, and since we'll be having everybody that's coming to reception coming to this party (plus have to rustle up a few more guests to meet Italy's minimum - which I may already have sorry fellow Disbrides but if we do have empty spaces I'll let you all know) then a tasting would be great. Also with me being such a picky eater it would help too! I'll let you know when I hear back from her once she's gotten Epcot's response how that works out.

Finally I've been having some design ideas on this as well. I don't want to go overboard - since it's not really a reception and my inlaw's are paying. However I know their tastes and I know mine and I want it to look classy. So I'm thinking about keeping the black chairs (they kind of blend in from the looks of it and I don't want to pay a fortune on covering them though a sturdier chair would be nice), and the black table cloths, but have the red and white (think Lady and the Tramp) style overlays and then maybe instead of the whole centerpiece that is listed for that theme in the wishbook maybe just the laterns in the middle. That way it's simple but not just a blank table. Plus it goes with being in Italy! Now the food is a different story. From the menus I've been sent the Lady and the Tramp does have the most choices I'd eat and a menu I think would work well for our group. However I'd like incorporate some of the food from Canada, since we loved it so much last time we were there. It was originally where we wanted to have the Rehearsal Dinner. So hopefully we'll get to compromise and have a mixture of the two. I haven't talked to Meri about this yet as it seems more like a planning session type of question.

Here's the other news from last week. I've been silently debating for a few weeks now about our photography and videography choices. We had planned on going with Disney for both as a matter of convenience. However after hearing and seeing so many wonderful things from Randy I was like well maybe I should check it out. Completely believing the whole time that it would be an impossibility because he's booked so quickly. Well when I saw his prices I just had to call and try to get him. And some pixie dust definitely came my way! Not only was he free for the day of my wedding but also the night of the Rehearsal Dinner/Dessert Party. I booked him for both and I'm so excited now! So that's my biggest change thus far. As for videography after the debacle so many of us read about this week, I'm even more against going Disney. The last thing I want to be doing on my wedding day is stressing and now if I went with Disney I would be. Like I said I had already been thinking of changing before all this because of the lack of enthusiasm I've seen for them on here. Now though I'm sure and it's all about changing DF's mind at this point. But I think he's coming around and if I can find somewhere that seems a good match we may jump ship.

Alright that's everything for now. I still have more on the welcome bags and such but I've got to go food shopping and start dinner. Hopefully my computer will cooperate and I can post my survey later on choices for the Dessert party reveal. Stay tuned :happytv::surfweb:!

Thanks for reading!
Christine princess:

02-08-2008, 06:34 PM
:yay: yay to the DP! Sounds like its all coming together!

Enjoying reading, looking forward to more!

02-08-2008, 07:15 PM
Just wanted to say Hello. I've been catching up on your plans so far and I'm excited to read more :)

02-08-2008, 07:42 PM
Christine, your dress is so lovely!!! And I'm not just being polite, those sleeves are some of my favorite! I'm so glad you finally found a dress that worked out for you. I'm not sure how anyone narrows it down to one, why not have ten? Money...right!:rotfl:

And I must say, you look SO tall in that picture!,ha 4'10? are you sure?! Did they put you on stilts?

02-08-2008, 11:40 PM
Hehehe, Jules I'm on a stand in both pics! So not quite stilts I'd break an ankle on those but close enough! I find it so funny you picked up on that though!

M&M126 and Lov2b@disney thanks for tuning in. I do have more to come and I'm glad to have you along.

OK just wanted to reply to the new comments thus far. See you all tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to add a new addition to the journal then.


02-20-2008, 09:38 AM
ahaha,:rotfl: oh that's so funny! You were suppose to say " I just photograph a lot taller." ;)

03-02-2008, 12:38 PM
Hi Baby, Just subscribing! I'm mom of the bride for those that don't know. Can't wait for the DFTW and our trip in Dec!


03-02-2008, 02:54 PM
Yay for Moms of the bride........

Mom enjoy this planning time it is so much fun and goes by very fast.

Disney weddings are incredible they take care of so much and will truly treat your daughter like a princess throughout the entire process......

My husband was not to involved in the whole planning process (except for footing the bill) :laughing: :laughing:

But after the wedding he was in awe of how it turned out. He loved the day we gave to our only daughter.......( and very happy our 15 yr old is male!!!)

03-04-2008, 08:32 PM
OK so I've been gone for most of a month. Not much has happened on the Disney wedding front during that time. I did nail down a lot for my home reception. I also started a temp job which could possibly become perm. however since it's at a plant they close two weeks of the year and that's when their employees are supposed to take their vacation. Only problem is that I'll be gone for most of a week in July for my planning session (we already have our flight booked) and then of course we have our whole wedding/honeymoon scheduled for Dec. sooooooo needless to say my inability to conform to their vacation schedule could be an issue. Otherwise it's work and it pays the bills. The hours are very sucky for me... i.e. I have to be up at 6:30 and I'm so not a morning person. DF can't understand why I'm tired all the time if I go to bed between 10 and 11 each night. HMMMMMM maybe cause I don't fall into my deepest sleep till about 5 am! He insisted that I start working so I took the job even if I didn't like the hours. Now I guess we're both feeling the effects of it! :rotfl:;) Also we've been out of town for the last couple of weekends, and since I only get online like once a work week now (and usually I'm scouring the boards for all the wedding help I can find) I haven't really been able to post. We're home this weekend though - our baby cat is getting fixed and declawed so we'll be here to keep an eye on her so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on my journal writing! And I of course have to go back and fix some pics since I updated (read organized) my photobucket account.

OK well that's about all for now. About to watch the last period of the hockey game before I crash. Thanks to all who have hung in there through this slump!

Christine princess:

03-04-2008, 09:44 PM
i'm really excited about being a disney mother of the bride. christine is our princess. all of the wedding planning is being done by the bride, i'm just the sounding board, and happy to have that position. i want her dreams to come true her way. she's great, knows exactly what she wants

03-09-2008, 10:06 PM
Hehehe thanks mommy! I'm so proud that you posted!

OK another weekend gone and still no updates. I did get my newsletters done today, and created a new non-Disney website. I'll try to get pics and links up tomorrow if I can. So much to do so little time.


03-10-2008, 09:42 PM
OK so just a few quick updates. I'll try to add pictures later. So here's what's new. As I mentioned I did the newsletter yesterday here are a few snapshot of that...




I've also decided that I needed to include an additional website (non-Disney sanctioned so that I can write what I want, use it for FL and NJ and not have to wait for someone else to change it.) So I also then made some inserts (i.e. small cut up pieces of paper) with the new web address to attach to the blank side of the newsletters.

The website is http://www.brides.com/weddingwebsite/christineanderikdftw

though you all probably know more then what's on there at this point! hehe :lmao: you all have the inside track!

Oh and I dropped by Target the other day to pick up some medicine and of course I had to sweep by the clearance bins they keep up front. Well I lucked out because there's something I've been looking for for awhile now and they had just what I wanted. The only thing I would change is the color but I can accept that. What is it you're probably all asking...........
large canvas tote bags!:woohoo: Only 2.50 a piece! Can we say welcome bags now accounted for???????? I was so psyched! I pretty much bought them out...the only ones I left had stains and such. Well actually I did find another bin of them and left a few of those. But I bought 20 out of about 28 and 3 or 4 of them were stained. Anyway I have like 3 bright blue, 3 light green, and 5 bright pink, and all the rest are black. The colors are just shy of neon - but really cool if you consider that they'll be given out in FL. I only wish they had more of the colored ones and then I wouldn't have had to get so many black (they seem so blah compared to the others)! OOOOHHHHH speaking of bags I got my Disney Honeymoon Tote today - the one for joining the Honeymoon Registry. I was super excited about that too :Pinkbounc It so totally made my Monday!

OK that's about it for today I'm going to go crash now. I literally have to be up before sunrise (:mad: not my idea of a decent hour) thanks to the daylight savings time thing!

Thanks for reading!

03-11-2008, 09:09 AM
Oh, I love those newsletters!!! :lovestruc They just look so exciting, do you know what I mean? Like, it makes everything look fun and happy. :banana: Which is exactly the impression you'd want to give!

Nice find on the tote bags at Target!! :thumbsup2 I really should stop passing those by because I know there's good deals in there. :thumbsup2

I wanna see your honeymoon bag!!! Ugh! I knew I should've registered even if I wasn't planning on using it! LOL! :lmao:

03-11-2008, 08:54 PM
Register now they still have the code up....now if they still have bags that's another question. I'll try to take a picture of the bag soon and post it.

Thanks I'm glad you felt that way about the newsletter. I personally think it's the smiling sun that draws you in :rotfl:! Seriously I tried really hard to make them easy to follow but interesting - sneaking in details when people least suspect it. I think we'll be mailing them out tomorrow or Thursday.

Hehe, I love the bins at Target. They are a definite trouble spot. I already bought a gazillion things for the kids (to go in the welcome bags and give the kiddies stuff to do while in the hotel room) that I had to find big bags or there's no way I could fit in what I want to. I've got a self-imposed ban on buying anymore goodies for the little ones. Now it's just waiting till I'm down there to buy snacks and drinks for everyone, oh and maybe some first aid/toiletry type items. I have to get pics of those two. Maybe I'll take a plain pic and one of them being full and then you'll see how overboard I've gone :laughing:. Of course I couldn't help myself especially since some of the things were Disney and less then 3 bucks. Like Cars stickers, and little cardboard books of Lion King, Bambi and I forget the third title. I guess I do have to find something for the bags for our single friends though - other then snacks!

Alright I'm off for the night. Thanks for reading.

Christine princess:

03-31-2008, 05:04 PM
OK finally more updates and some pictures. I ended up staying home sick today :headache: I hate migranes! But it ended up being a good thing I did because about an hour after I would normally leave for work Erik found out his grandfather passed away this morning :sad1:. We've known it was coming, because his health had been deteriorating but I don't think we thought it would happen so soon. He's handling it about as well as could be expected.

So since my head is feeling a bit better, and I'm able to be here for my honey and figured I'd take the time to finally add the updates everyone has been requesting.

OK so I did talk about my welcome bags I bought and my honeymoon bag. Here are some pictures I took of those.




And here are some pictures of the goodies I've bought to go in them. Most of the goodies are for the kids. I get into trouble whenever I go into Target or Michaels because the dollar bins get me every time.

I should probably start by saying we're doing a princess and pirate theme for the welcome party. At least that's my plan. So for the boys I've bought bandannas that I can decorate - and I got skull and cross bones iron-ons to help do so. I also made little eye patches out of felt and elastic for them. I haven't put the bandannas together yet when I do I'll show the finished product here are some of the supplies.


The other things - besides the bandannas in that pic are little crowns/tiaras for the girls. I plan on labeling each one with one with a different girls name for them. Then I also found these pretty blue wands for them too.


I also bought a bunch of pirate and princess themed goodies to fill the bag. And a few Cars things too - because I know Erik's nephew loves all things with wheels. I figure the bags will have lots to keep them entertained while they are in the hotel for a few days.

Disney princess magnetic sets

Disney Princess and Cars coloring sets

Pirate and Princess Yo-yo's

Some toys for the boys and girls

Basically there are stickers, coloring books, the thick Disney cardboard books for our really little ones, drawing boards where when you lift the top page your picture disappears, and for our two older children that will be there a over the door basketball hoop with a foam stress ball decorated as a basketball, and a set of pick-up sticks (which is for my MOH's daughter - my goddaughter and it's a game her mother and I used to play at her age!)

I'd say the kids are pretty set. At least until I find another dollar bargin! Now it's just the adults to worry about. So far all I have is bath fizzies and a plan to pick up some food and drinks for in the bags.

OK I'll submit this and start a new update for a different topic now.


03-31-2008, 05:16 PM
OK now for some more luxurious topics. Recently Erik and I went to CA for his cousin's wedding. And though we didn't plan on being at Disney well I'm sure you can guess what happened. Here's my recap of the experience. ;)

So it all started while Erik and I were waiting for our plane to depart from Newark airport. Erik was teasing me that I found it torturous to be in CA and not go to Disneyland. Off-handedly I said "well the wedding doesn't start until Sat evening we do have the rest of the day free."

Short tangent:
We were in CA for his cousin's wedding. There are three cousins getting married on that side of his family the first was Megan who got married in Dana Point this weekend. We have another wedding of his cousin Josh in June and then us in Dec.

OK back to the discussion on the plane. So I was saying that what really sucked is I've only been once (for one day) and I won't get to go back till next Feb (for like one and a half days over Valentine's weekend). The only reason I've been able to go at all is because Erik's company is head-quartered out in LA and he has to go out for business every Jan and Feb. However because of work schedules and how tight money is due to the new house and the wedding I've been a bit limited in my ability to join him and spend a lot of time in Disneyland. Anywho it was originally decided that we wouldn't go this year - because of the above reasons. It was decided that we would go next year - since Erik is scheduled to be out there on business over Valentines day and I refuse to spend our first married V-day - especially only 2 months into things - apart. Plus I had been hoping to make a trip to WDW and use our free AP's that weekend before Erik was told that it was the same week or so he had to be out in CA. So I knew I'd be going next year but as I told Erik I didn't want to wait a whole year to see the new Finding Nemo Submarine Ride . Plus I always love any chance to enjoy Disney right????

So we put the whole conversation aside until Sat when we could get a better idea of our schedule and what was possible. Disneyland is only about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes away from Dana Point. Well Friday night after what felt like a LONG day traveling (we started out at 9AM Eastern and didn't stop until 11 PM Pacific) we were invited to go Whale watching on Sat. This is perhaps one of the few things that could even begin to entice me away from a Disney trip. Because really how often does one get to go out on the Pacific ocean or see Whales (one of my childhood loves) plus it would have given Erik a chance to spend more time with his family (something he doesn't get to do often). Well we decided to wait till Sat. morning. I was up at 6:30 Eastern time - got to love time zone changes. I checked the weather report which was iffy so I figured it was better not to be on the ocean that day it looked like it could be choppy if not rainy out there. Plus I just knew deep down that if I went out to Whale watch instead of Disney that I wouldn't see any whales. So it was off to Disney we went.

We left about 9am Pacific and decided to go park in Downtown Disney since I wanted to do some shopping on our way out of the parks.

So here's one of my favorite pics for the day


My dad is a huge Gene Autry fan and I of course love Disney so to find both in one shot was too cool!

So then it was onto the parks.


Here is the obligatory picture in front of the Mickey Flowers. It was so cool Tink's wand adds pixie dust every few moments and Mickey sparkles... I don't remember that from my last trip to WDW last May. But I thought it was just too cool.

Then we hopped on the Double Decker Bus to head down Mainstreet. I didn't get a pic of the bus but I did get a pic of the transportation I wanted to ride however it was full.


Also I got my first full glance of the Castle. During my only other trip the entire left side was covered with refurbishment tarps.

http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Misc%20Pics/Disneyland/CAtripMarch2008052.jpg http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg142/cp_princess/Misc%20Pics/Disneyland/CAtripMarch2008078.jpg

Then we stopped and grabbed fast passes for Buzz on our way to the Finding Nemo subs

We wanted to hit it early before the lines got too long. This was about 10am however the line was already listed at 75 minutes. So while we were waiting in line I took some pics.


Here's our boat


and I took pictures of the signs for almost every ride we went on just so I wouldn't forget!


Afterwards we headed back to Buzz for our ride - we both were level 3 but I'm starting to get better.


Then it was over to one of my favorite rides


It just never gets old for me!

Then it was lunch time so we headed over to Blue Bayou. We didn't have an ADR since we hadn't decided till that morning to go. Unfortunately they were booked full not just for lunch but through closing. Which didn't matter since we had to leave by 3 anyway. I fell in love with this restaurant after our last trip - but maybe next time we'll actually get to eat there!

While we were over in New Orleans Square I decided to at least get some pictures.


The place I'm sure we'd all love to stay - but this is probably the closest I'll ever get. Couldn't miss the photo-op though.

Then we hopped on the Jungle Cruise since it only had a 5 minute wait! Can't pass that up either.


My favorite scene!

Then it was off to Main Street for hot dogs. I can't for the life of me to remember the name of the restaurant - because my brain reverts to Casey's out of habit. But while expensive it was very yummy and hit the spot.

After that we headed to the Castle for some pics in Snow White's Grotto.


The first one is my favorite!

Next I went window shopping and bought a few sovieners from a cart. Including....my bridal mouse ears! Then I came home and read about how I overpaid, but that's OK because they made me super happy to wear in the park!


I also ended up buying a pair of Disneyland Resort mouse ears (you know the basic black ones) since I didn't have them from DL only WDW.

I don't have pics of those or Erik's groom ears because they're still in CA with him.

Later we went on Pinocchio - which was a first for me.


Oh and I did get a picture of Erik playing a bit


Plus I was so proud because he did wear his groom ears the rest of the time we were in the parks which is so unlike him!

After Pinocchio we went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - but I forgot to get a pic. It's one of Erik's favorites from when he was a child and since they don't have it in WDW anymore I make an effort to get on there when we're in DL.

Finally we went on Alice in Wonderland. Which broke while we were in line. This happened last year too and then we had to leave to make our ADR. So this time we decided to stick it out for like 20 minutes - at which point we had to leave the park or risk being late for the wedding which started at 5:30. Well after about 15 minutes it was up and running again and so many people had gotten out of line that we hardly had to wait at all. It was my first time riding it so I enjoyed it a lot.


Finally we hopped on the Monorail and head back to Downtown Disney.

During our last trip I had seen a cake topper I liked. It was the inexpensive ones for about 20$'s. So now that we were engaged I wanted to go take another look. Originally I planned on buying it but then I saw the Lenox one's in person and I knew I had to get one of those. Since I plan on keeping it to display in the house after the wedding I just couldn't resist the nicer quality of the Lenox. I haven't taken any pics yet. Maybe next week I'll try to add one.

So we ended up rushing back and getting to the hotel (where we were staying and the wedding was occuring) at about 4:50. We had to rush to get changed and get out there on time. And while it was cold - during the ceremony since it was off the ocean and windy - it was beautiful.

Here are a few wedding pics. I know it's not Disney but don't we all just love a wedding?


And here's one of the first dance


Well that's our crazy Disneyland trip. It was a good thing though. Because on Sunday (when I took the flight Erik insisted on booking for me even though I told him I could fly out Monday instead) I got stuck in LAX with plane delays after my shuttle driver got lost twice finding 2 of his stops and going to the wrong airport! So instead of getting home at 9:15 Eastern it was more like 12 when I landed and I still had over an hour to drive back to my house. Plus I had to go to work the next day since I hadn't already planned to take off like I would have if I had been able to take the flight plan I chose. Needless to say Erik will no longer be making my flight arrangements. I will do all of the booking even if he does all the paying!

Well hope you enjoyed my mini-trip report .... and now back to our regularly scheduled planning journal!

03-31-2008, 05:45 PM
So needless to say it was a productive if short trip. Since you've already seen the pictures of me in my wedding ears I'll move onto pics of the cake topper we bought.


The people at work were teasing because I took so many pictures but I was trying to capture as many details as I could. For instance - my favorite part is that they even have little gold bands painted on their ring fingers. And I love the silver glitter scattered on Cinderella's gown along with the gem stones.

Speaking of Lenox - awhile back, right after Christmas to be exact. I went into our local Lenox outlet store and bought some Mickey and Minnie Bride and Groom Ear ornaments so that I can personalize them as favors for our guests. I loved that idea when I saw some of the other Disney brides doing so. However the ones we got were about 12 each and Erik vetoed getting one per person. Instead we ended up with one per couple or per family. So I still need to go back and read some PJ's to figure out which pens to buy to write on them with. And I still need to figure out placecards. But in the meantime I still think they're a pretty cool favor. Here's some pics I took.


Another thing I recently accomplished was the creation of my MOH's bouquet. Well it like many things were completed as a joint effort of me and my mom. Here are some pics of what we have so far. We aren't sure about some of the hanging ribbons but otherwise it's pretty much the completed project.

Here's a view from above

Here are a few side views

And also I started working on mock-ups of invites. I figure with only about 20 invites needed for the Florida Ceremony I should make an attempt at least. So this is what I've come up with so far. DF's comment was well they don't look like a professional made them but they don't look like a craft project either..... um thanks for the compliment hun :lmao:. Either way let me know what you think if they look too crafty instead of professional I guess he'll just have to let me spend wedding money on letting a professional make them :rotfl:!

Attempt 1

Version 2

Inside pockets on one side vellum on the other

Close up of the front image

This castle stamp will be embossed and be the dark blue color. I can't find my heated embossing gun right now so most of the embossing powder on the demo got brushed off. I tried my hairdryer in the meantime and as you can see it didn't really work.

So that's most of my crafty stuff and such so far. I did make my veil with my mom. Or we started it. I still need to do all it's decorating. I was so excited though because this week while in Micheal's I did finally find the beads I was looking for so I just have to make sure the layers are the right length, let it hang out during a few of my showers so it gets the wrinkles steamed out of it, and then I can get it beaded hopefully before July when I need to have my PS and hair and make-up trial.

Other wedding news we did put our deposit on videography. We've decided to go with Stan and STVS. I'm pretty excited about our package. We went with the HD version and added a few of the special effects. It's a little more then we would have paid with Disney but we're getting a whole bunch more then we would if we went with Disney. And I'm a little less stressed over wondering if someone will actually show up and video tape. We got Stan's Demo DVD and watched it this weekends which just reassured me even more. Plus I got to read a few glowing reviews on the Disboards as well.

Alright I'm off to cook some breakfast for dinner - got to love mixing meals like that!

Christine princess:

03-31-2008, 06:51 PM
That was a whirlwind Disney trip! I've still never been to Disneyland. Hopefully I'll go one day. I think your invites look very nice! :) Very professional and way better than I could do. You seem like you're so on top of things. Good job :thumbsup2

04-06-2008, 01:31 PM
Oops I guess I lost all my readers when I took such a long break from posting...either that or it's the spring weather drawing everyone away from :surfweb:! Even my own mom reads but doesn't post :sad1:! I don't crave attention or anything ;) hehe! Well hopefully even if people aren't posting they are reading. So for those of you taking the time here's a few more updates.

Anywho this week was pretty slow on the wedding front. In addition to dealing with Erik's grandfather passing away the crazy NJ weather and stress from wedding and funerals has resulted in a headache everyday this week so not only have I not been able to post but I haven't be able to read the disboards either. Of course even if I had been feeling better our internet connections were sketchy all week to. So here's what I did with the small amounts of free time and internet access I did have.

I emailed back and forth with the planner alot because I was sent into :confused3 chaos mode when I found out that MVMCP is the same night as our reception and will probably mess with the fireworks and could cause them to be about an hour after our reception ends. So I've been working on resolving that issue since to me the fireworks are a key part to the reception. Afterall we're not doing a dance floor so I was counting on this as entertainment and taking up a portion of the 5 hour reception where our current budget includes nothing but the traditional cocktail hour, dinner and mingling. Plus I gave up choosing a place where I had more control over the menu since I'm such a picky eater and having a tasting session just so that we could have the castle view and fireworks. So even though many have told me just accept whatever happens and keep everything the same fireworks or no I've not very happy with doing so :headache:. Unfortunately we can't move our ceremony back because that time slot is not available. Which means either extending the reception another hour in which case this will probably be my guests :rolleyes1 and twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do. Plus adding a lot more onto the budget. Or having a break of about an hour and a half between ceremony and reception. An option that wouldn't add too much more to the budget but which it has been brought to my attention may not be very convenient for my guests. OK my major bridezilla moment is coming.... um we're in Disney World with some of the coolest themed resorts surrounding us, while there are children in attendance there are also adults can people not either go visit at each others rooms to relax, play in lobbies, let the kids enjoy the kids areas as a form of entertainment or ride the monorail for awhile? Or they could walk the beach. Again I know it's bridezilla of me to be that way but I'm trying to maximize their experience by having fireworks end the night. I know it will also make my reception that much cooler but that wasn't my only thought I swear :rotfl2:. So anyway that's the wedding stress.

Also I finally managed to finish the basket for my second flower girl.

The other thing I've been focusing on this week for the wedding is organizing an ice cream social/welcome party. I'm hoping to do this at the Grand Floridian but am still trying to see if it can fit into the budget. Gosh this would be so much more fun without the B word. Budget may as well be a four letter word for Disney brides! :cool2: If we can do this I'm planning on very simple - the only decor will be the plain Disney Private Dining table cloths and maybe I might bring a few things to add. But we can't afford to go through Disney for anything else. Then we'll have the ice cream, drinks and maybe one or two other simple things like fruit or mickey mouse rice crispy treats. The worst part is they're telling me a 1000$ food and bevarge minimum to use that site. I was hoping for a little less but somehow even ice cream at Disney might be expensive enough to meet that amount :scared1:. Like so many other things though I just seem to have my heart set on it.

Along those same lines I've already started making a flyer up to announce the event. I know I know it's not even been finalized yet but I couldn't help myself. It will have a pirate and princess theme - as does most of the kids stuff in their welcome bags. I just figure it's a fun way to get everyone introduced or to have a chance to reacquaint themselves. I plan on making a flyer for the after party for adults only at Jellyrolls that same night. And then two more flyers one for the Farewell Dinner that we're having (where everyone is invited in a pay your own way type of event) and announcing that Erik and I will be trying to go to the MVMCP that same night. That is if we can get tickets. So once I have all those things together I'll post some pictures.

OK that's everything for now. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Christine princess:

04-06-2008, 02:57 PM
hi honey, it's mom! yes i'm posting (you made me). although i know your dilema's, i still enjoy reading the recap of events. again, everything will work out the way it's suppose to. i re-read your previous posts & i'm still impressed with all your crafts (when i grow up, i want to be just like you). keep up the excellent work. i love you & i'll talk to you soon. mom

04-07-2008, 03:19 PM
ok now that i'm posting, no one else is. where's everybody? i love reading all about your interesting lives.

04-07-2008, 07:28 PM
Thanks momma, but I guess no one wants to write these days. I guess I have to find more interesting things to add. But you can also read other people's planning journals and such too. That's what I do when I have nothing to respond too.

04-07-2008, 07:31 PM
I love your cake topper!!

04-07-2008, 07:39 PM
I'm stil here, just working a lot!

04-07-2008, 07:47 PM
It's OK Mla1977 I was just teasing anyway. Life is so hectic this time of year when everyone emerges after winter. I know we no longer have any free weekends till like June or so! Mom is new to the whole board experience I was really just trying to let her know that she may have to read some of the other threads in order to have constant entertainment from the boards.

Thanks Dawrobin I originally thought it was too expensive and that I'd be OK with the less expensive option but once I saw it I thought it was so awesome that while another cake topper would have worked I knew I wanted something I could display in my house for years to come. This one just seem to fit that bill so much better.

Thanks for reading,

Christine princess:

04-08-2008, 02:55 PM
thanks for the info honey, now that i'm retired, we need to keep me busy. because of you i found the dis boards & yes it is addicting & interesting.

04-08-2008, 05:55 PM
Your cake topper is gorgeous! I wouldn't have noticed the details of the wedding bands or the crystals if you hadn't pointed them out. The favors are really nice, too. That would be a very nice favor to receive. Your pix of your DL visit are great! So glad you were able to squeeze in a visit!

Welcome to your Mom, too! How fun!

04-15-2008, 07:51 PM
Thanks keenercam and mama! I loved that we got to stop in DL it made a wonderful and special trip even better :cool1: the only thing that possibly could have made it more amazing was adding the DL part and I'm so glad we did. Especially in respect to recent events that holiday was really needed.

Let's see what's new....
Well I ordered a hoop skirt on ebay and it came in and is perfect - except that I have to cut a bunch of the tulle from the bottom because it's too long. But that doesn't bother me a bit because at least the hoop part is the perfect length.

I also managed to buy a bunch of staples for the welcome bags while in Target the other day... I raided the travel supply aisle and ended up getting band-aids, alcohol wipes, germ-x gel disinfectant, spf 20 chapstick, sunblock, a nail file for the females, rolaids with a travel container, shout wipes, charmin toilet seat covers and I think that's it. Needless to say people's essentials will be well covered. I may pick up a few more things like gum and a little gift or two for the adults and then just the snacks and drinks I'll buy when I get to Orlando.

Plus I've been working with Meri on arranging the Ice cream social welcome party and it really looks like this will happen :banana::banana::banana: (good reason for dancing bananas however there will be no bananas on the ice cream bar because cause I don't eat them ....yuck!:lmao:) OK maybe I'll consider it for others we'll see if I decide to be bridezilla or not.... or more accurately if we'll end up paying an arm and a leg to have those added. To be honest I didn't even think of them until now but I guess people may want banana splits I just didn't think of it cause I don't eat it! hehe! Anywho we'll be at the GF summerhouse and it's really shaping up to be something that I'm jazzed about. Hopefully once the PS happens we'll still have room in our budget to do this.

Other then that I haven't been able to get much accomplished wedding wise because I've been having some health issues that started the same day Erik's grandfather passed away. Long story short I had a migraine for 10 days straight (I've suffered from migraines for years but this was by far the worst yet). Basically the doctor thinks it's a sinus infection, hormones and stress. So since I have to work and can't cut that out, hormones are not something I can control, and since dealing with family including dealing with Erik's family's loss is part of being a good fiancee and an inevitable part of being human the only option I had was to pull back from wedding activities. So I'm still going to be on here but I have to limit myself to weekends and maybe one week day to dedicate to the wedding. Luckily most of the big things are planned so far. I just have to realize I have limits and focus on the fun stuff not the details. Which is sooooooo hard already! But I just wanted to let you all know that I love the comments you write and I apologize if it takes me a few days to answer back but I really look forward to reading them! So please keep reading and posting. Hopefully once this work assignment ends I'll be a little less stressed and have more time to be around without adding stress to my schedule.

Christine princess:

04-15-2008, 07:58 PM
I have been getting migraines since I was 7 so I can totally empathize with you on the pain. I hope you are feeling better!!:goodvibes

Glad everything is coming together!

05-01-2008, 07:16 PM
hi, with all that's going on, i can't beleive you, erik, john & del had the time and engery to plan a 40th anniverserary party for dad & me. I have never been so surprized. you kids did a wonderful job planning the party & keeping the secret. we were floored! i'm usually the planner, so to see what you kids did was amazing. i love you all & again thanks for a wonderful day!

05-02-2008, 01:09 PM
OK well with that introduction from mom I guess I should give an update on what's been happening. As she mentioned, we all got together and planned a 40th anniversary party for mom and dad (can I just say that Erik and I hope we're blessed with a marriage that lasts that long and with that much love - needless to say I learned from the best. Well Erik and I were the decoy for the surprise - we told Mom and Dad they had to come with us to see a DJ for our at home reception (something I really do still need to pick by the way) and the looks on their faces were priceless when they found out why they were really there :rotfl:! I have been called evil by both my parents and my MOH because I've forbidden them from doing the same for me for my shower - I hate being the center of attention so a surprise shower would totally make me freak out:eek::scared1:! I'd probably be hiding in the ladies room the whole time. So that said we're also planning a house party for next weekend - and lucky me I'm sick again though not with migranes this time. So while I'm home seeing all the things I should be organizing and cleaning I'm in reality only feeling up to watching tv and surfing the web. Needless to say that with all the other planning I've been doing the wedding has kind of fallen to the back burner. I am super excited though because mom and dad are going to come to the planning session with us :dance3:and while I realize the idea of Orlando in July is a scary prospect I know they really wanted to be involved in the PS, and tasting since these are things we aren't really getting to do for our at home reception since it's not officially a "wedding."

Mom and dad are extra lucky and I'm so envious because they actually also get to go to Disney in two weeks for a short trip with my brother and niece. Even though wish I could be there :rolleyes1 I still benefit from this trip because if I can get my stuff together I can send a bunch of my materials with them since they will be driving and not have to deal with the stupid airline restrictions. I'm hoping that between what I send with them and what we all bring with us in July and December that we won't have to ship too much - I can keep my fingers crossed right :laughing:! Especially since in Dec. Erik and I will need enough clothes for more then half a month including wedding attire!

Speaking of airlines we also booked for December - first class here I come :cloud9:! I'm hoping this will be a true treat when it comes to our traveling experience. Other then that hopefully I can use this time home to get some prep work for our PS trip - like scheduling a photo shoot and hair and make-up trial and meeting with Rev. Know, and then work on some design stuff for the welcome bags, Save the Dates, and Invites. So much for taking it easy I suppose.

Alright that's about it for now. Thanks for helping me get started on an update mom!

Christine princess:

05-02-2008, 02:57 PM
Everything looks really good! I love your cake topper!

05-02-2008, 03:19 PM
It's great to have your parents involved! 40 years is a great reason to celebrate i bet it was fun! my brother and i did a surprise party for our parents 25th, my mom thought she was going to a baby shower and was crocheting blankets like a mad women for days before! :eek: They were stunned Even my dad had tears in his eyes!:)
Have fun with your planning!

05-02-2008, 04:08 PM
Hi Christine, I am enjoying greading your pj. Can you share more about the ice cream social? Where is it? What's involved? About how expensive is it per person?

05-03-2008, 06:45 PM
lov2b@disney - yeah my favorite mom quote of the weekend was "How did they do this I'm the planner in the family" - of course as many of you can see I've kind of learned from her about that and seem to be able to hold my own with planning these days. I think they were also so surprised because they were both like how did you pull this off you can't lie???? I'm horrible about telling half-truths you can see it on my face. If I didn't live 2 hours away I don't know if I could have pulled this off :rotfl:! But it was funny they both stood by the door in shock for a moment and then my dad realized enough to go in but it took a push to get mom in the door she was so shocked. Which was the total opposite of what I expected. My dad is much more like me when it comes to being social so I wasn't sure if he'd walk out (he's done so at restaurants after the staff asked to sing happy birthday to him) but he took it in stride much better then I could have. Mom on the other hand loves spending time with her family - and it's a big family so I didn't think she'd be too daunted at entering into the group but the shock definitely took hold of her for a moment.

Dreamer24 well I still don't have all the details on the ice cream party - I think most of it will be decided when we go through our PS. I really need to see where we are with the rest of our budget before we decide how detailed we can get. I can tell you it will be at the Grand Floridian Summerhouse, we have a $1000 food and bev. minimum if I remember correctly. I'm not sure how many of our guests will be there either so that will kind of affect things. Obviously fewer guests means we can have more options food wise for them. Basically at this point we're shooting for staying as close to that minimum as possible. We'll be doing Soda and water on consumption - which currently I think is about 3.50 ea. but I've been told the prices will probably go up (big surprise right????:upsidedow) Otherwise I think it was in the 20-25 pp++ for just the ice cream bar set up with vanilla/chocolate and a bunch of toppings. Hopefully there will be room in the budget to add the chocolate dipped Mickey ears- I so want to work them in somewhere that week. Or I'd also like to offer fruit for people who'd rather not go the junk-food route. The prices of those are about similar for the dessert parties - like 7.50 pp for the fruit and $60 for a dozen Mickey treats - or somewhere in that range. Overall a little more then I'd like to spend but it is pretty much the vision I originally had and the convenience factor is huge sooooo I think as long as we're not too far over budget come PS we'll be able to go with it. HTH with your questions - I know it's not completely specific but it's about as specific as I have at this point.

Well that's about all that's new for now. Not much has happened the las few days other then me sleeping:sick: but I'm knocking on wood right now because I'm beginning to feel a tad bit better let's hope it keeps up because I still have my whole house to clean and organize by next weekend. Want to come up a few days early mommy?????????
:rolleyes1 Hey at least I'm honest about that - more cleaning definitely gets accomplished when mom is under my roof!:flower3:


Christine princess:

05-03-2008, 08:04 PM
I came to check in! I'll now be following along. BTW...nice dress! ;)

05-03-2008, 08:53 PM
Hehehehe, :rotfl:right back at you on the dress. Thanks Dislovr - glad to have you.

05-05-2008, 08:21 AM
That helps a lot! Thanks Christina!

05-13-2008, 07:10 PM
Well both of the big parties we had this spring are over. :cool1: Now I can focus on the wedding for a change ;)! We had our house warming on Sat and it all went pretty smoothly thank goodness. Especially thanks to mom who was a huge help running things the day of! And my DF who handled a lot of the social aspects! I think this was DF and I the whole week before :confused3:confused3. Sunday was great it's the first day in forever (when I wasn't sick) that we did absolutely nothing! Now back to the fun of wedding planning. I really have to stop procrastinating on a few things - like appointments for our July PS trip that I need to set up. Plus I really need to find some more pictures and such to bring with me for inspiration. Otherwise I managed to send like 1/2 of my supplies with my folks who will be driving down there this week and storing it in my brothers condo. So maybe between all of our pre-wedding trips we can get everything down there without paying extra for baggage. Or at least only paying minimally when we go for the wedding since I don't see how I can possibly get 2 weeks worth of clothes in one bag. Otherwise I still have to find a DJ for our at home reception and pick some decorative touches and find a bakery oh and do save the dates and invites :scared1:. It all seems so simple and manageable until I start writing it out and seeing exactly how much there is to do! OK off to watch my hockey team - hopefully we win this time or the seasons pretty much over! Oh well that means more time to focus on wedding plans too I suppose!;)

05-24-2008, 10:14 PM
Well I did finally get some wedding stuff done today but largely because I didn't have the energy to do much else. I pretty much spoiled myself today trying to do only happy things because yesterday was pretty rough. I found out that my puppy dog passed away:sad1: (doesn't even begin to explain how I feel but it's a start). My aunt was sweet enough to watch her while mom and dad were in Disney and unfortunately she passed away yesterday morning. They got home last night which is about the earliest point I could have gotten there as well. This is one of those times that living so far away really sucks. Though at 11 years old, and with her health issues, for a lab she lived an average lifetime. But she was my baby so it was still a very very tough bit of news. It will take a long time for me to feel better I'm sure but I'm trying to keep myself occupied with happy things to help ease some of the pain.

So my good news or progress for the week is as follows. I finally started on Save the dates - though I ended up going with a scroll theme so it's going to take some skill to put them together. I have one mock-up partially started and an idea of what I'll do but really need to get a group together and do an assembly line to complete them. Hopefully I'll get to that in the next few weeks. 96 of the main part are printed and I have the whole template made so once I get some more supplies and a team together I hope and think they might go quickly.

Also for my special birthday this year I've convinced Erik to do a belated birthday weekend. So by some form of pixie dust I've convinced him to do a weekend in Disney in Mid-October. I figure that way we'll spend a few days (where even though we'll be in Disney the wedding talk will be off limits) and we can have some time to recharge before all the big events and the holidays hit. :banana: My DF must really love me because somehow he agreed! That will make 4 trips in a year and a half plus 2 trips to Disneyland in the same time. I don't think I've spent this much time at the parks in such a short amount time unless you could when I lived and worked there! So today we did some trip planning, which while necessary, is also something I find fun.

I also finally contacted the photographer, makeovermajic, and Rev Knox to see if any of them can fit some time in to meet with us while we're there for our planning session. I feel so horrible for waiting so long to contact them I feel like it's such short notice. But maybe since it's mid-summer things will be slow. I know when I spoke to Randy's wife back in the winter she was saying July usually is relatively slow for them (as opposed to the rest of the year I suppose because from what I've seen on these boards I get the feeling things are never really slow for them). So keep your fingers crossed I get some pixie dust in regards to that because I've really procrastinated myself into a corner. Funny thing is most other things and places 8 to 10 weeks notice is probably plenty but in this case who knows :confused3.

I'm also slowly adding things (like printed emails and confirmations) into the wedding binder in hopes it will be all up to date by our planning session in July.

I think that's about it for now. I can't remember anything else if there was anything. Oh I did finally get the castle I ordered on Ebay - it's kinda cute a bit cheesy though but from a distance it definitely adds some sparkle. Since I plan on using it as an accent on the cake table - not as the main cake topper it's fine. I'll try to add some pictures of that and the Save the Dates for the at home reception in the near future.

Hope you all have a great weekend - especially anyone with the extra Holiday on Monday!

05-24-2008, 11:21 PM
Ok this is REALLLYYYYY Freaky. I just looked at your website that you made and I see that your reception is at Scotland Run. Well I am from Vineland and I started planning my wedding here in Jersey before I decided to have a DFTW and I booked Scotland Run for my reception...WOW!! It's a small world after all!!!! :goodvibes Love your PJ can't wait to read more. Love your theme!!!

05-25-2008, 12:17 AM
Gorgeous Cake topper!!!! everything look's great!!!!!!!!!!

05-26-2008, 02:35 PM

Hehe it is a small world! It's actually pretty funny because Erik and I originally planned on something simple - maybe rent a hall and DIY type thing. But my parents - who are nice enough to host our at home reception insisted that we take a look around at venues and such. Well when I found Scotland Run I pretty much knew it was between them and another golf club in the area that also had a lodge type feel. It just fit perfect with my personality and our theme. Once we went and visited them while the other had a fantastic view of Philadelphia I just loved the room and set up of all of Scotland Run and from that point it was pretty much decided. I had my heart set on it and Erik pretty much agreed that if that's what I wanted then we should do it. We did have to be creative to try and find a way to fit it in financially but I think we've totally created and event that we'll all be happy with in the end. I really do love that place...now let's hope I feel the same come next Feb. once we're done dealing with them! JK - it seems like a wonderful place to work with the coordinators are very accommodating.

Christine princess:

05-26-2008, 03:08 PM
Oh I think I know the other place you are talking about but I can't remember the name. I actually looked at that place too. At scotland Run everyone was really great and helpful. I think they are the most reasonable out of a lot of venues. I was also looking at the Carriage House but they are wayyyyyyy to overpriced.

06-01-2008, 03:40 PM
we didn't price weddings, however, i did price a sunday brunch shower at carriage house in voorhees & the price was very competitive with venues in haddon hts. in fact the carriage house offered more for the money including a cake cut & boxed for the quests because there are sweets included with the brunch. the owner was very accomadating. christine doesn't like surprizes so i had to tell where & when the shower would be. sorry you had a bad experience, hope i'm not disappointed.

06-11-2008, 07:54 PM
Well I just want to chime in that mom showed me the menu this past weekend and it did look pretty reasonable for a shower. However, that's brunch so I'm sure a full reception might be more and could get expensive. I think for the shower though it will turn out well and mom won't be disappointed.

Also for new news... I got to try my dress on over the weekend:cool1:! Everyone assured me it looked beautiful and I was very happy to finally get to see it on me! I did get a few pictures from my camera but want to see what my mom got with hers before I post anything. So hopefully this weekend I'll get more. TMI alert.....

In my mad dash to get moving sat. morning - after waking up at 5:30 to go to work for a couple of hours... I threw all my undergarments together to take with me. Well I had my homemade veil and hoop skirt in one bag and my corset bra in the other. Of course I forgot to grab the other bag when we stopped at my parents house so I had to go braless when I tried the dress on... luckily it wasn't an actual fitting. But other then the very top the dress fit perfect pixiedust:I must have had some pixie dust coming my way. Oh and of course it has to be hemmed - but so does everything else when you're 4 ft 10 +.

OK I'm off to read. Just wanted to give the quick update.

Christine princess: