View Full Version : Can two sisters stay in the Bayou?

01-14-2008, 11:32 PM
POR question..we have requested the AB location for our upcoming trip..I have read that not many groups under 5 people get rooms in that location??
Have you found this to be the case?

Thanks for any info! :wave2:

01-14-2008, 11:44 PM
Sure you can. The stipulation for a family of five, is that they must stay in AB for the extra trundle bed. But not every room has one. If you request this section I'm sure they will accomodate you.

01-15-2008, 02:09 AM
Sadly, I tried twice on different trips to get AB and was turned down flat. I traveled solo, and requested AB when I booked the reservation, and mentioned it again when I was checking in. Both times, a firm no. Was told that Alligator Bayou is for families of five, and I can't stay there. Then I got my room assigned, and both times I got the farthest parking lot view corner of Parterre Place! Once was bad enough, but then twice? Ugh. :(

Then I read on here how everyone else never seems to have a problem getting AB when they don't have 5 in their group. What a loser that makes me feel like when reading that! :rolleyes: Maybe I am the only one who ever was denied (twice). I would love to stay in AB and see something new, but I learned my lesson! I won't stay at POR anymore.

01-15-2008, 08:02 AM
I requested AB this past October, and didn't get it. I really really didn't want to be in the Mansion section, and had a room in Alligator Bayou as my only request. At check when the CM pointed out my room in the Mansion section, I was disappointed. She even double checked on the computer, but told me that all the AB rooms were filled with larger families. This one problem may keep me from going back to POR, which makes me very sad.:sad1:

Timon-n-Pumbaa Fan
01-15-2008, 09:16 AM
Wow, hearing this makes me sad. I have always wanted to stay in AB because I love the furniture in the photos of the rooms. I have no desire to stay in the mansions. :sad2:

01-15-2008, 09:27 AM
I requested AB for our family of four, and that's what they gave us. But we weren't there during a crowded time and the resort wasn't packed full, so maybe that's why they were able to accommodate our request.

01-15-2008, 10:01 AM
DH and I just stayed in the AB section (party of two). I made the request when I made the reservation (last summer) and didn't have any problems at all. :thumbsup2

I had no intentions of staying in the Mansions. ;)

01-15-2008, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the feedback..I guess will will just hope for the best! As long as we are in Disney we will be happy ~ we are not going to stress over it :)

01-15-2008, 10:34 AM
We were a party of 2 and were assigned to AB. We had not made any requests.

01-15-2008, 11:00 AM
We were a party of 2 and specifically requested the Mansions. We did not want to stay in AB. We were given AB anyway and told we could switch in a couple of days. We ended up liking AB so didn't end up moving.

01-15-2008, 11:41 AM
In 2003 we were originally assigned to the Mansions, but was moved at check-in upon request; It was just my mom and I. Our room did have a trundle bed, but the CM didn't give us a hard time at check-in about it.

Like another poster said, I think it does depend on how full the resort is (even more so how many families of 5 are booked) and when you check-in/the CM checking you in.

01-15-2008, 12:20 PM
When my DH & I stayed at POR for the first time it was just the two of us and we had a room in AB. We are now a family of four and we've always gotten our AB request, sometimes with a trundle bed room and sometimes without it.

01-15-2008, 02:07 PM
My DH and I stayed at POR for the first time in 2004. I requested a king bed in Alligator Bayou and had no problems. That was the second week of July. Actually we were assigned an awesome corner room in Building 38 that faced the river. Loved it! I have no desire to stay in the mansions either. ;)

We are going back to POR this August with our two kids and will be requesting Alligator Bayou again. Good Luck to You! :goodvibes