View Full Version : A message from Webmaster Alex **Please Read**

02-26-2002, 06:57 PM
Many of you have asked why the board performance has suffered lately.
The reason is very simple, too much success! During the day we are
seeing upwards of a 1000 people online. The database software that we
are using simply can't handle that kind of load.
We have been trying various things to improve board performance untill a
permanent, long term solution can be found. One thing we want to look at
is email notification.
Starting at midnite tonite there will be NO email notification of replies to
posts or private messages for 24 hours. We need to run some tests to
assess the impact on performance and to try to localize problems. You will
still get PM's you will just not recieve a notification via email. You can turn
on "pop up" notification for PM's from the control panel.