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11-06-2007, 01:35 PM
Royal Review


Hi everyone!

I just returned from my stay at the Royal Plaza and I had wanted to hold off posting until I had my pictures...but I don't want to keep anyone waiting. I'll post the photo's later.

Check in was fast and easy. My reservation was in order (after initially receiving an incorrect confirmation) and there was a microwave and refrigerator in the room as requested. Initially I thought the room looked small, but after spending several days in it I appreciated it's roominess. My only complaint about the room was, indeed, the lighting in the bathroom (not enough) as others had said. Otherwise it was very nice...hot and forceful water in the shower and plenty of towels. Housekeeping was great..left me some tea for the coffee pot (there was none on arrival) and kept the air off as per my notes.
One night I heard a baby crying, but I really wasn't bothered by outside noise.
The buses were always on time and we had plenty of seats to choose from. Still, you needed to be patient with the bus service as the morning bus went to AK and MK, and the afternoon bus to MGM and Epcot...if you were going to another park you needed to transfer buses...no big deal, but it did take up a bit of time.
DD and I ordered room service several times and it always came right away, the prices were as expected (spendy). My biggest complaint was the restaurant...I thought the prices would be cheaper than room service (they weren't), but worse than that the atmosphere was just awful...there was none. Despite being empty, the service was dull. It felt as if you were eating at a truck stop...an abandoned one!
The attached cafe had a small selection of yogurt, fruit, and sandwiches and that was very handy.
The gift shop had the usual assortment of sundries, and it's staff was very nice.
I did not use the pool and I didn't get a chance to see inside the poolside rooms...but they looked very nice from what I could tell. The poolside cafe was open the two times I visited but never seemed very busy.
Charges to use the internet in the business center was $13!
Over all, it was a nice enough hotel and my DD and I enjoyed our stay there...but, for the price, and given the reosrt fees and charges for the refridgerator I think next time I will try a Disney moderate resort. It wasn't that it was a bad hotel by any stretch of the imagination...it's just that it lacked anything outstanding...anything that would make you want to go back.

I'll post pictures next week...
Anyone who is booked there...don't worry, you'll have a great time....

11-06-2007, 04:26 PM
Thanks for the review!!! We will be checking in for 2 nights in about 2 weeks. I was kind of concerned about the bus service because since we are going to be in the MK the day after Thanksgiving, we want to get there at least 30 min before park opening. I think I read on the hotel site that the bussed start running one hour before park opening.

11-10-2007, 08:57 AM
Hey Rosie...Sorry we missed each other. I did meet some other disers though. We stayed in the poolside rooms-lower level. The rooms were always clean and housekeeping always friendly as you said. As far as roOm size, they were fine for the four adults we had. two queen beds and a twin sofa bed. Besides we did not spend much time there. I will agree with a previous post about the sun being nowhere in site because the tower blocks it from the pool after noon time. The pool was downright cold and I am from New England.I would compare it to the ocean in fall on Cape Cod. not sure if it was because they had a few colder nights and days when we were there or what...but it was to cold to swim in. I loved the fact that we had our own enclosed (brick sides) patio (open top). It was nice to watch the sunrise with a cup of tea from the patio-open but still feeling secure. Not sure how to describe it-wish I took photos. If you had children with you, you would feel comfortable with this patio. THe gate to the pool from your patio locked from outside, so only and adult could reach it. I think the size of the Patio (spacious to say the least) made the rooms feel larger and I would recommend this lower level poolside room to anyone. The patios had a table and chairs as well as extra room. On our last day we actually brought in two lounge chairs and still had room. I cant say much for buses..we took one only once because we had a car. They told us the buses run every half hour to all four park. One bus comes for two parks and the other about 5 minutes later for the other two parks.They also said the sign at the bus stop does not state this but they have not changed the signs yet. We saw people waiting who came on the hour only because thats what the sign states ..but the desk told us not true every half hour for all four parks. go figure. I cannot say if this is true because again We mostly drove our car places. Overall I would stay here again for a cheaper rate (we paid $105 for deluxe poolside) but My heart is at a Disney hotel . Royal Plaza..They get you with the $8 a day hotel fee for towel use shampoos and and such. Stuff we did not even use. Oh well.

11-12-2007, 10:33 PM
Some pictures including the bus waiting area, pool area, deli, bar and restaurant as well as in room photos. Please note I paid extra for the fridge and microwave.





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11-13-2007, 01:29 PM
My sister and I were there the 1st week in October and while it is a very nice hotel, the staff was great and we got a great rate, it just wasn't "Disney". I'll be going back to my usual Pop Century next time. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with the hotel but we just didn't have the "Disney" feeling while we were there.:confused3

11-13-2007, 04:20 PM
My sister and I were there the 1st week in October and while it is a very nice hotel, the staff was great and we got a great rate, it just wasn't "Disney". I'll be going back to my usual Pop Century next time. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with the hotel but we just didn't have the "Disney" feeling while we were there.:confused3

I thought the same thing...nice enough hotel..but absolutely nothing about it that stands out or would make me want to return. I'm going to try CSR next year. With advanced planning I'll pay just about the same.

02-08-2008, 07:14 PM
I stayed there in an exec. suite for one night with my kids last August (DH was coming later, and we had a good deal here). Just got in and let the kids swim, then got room service, moved to the Dolphin the next day. I thought the room was comfortable enough, but the pool was icky dirty, no lifeguard, no food or drinks by the pool at all (there was a bar, but it was closed, weird). The free breakfast was fine for the kids I guess, but I wouldn't have wasted my time or money on it otherwise. I think if it's a good deal, and you're driving to the parks, it's okay, but it's no better than any motel in Kissimmee in my opinion. At least it had room service, which was fine.