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01-01-2008, 10:30 PM
ok, so heres the players:

family 1 - 2 adults, 3 children (ages 3, 5 and 18 months)
family 2 - 4 adults (2 couples)
family 3 - 2 adults, 2 teens

we are looking for our own places (3). not 1 large home. but we each need our own laundry facilities too.

we stayed at an extra vacation sale last april at the hgvc on i drive and LOVED it. but now it looks like its unavailable, we are going at christmas 2008 for about 10 to 12 days.

we like to be close to disney (as close as possible) will be renting a car.

i read on windsor hills and it looks very nice. pool esp. are there other neighbourhoods we should be looking at?

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01-02-2008, 07:12 AM
We had a similar situation Thanksgiving 2006. Wife and I and 2 kids, my mom, wife's parents, and wife's sister and her kids. Did NOT want one big house. DID want plenty of space. We ended up getting two condos at WH. They were close enough, but not right next to each other. So we had a great time, but not on top of one another!

01-02-2008, 07:34 AM
holidays are more expensive as well as hardier to find. if you want a timeshares (which HGVC was) then look here

www.tug2.net - classifed ads

you might also consider bonnet creek - it is between Cbr and 536. so really close to disney property.

Sheraton Vistana Resort
Cypress Pointe - this gets lots of recommodations. Nice place, not to expensive.
Bryan's Spanish Cove - this one surprised me. Really expected to see bugs based on others review. Not only has the place been recently rehab (which no one mentioned). Not a bug in site.
Silver Lake Resort - very close to Disney less than mile from AK.

on for houses and condos (generally not timeshares) - here is a map

Emerald Island also gets some good reviews.

I would think anything between windsor hills and disney would work fine.

if you need to save money - then look further out - Davenport (town) - along US 27 will generally have some deals

01-02-2008, 07:41 AM
How do you go about finding places like these mentioned? Our situation is similar but we only need a few days before heading to a dvc resort at Disney. We have a couple extra families that will be traveling with us so we want to be close but not share a house together. I have looked at homes, resorts, condos, timeshares, you name it until my eyes are crossing. I just can't seem to come to a decision. We don't need much but a kitchen and laundry facilities would be really nice to have. A private balcony would be wonderful or even just a way to step out for some air. Are there any places aound WDW or US/IOA that are clean and don't require a timeshare presentation or a minimums week stay? :confused3 Am I wanting the impossible? Any help would be surely appreciated.

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01-02-2008, 11:36 AM
on for houses and condos (generally not timeshares) - here is a map

thanks for this map! that makes life way way easier!

spicey - you sound so knowledgeable....thanks for your early assistance. may i call on you when i plan a bit more?


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01-02-2008, 06:34 PM
spicey - you sound so knowledgeable....thanks for your early assistance. may i call on you when i plan a bit more?


yes - know more about timeshares than houses. but anything I can do to help!