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12-06-2000, 08:09 AM
DATES: Nov 26-Dec 3
WHO: Karen (36), trip planner
Brian (35), earned the money for the trip
Emily (8), waiting for first ride on ToT and RnRC
Noah (4), waiting for Peter Pan's Flight and Buzz Lightyear
Halle (2), not sure what she wants to do
Joel (2.5 mo), along for the ride
HOTEL: Courtyard at LBV and Shades of Green
Day 3

Monday November 27: I was up by 6 (actually before that, but it wasn't until 6 that I could hand baby off to Brian so I could shower). Got dressed, nursed baby, and then we left SOG a little after 7. Arrived at MK around 7:45. Take the season passes out of our PassPorter and 1 is missing. Best we can figure is that we didn't get one back at Epcot yesterday. The CM at the turnstile held onto all 4 before handing them to us. Not to fear, though. CM Al quickly replaced the missing pass for us (there's something to be said for these computerized cards) and we were on our way. Walked right onto Snow White's Scary Adventures, and the kids were just thrilled.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the park to go to breakfast for 8:50 PS at 1900 Park Fare. This was one of the best breakfasts of the whole trip. Food was great and kids ate well (except for Noah, of course... but we did manage to get 2 apple cinnamon muffins into him). Met the Mad Hatter out in the lobby and he was fun because he actually talked. Inside we met Pinocchio, Geppetto and Mary Poppins. Halle actually let her get close, I guess because she was a "real" person. On our way out, the kids met Gideon.

Back to MK next. Got our first FastPass for Winnie the Pooh at 10:30 with a return time of 1:30-2:30. Then Brian and 3 oldest stood in line for Dumbo for 30-45 minutes while I sat with baby and nursed him. They were finally off the ride around 11:30.

We walked over to Small World next and only had a 10-15 minute wait for it. Is it just me or have they lowered the volume on that ride in the last few years?? Noah and Halle both liked it a lot.

Emily was asking to go to Ariel's Grotto next. I took her and Halle to get in line while Brian and the boys stopped at Scuttle's Landing for drinks. Joel and I waited on the benches in the shade while Brian and the other kids went to see Ariel. Once they had accomplished that mission, we headed for the Mad Tea Party. I sat with the baby again while they rode. I guess we should have done a baby swap, but most times it was just easier for me to keep him, since we never knew when he would want to nurse.

After the Tea Party ended it was time for our FP to Winnie the Pooh. The standby wait was 95 minutes, but we only had about a 10 minute wait. The kids loved this ride, and while we were waiting, Halle was pointing to pictures and saying, "Winnie." This was a first for her! When we got off the ride, the standby time was up to 2 hours.

We headed over to Liberty Square and snagged seats for the Magical Moments parade. We sat in front of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, in the same spot we sat in almost 4 years ago when we were there for the 25th anniversary parade. Of course, it is pretty much the same parade still... and we love that parade! I think the parade was definitely one of Halle's favorite things. The expressions on her face were priceless.

After the Parade, we ate burgers at Pecos Bill's. Then Brian, Emily and Noah rode BTMRR. Noah said he didn't like it, but later was asking to ride it again; go figure.

We thought about staying for fireworks but decided to just wait till MVMCP on Thursday night. Noah and Halle both fell asleep on the way back to the hotel, so we had to cancel our dinner PS at Chef Mickey's. Emily and I had pizza from Evergreens at SOG instead.

Now we are feeling very Disney.

Day 4

Tuesday, Nov. 28: Drove to the Beach Club for 8:50 PS at Cape May. This is another one of our favorite breakfasts. Realized we left the camera back in the hotel room , so Brian ran to one of the hotel shops and bought a disposable camera.

Noah finally ate a good breakfast. Guess the trick is to have him miss dinnner the night before! The kids saw Minnie, Chip, and Dale during breakfast. On the way out they visited with Goofy. We were able to get Halle to reach out and touch his finger.

We water taxi'd to MGM. Emily and Brian hopped on ToT because the wait was 10 minutes, while the other kids and I went to get them FPs for RnRC. Em loved ToT; Brian bought the picture just for the look on her face. Once they got off ToT, they only had a 10-15 minute wait before they could use their FPs for RnRC. They both liked this ride. Em had to buy a RnRC pin later because she liked it so much.

Time to do something for the little kids. We headed to Bear in the Big Blue House. Had a few minutes wait for that one. It was a definite hit with Halle and Noah. Heck, we all liked it!

We were able to walk right into Doug Live! next. Emily was disappointed we hadn't gotten there earlier. She wanted to sit up front and try to get chosen for QuailKid. Despite her disappointment, she still enjoyed the show. Halle fell asleep during it.

Now it was *my* turn to do something. I had been looking forward to the Hunchback show for a while now. The pre-show entertainment was Matt the juggler. We all got a kick out of him. The show itself was good, although not as good as I remember from last time. I didn't care for the woman playing Esmerelda; her voice was too deep and harsh for my liking. I think some of the players have been doing this show for a while though... I think the person doing Laverne was the same one we saw back in January of '97.

We headed out to catch the parade next. Got a bench in front of Sounds Dangerous. What a waste of our time!! I thought the Mulan parade really stank. It can't compare with either the Aladdin or Toy Story parades. Next trip we will avoid this one if it is still around.

Emily and I did Sounds Dangerous next. Cute premise... Not sure if it is worth repeating, though.

Headed to Sci-Fi Drive-in for our PS next. We had the best burgers and fries of the whole trip there. But the seating accommodations just aren't practical for a family of 6, especially when 2 of them are 2 years and 2.5 mo. Probably won't go back till kids are older.

Went to Muppetvision after dinner. Short wait for it, but that was because there was another show going on. Didn't have a wait in line for it. The kids got a kick out of it.

After this, it was time to water taxi back to Beach Club, pick up the van, and go back to SOG.

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12-06-2000, 10:07 AM
Thanks for the great trip reports. It sounds like Noah and Halle liked the Snow White ride. I have been debating about whether I should let my 5 and 3 year olds go on it as some say it is scary. Were your kids scared at all? Are they brave for their age, or do you think ost kids would be okay? Thanks.

Yacht Club Dec, 2000 (I can't wait!)

12-07-2000, 04:12 AM
We used a lot of distraction to help the kids not be too frightened... If the kids have seen the movie and handled the scary stuff, then they should be able to stand the ride. "Oh look, remember when Snow White saw (blank)?" Noah was able to understand it was all pretend and Halle just held my husband's hand.

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1994: CBR
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12-08-2000, 10:18 PM
That was so great of Disney to replace you pass like that. I bet it gave you quite a start when you realized it was missing.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting into the Disney spirit. :)

All of your restaurant trips are making me hungry. :D

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Lisa :)

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Marla Hellwig
01-22-2001, 07:01 PM
A couple of great Disney days. Thanks for posting!