View Full Version : I tought I tought a burgler a-tweeping up on me

02-27-2002, 12:46 PM
Stations: Note contents of following (Roanoke, Virginia-AP) -- A Virginia court wants a defendant to stop acting like a baby -- literally.

A Roanoke man is asking the judge to release him on probation so he can get help for a diaper fetish.

He's pleading guilty to breaking into a neighbor's apartment -- where he was found wearing a diaper and a Tweety Bird bib.

Prosecutors say the man told police he derives sexual pleasure from dressing and acting like a baby.

The judge has ordered a psychological evaluation.

Court records show the man has also been caught wearing diapers after breaking into closed day-care centers.

I DID I DID SEE A BURGLER..............A CAT BURGLER............LOL....LOL