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12-01-2007, 07:50 PM
On my last trip to the World I bought Ding fares for my DS, DDIL, DGD, and myself. And everything that could go wrong did. :scared1: First I had to cancel and reschedule my fare due to a web site error and then I had to book my DS, DSIL and DGD tickets separately. Then when I went online 24 hours in advance so as to get boarding passes it said I had to get mine at the airport. And there was no record of my DGD. Luckily I decided to call instead of wait and discovered that the payment from paypal had not been picked up by SWA - it was approved but not picked up which I have never had happen before. So rather than pay again with paypal, I just paid with my CC. That was also lucky - as you will learn - as I did when I tried to fly home.

Oh, also we had four different agents tell us four different things about how and what we had to do to fly with a lapbaby. By the time it was done, my DDIL who was PMSing anyway and all stressed about flying SWA and not knowing about preboarding option was in a tizzy!

Well we boarded fine - got the bulkhead seats with the little 19 month old and everything was great.

But when I tried to go home the day after they left - with my two extra bags of souvenirs - and all my bags loaded on a cart with a skycap - because I wanted to check at the curb - the skycap couldn't get me a boarding pass! Like a suspect on a tV drama I was led with my skycap and all my bags - to an empty counter where I spent the next hour trying to prove to them that I had a ticket and that it had not been refunded and then waiting halof an hour while they tried to "move" my payment from one area of their computer to another to "fund" my ticket. If I had not paid with a CC, I might still be there because it was only that I was able to tell them about my CC payment that they found it - because the Paypal was showing refunded.

Listen folks I am sixty and I had a bad blister from my trip and I am standing at the counter during all this time and I was hungry! And the people on the plane were not going to feed me I knew. I had planned a nice leisurely lunch at MCO - which now was NOT going to happen since I was spending lunch hour with a friendly but adamant agent who was NOT going to give me a boarding pass even after she found my payment until it "funded".

Well needless to say I told them when I finally had the pass in hand that I thought they should issue me a voucher of some sort. I pointed to my blister, moaned from my sore back and told them of my hunger.... The agent documented everything for me but said her manager told her if I wanted something for my trouble I should write a letter!

Well I wrote a letter and Guess What!!! This all happened back on Oct 2 and I wrote as soon as I got home. But last night I finally got a personal call from SWA and they are sending me a voucher for $200 - which was the cost of my original ticket! :cool1: They said they couldn't figure out how all this had happened, but they were very sorry and hoped I would try them again. So I guess I will!~ It really does pay to complain....:banana:

12-02-2007, 07:35 AM
Sorry you had to go through all of that. YCK!

12-02-2007, 07:55 AM
That's wonderful that they took your complaints seriously. I had a serious safety issue with CO and the CRO refused to resolve it. When I called to complain, I was told that was their policy and to deal with it. Yup, I've dealt with it. I haven't flown them since--even when it has meant paying a higer price on another carrier. I'm flying with them in a couple months, on FF miles so I can use them up and never have to deal with them again.

12-02-2007, 03:06 PM
Yes, I realize that stuff happens sometimes - through no fault of anyone in particular. I would have been panicked iworrying about them not finding my payment right there if I had not had the money to buy another flight. I knew I had proof on my credit card record, so it could be resolved eventually. What was a pain was having to wait while they resolved their issues - even after they had foiund my payment... so I thought it only fair that they provide a voucher of some sort. And they did more than I hoped for! So it all worked out - and I just wanted to pass on to people that it does pay to complain!