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11-27-2000, 07:46 AM
Left out early Saturday morning from Charlotte,NC
It was my fourth trip (76,78,95) But my first going with just my wife and daughter And I wanted to make one of my daughters freinds wishes come true by taking her(Something I would regret later)She is Eight(But had the mentality of a five year old)

Saturday night we went to Downtown Disney and ate at Rainforest Cafe. That was one heck of a resturant, It was great. Stopped by a pin cart and my daughter (who is nine) got hooked on pins.

Sunday we went to the MK. It was pretty crowded and we used fastpass onjust about everything we could. Got to see the electrical parade for the first time, and that was great. Got to do Splash mountain twice and the Haunted Mansion twice(Which happens to be my favorite ride) I was disapointed that with all the merchandise Disney has, all I could find of the Haunted Mansion was a pin and a ghost hearst toy.

Monday we went to Epcot, My first time there. Not as crowded as MK. It was nice but it was my least favorite park. We did get to have lunch with Mickey at the Garden Grill. Excellent food.

By now my wife and I are getting very agrivated the my daughters freind who came with us
at the MK she was scared of space mountain and the haunted mansion so she wouldnt do them again BUT she would have stayed on Splash Mountain all day if possable (Go Figure). Plus like I said she was eight but acted like a five year old. My wife and I started thinking about comeing home a day early because of it.(Sad but true)

Tuesday, We go to MGM this was the most crowded park yet. From open to close it was elbow to elbow people. But im sure the osborne lights had something to do with it. We wen got FP ticket for the rock n roller coaster, and then went to tower of terror. My daughters freind didnt want to ride it. but I told her she was because I spent alot of money for her to come on this trip with us. After we rode it she said it wasnt that bad.
She started crying in front of the RNR coaster so I had to sit with her out front while my wife and daughter used two FP tickets then my wife sat with her while My daughter and I went. That ride was awsome!! no other way to put it.We spent the rest of the day doing this and that, Saw fantasmic at 6:30, That was awsome! And the Osborne lights was great.

Wendsday, We had planned on the AK but my wife and I had all we could take. So we headed out after stopping by downtown Disney one last time.
We had a great time. But my advise, if any of your kids want to take their freinds. THINK HARD! But at least she can say shes been to Disney.

11-27-2000, 01:27 PM
While you might not remember the little friend so fondly I bet in 15 years she'll be telling her college friends how great you were :) Sometimes good deeds do require sacrifice.

11-27-2000, 04:11 PM
If nothing else Im hopeing the "Magic" of the trip make some sort of impact on the young ladys life. She comes from a broken home so I know this was the only way she would ever get to go. My family and I are planning on going back this Oct or Nov. But this last trip was probably her only shot at going to Disney world. I just hope when shes older she remembers me for makeing a dream come true..

Marla Hellwig
01-12-2001, 10:01 PM
Hopefully, some day she will thank you. Thanks for posting!

01-16-2001, 11:17 AM
I have had the same experience at another theme park in PA. My boyfriend (has 2 kids ages 5 & 7)and I went to Kennywood and took his niece who was also 7, she begged to go with us and how could we say no? She would ride very few items outside the kiddie section. His kids are daredevils and ride everything. I would never make a child ride something they are afraid of, however what annoyed me the most was the way she carried on at each ride. We would ask her first if she wanted to ride and if she said no then one of us would wait (not really willingly) but as we approached a given ride (to wait) she would scream and cry as if we beat her and told her she had to. I was so embarrassed. It kind of ruined everyones day even the other kids.
At least you are a good soul and thought it would be a nice gesture as we did. We all learn by our experiences. And what could be worse then the screaming and crying of a little girl?
Like the others said, she will have that memory thanks to you! I hope you enjoy your next trip!