View Full Version : traveling before 20 April? Can you spread some pixie dust?

03-02-2002, 11:09 AM
I have asked Howie to get my a Cindy's Reservation, and fingers crossed he's going to try and help me with that. It's pretty tough for me to call for Cindy's ressies as I am at work most days at noon and can't call internationally - but I've offered to send postcards to kids from W.D.W from Mickey, saying 'looking forward to your stay' - to repay the favor somewhat.

There is a lady on there who is travelling on 20th April, and I won't be there until June.

Would anyone be willing to send a postcard to this lady's DD?

Here's the link with the info.

Postcard Pixie Dust (http://www.readersclubhouse.com/trading/floor101/zmessages/5872.html)