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12-06-2000, 07:13 AM
DATES: Nov 26-Dec 3
WHO: Karen (36), trip planner
Brian (35), earned the money for the trip
Emily (8), waiting for first ride on ToT and RnRC
Noah (4), waiting for Peter Pan's Flight and Buzz Lightyear
Halle (2), not sure what she wants to do
Joel (2.5 mo), along for the ride
HOTEL: Courtyard at LBV and Shades of Green
Day 7

Friday, Dec. 1: After our late night, Brian and the kids slept in a little bit. We had to make a run to Goodings for diapers for Joel because the BX at SOG didn't carry any small enough for him. Plus, we needed a new camera battery. Goodings didn't have the right battery, so we went to Walgreens for it.

We drove to the Contemporary a bit early for our 11:15 PS at Chef Mickey's. Did some browsing in the shops and looked at the Pin Station there. Pin collecting is starting to look kinda fun...

Breakfast was GREAT. One of the best. Joel got lots of attention from the characters. He slept part of the time in one of the infant seats provided by the restaurant. We have a great picture of Chip looking at him in the seat and Joel was awake and smiling at him. By the time we left, the restaurant was closed and the characters were all hanging out in the lobby. They spent a lot of time fawning over Joel and we have pictures of Chip sitting down holding him and of Chef Mickey holding him. Chef Mickey was really funny. He "asked" us how many kids we had and how old they were... then asked if we were done! We assured him we were and he was relieved to hear it .

Headed over to MK next. Got FP for Buzz Lightyear then did Carousel of Progress. Our FPs for Buzz were ready by the time we finished that, so we walked onto that ride.

Decided to head to Toontown, but stopped by Mad Tea Party for pics and autographs with Tweedledee and Tweedledum first. Then I sat on a shaded bench with the baby while Brian and the other 3 did Toontown. When they were done, I rode Barnstormer with Emily.

We went to the Tiki Room next. Kids liked it, but the thunder was a little scary for Halle. Brian liked this version better than the old one.

We had 5:10 PS at Ohana, so had to leave to get there. We were able to get window seats for the fireworks. The food was OK, but not as good as I remember from our last trip.

Went back to SOG and after I got the baby's tummy full of milk, I took the other 3 to the kiddie pool. We weren't there 3-4 minutes when the guy running the towel hut came and said he had to close the pool because someone urinated in it. How the heck did he know??? Neither Em nor Noah confess to doing it and Halle had on a swim diaper... there was one other kid in the pool. The kids were upset to have to leave, especially because they wouldn't have another chance to swim.

Once back in the room, Brian gave the kids baths and we all went to bed.

Tomorrow: our last day

Day 8

Saturday, Dec. 2: 7:30 PS at Artist's Point at Wilderness Lodge. Just LOVE this hotel!! Every time we walk in, Brian and I are blown away by the wood and the spaciousness of it. We are tossing around the idea of joining DVC, and the Villas at WL would be our home resort if we did.

This is one of the better plated breakfasts. We had a great server named Lee. He kept our plates and glasses full and interacted well with the kids. The chef gave me the recipe for the pancakes; now all I have to do is reduce it!! Halle finally let the characters touch her... we got pictures of her with Tigger, Pooh, and Eeyore. At last!!

Headed to MGM and did the Backlot Tour and Backstage Pass. On the way, we ran into Piglet!! Had been wondering about him all week. Then we did lunch at Mama Melrose's (again, not as good as I remember from last time). After lunch, went to Al's Toy Barn and did pictures and autographs. Saw Jesse first and she fawned over the baby. She held him for one of the pictures. Then we did Buzz and Woody, then back to Jesse because she had gone out to get Bullseye and the kids wanted to see him.

Brian and the 2 older rode Star Tours next. They all liked it. Then we did a little shopping; got matching ball caps and a Pooh for Halle.

We were going to stop at the Boardwalk and try to do a DVC presentation, but it was mayhem there... lots of people checking in. So we skipped that and decided to just let them mail us the info and video.

We had 6:30 PS at 1900 Park Fair for the Villain Dinner. Didn't get seated till around 7 or later. We saw 2 wedding parties while we were waiting. One of them was eating at the Villain Dinner (I find that odd, myself). When we were finally seated, we were dismayed to be sitting in the back room, which was already occupied by a table full of screaming (I am not exaggerating) little girls celebrating a birthday. Not all of them had parents there and the adult chaperones sat at a different table and basically let the girls behave any way they wanted (mostly badly). This was the dinner from HELL. I wasn't even pleased with the food; dinner is not as good as breakfast here. The characters were just soso. Ratcliffe walked past us several times without even stopping. The kids had to tell the server that he hadn't come by in order to get to see him. Capt. Hook was pretty good. We had to go outside to the courtyard to see Cruella and the Queen of Hearts. This Cruella was not as good as one we had seen at MGM on our last visit. And as much as Noah had been looking forward to meeting her, she scared him too much, so we only have pictures of Emily with her.

By the time we got back to our room, it was 9. We worked on getting the suitcases packed, then headed to bed. Our flight leaves at 7am tomorrow.

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12-08-2000, 09:39 PM
Chef Mickey's must have been lots of fun. I bet the pictures are just adorable. :)

You really saw a bunch af characters today!

Not to be nosy, but were you on one of the plans that included meals? You guys sure were living right. :)

Thanks for sharing your report with us.

Lisa :)

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12-09-2000, 12:46 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Not to be nosy, but were you on one of the plans that included meals? You guys sure were living right. [/quote]

Nope, although we did do that our last trip (a week at the Poly on the deluxe magic plan... wahoo!!). We just like to "do up" our vacations. I figure I clip coupons the other 50-51 weeks out of the year and vacations aren't the time to be counting your money every time you turn around.

That said, with the experiences we had this time, we will probably do less character meals the next time and just do our favorites (Chef Mickey's for breakfast/dinner, 1900 Park Faire for breakfast, Artist's Point for breakfast, Cape May for breakfast). We'll probably continue to do snacks midday and then do a good sit-down dinner most nights. My kids like eating out, so it is easy to take them most places to eat.

I feel like I need to already start making a list of where I want us to eat next time, and we haven't even made any reservations yet!!! But we are thinking about a concierge level room at GF... with one kid who doesn't usually want to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, that would be a good solution to keep from wasting $$ on a kid's buffet plate. Those of us who are so inclined could have a little snack before we left in the morning and then we could do a late sitting for breakfast... in essence taking care of our lunch, too.

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1994: CBR
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Marla Hellwig
01-22-2001, 06:10 PM
Sorry to hear that your villain dinner wasn't good - we really enjoyed this one in July. Thanks for posting!