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11-26-2000, 08:31 PM
"This trip is going by much faster than I expected!"

Tuesday, 21 November 2000

My friend and I had made arrangements for our two little sweethearts to participate in the Grand Adventures in cooking, so we took the bus from the Swan to the MK, then took the monorail to the resort. (I HATE the transportation logistics! Must remember to rent a car in the future.)

We dropped the little urchins off at the Mousekeeter Clubhouse into the capable hands of Chef Drew and his assistant, Eva. Chicken Girl said, "Hey, Chef Drew is Captain Drew from the Pirates' Cruise!" My friend and I had coffee and a sticky bun at Gasparilla's; then, we shopped at the Grand Floridian and admired the Christmas decorations.

My husband enjoyed his moment of freedom until I called him on his cell phone and learned that he was trying to make PS for lunch at Kona Cafe for himself. Oh no! I told him to start modifying, that four other people would be joining him!

The kids really had a blast at the Grand Adventures in Cooking. They were so cute when they strolled into the Grand Floridian lobby, wearing their hats and aprons. They had made muffins, and they took great pride in serving everyone.

We rounded up our kids and walked to the Polynesian Resort, where my husband was delighted to be waiting for us :). Lunch at the Kona Cafe was excellent as usual. My husband wanted to eat there simply because he loves the shrimp and somen noodle soup. He was quite distressed to learn that it is no longer on the menu. However, our server, Gary, offered to ask the chef, then reported that the chef would make the soup for my husband. Whoo-hoo for Gary! My husband said, "Leave him a GOOD tip."

After lunch, my friend and her son departed for parts unknown. My family went to MK, where my husband and daughter rode the Haunted Mansion. Once again, I was discouraged by the crowds, so we just stopped by the Main St. Bakery to pick up some cookies to take back to the room. (Good grief! How much did we eat!!!!! YIKES!) Then, we returned to the Swan.

I took my daughter to play on the playground while my husband napped. (Such a hard day he had. Slept late, ate lunch, rode one ride, napped!)

We returned to the room and dressed warmly. It was cold outside. We had made plans to meet DISer "SwanDolphin" and his family at the Dolphin at 5:30, so we headed over to the Dolphin lobby. Then, the SwanDolphin and Chelley families walked over to Epcot for a big evening with the kids.

It was really cold, but we walked fast in order to stay reasonably warm!

We stopped briefly here and there en route to the Mexico area, where we stopped for dinner at the Cantina de San Angel. Chicken Girl--who ate SALSA WITH A SPOON before she was a year old and routinely BEGS to go to a Mexican restaurant--for whatever reason, protested our dinner choices. Mrs. SwanDolphin was prepared; she had a bag full of peanut butter sandwiches and juice boxes. Hence, Chicken Girl really likes Mrs. S/D.

We watched the Tapestry of Nations parade, then rode the ride at the Mexico pavilion (which has to be the least politically correct ride at WDW).

We then walked over to the Millennium Village--which the kids really enjoyed (particularly those columns that make cool rainforest sounds in the Brazil section). We also rode the Journey to Jerusalem simulator ride--and hoped that the kids would not have crucifixion nightmares!

On the way out of the park, we got caught in the second Tapestry of Nations parade of the evening, but we did manage to escape unscathed!

Another great night with good friends.

When we returned to our room, Chicken Girl climbed into my lap to watch IllumiNations. She took a deep breath, then announced that she would like to live at WDW forever! Not a bad idea.


11-27-2000, 06:36 AM
Chicken girl is one smart cookie! Tell her I wish that tooooooo!

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11-27-2000, 06:38 AM
Sometimes Chicken Girl is right on the money with her observations.


11-29-2000, 07:58 PM
just bumping this up. I assume Chicken Girl is feeling better?

11-29-2000, 08:58 PM
Chicken Girl is fine. Thanks!


Marla Hellwig
01-16-2001, 08:48 PM
So dad had a long day. Thanks for posting!