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Suzi Q
02-18-2002, 11:36 PM
My DH and I bought an add-on at BCV. We also own at BWV and are banking 98 points from 2002. Next year, we plan to stay at BCV for a week using 104 of our 108 points, and also plan to stay at VB for 5 days using 60 of the 98 banked points. My question is how can we manage the banked points with regards to the 7 mo and 11 mo windows when we won't be using all of the points (38 points) for the VB stay. I know this is confusing, but we don't want to lose any of our banked points. Can we switch the points we are using once the 7 month window passes, or do we need to add days to use up our 38 points?

02-19-2002, 12:18 AM
Suzi Q,

I just love that name. I think Creedance Clearwater Revival wrote a song about you some years ago.

You won't be able to make your Vero Beach reservations until the 7 month window. When you call MS to do this first ask them if you can use your banked BWV points for the Beach Club Villa reservation that you already made at the 11 month window.

Remember to get rid of all your banked points first.