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12-29-2007, 07:23 AM
Here's what i have for trade;


2007 holiday pin - Donald Duck
Casey jr pin - 2
alice in wonderland quest pin
dead man's chest pin
davey jones key pin
dumbo quest pin
halloween seance circle leota pin - 3
jacks compass - 2
golden giraffe pin - 3
liars dice pin - 3
matterhorn bobsled pin
peter pan quest pin
st. patricks day 2007
thrill seekers quest pin - 2
tia's voodoo doll pin
treasure cave pin

Waterpark pins

blizzard beach
crush-n-gusher - 2
ice gator - 3
lagoona gator
teamboat springs - 2
typhoon lagoon - 8


green flip
blizzard beach shirt
blizzard beach shorts
cowboy hat
cowboy pants
cowboy shirt - red
cowboy shirt w/vest - red
explorer boots
explorer shorts - yellow
explorer jacket - yellow
explorer jacket w/ camera - yellow
haunted mansion jacket - brown
haunted mansion pants - brown
haunted mansion shoes - brown
top hat
holiday mickey hat - red - 4
jafar hat
jester hat
kings crown
maleficent hat
mickey beanie - blue
mickey sweater - blue
mission space shoes - green
mission space helmet - green
mission space pants - green
mission space top - green
smee hat
smee shirt
native american shoes
native american headdress
native american vest
pan hat
pirate hat w/ parrot
pirate jacket
pirate pants
pirate shoes
prince phillip jacket
prince phillip pants
prince phillip shoes
mickey pumpkin hat
reindeer hat
snowman hat
superhero mask
superhero pants - green
superhero shirt - green
superhero shoes
typhoon lagoon shirt
typhoon lagoon shorts


pirate magic
bling magic
movie reward codes ( Except Potc 3 at worlds end. i have it.)

Don't Want


Thanks for looking

12-30-2007, 04:21 AM