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01-14-2008, 10:36 PM
Hello all! I just love this board but I never read it unless I am planning a trip to WDW - too depressing otherwise! Well, decided yesterday to take a short trip this summer (4 days and 5 nights). Am sooo excited even though I have 7 months to go and another trip planned before then! I've never gone for such a short time, but am thinking that a day in each park would work out just fine? Looking forward to reading all of your posts in the coming months!:banana:

01-14-2008, 10:52 PM
Yay! I'll happy dance, too! :woohoo: :cool1: :banana: :cheer2: :dance3:

I'm sure that one day per park will be just fine if you plan your days well. My family and I only had 3 1/2 days to spend in the parks on our recent trip. We spent 1 1/2 days @ Epcot, a half a day @ MGM and the other half @ MK (since MK is similar to Disneyland, we only went on the rides that were not at DL) and a full day @ AK.

Happy trip planning!! :)

01-19-2008, 06:15 PM
Know you will have a great time at WDW :thumbsup2 :yay: :banana: :cloud9: :goodvibes :thumbsup2 :cool1: :woohoo: :woohoo: