View Full Version : Would you ever switch from the Dolphin to a mod because of pool closing?

02-17-2002, 04:24 PM
O.k., you guys, I feel silly asking this question. We have been to Disney many times, and as DH has had no vacation for two years we really wanted some "down time" for relaxation this trip. I'm concerned about the four days the Grotto pool is closing at 3:30 for conventions (week of April 12), but would you EVER compromise leaving the Boardwalk area for that reason? We've planned our entire schedule out; many afternoons for "pool time" and although we're disappointed, we'll have to make do. I truly hope it is only the grotto pool and not the other pools, but you never know.

I really feel that I can't complain due to the great l/2 off rate we are getting during a peak week where no other discounts are available. I'm always reading about people wanting upgrades at the S/D for free, which amazes me because of the great rate to begin with for this deluxe resort. Would it bother you?

02-17-2002, 04:30 PM
If you want that location, I wouldn't choose another resort because of the pool closing. When we stayed there, the pool closed a couple of afternoons. The other pool was open. It really didnt interfer with our plans. Not sure from your post if you have stayed at Swan or Dolphin before but the Grotto Pool is beautiful.

02-17-2002, 04:32 PM
I wouldn't give up location because of pool closing...especially boardwalk location. We have stayed at the dolphin three times...it is great!


02-17-2002, 04:33 PM
From what I understand, they used to close all the pools for convention parties, but now due to a complaint, they at least keep one pool open.

They had a huge convention when we were there two weeks ago, and the did close the Grotto pool and the lap pools, but kept the Spring and baby pools available to their guests. (the spring pool is the warmest of all of them!)

A sign was posted a day in advance as to when and what pools would be closing.

The Grotto Pool closed at 3:30, and the lap pools at 5:00.

It didn't really bother me because we weren't at the pools during that time anyway.

No, I wouldn't bother switching, unless you plan on spending all day every day at the pool.

02-17-2002, 04:53 PM
We stayed at the Swan in 2000. We found it to be pretty average, except for the location. After a couple of previous stays at the Yacht Club, we were a little disappointed. I guess you have to weigh out pool vs. convenience of location, but I would go to a moderate like Port Orleans.

02-17-2002, 05:36 PM
How long does the pool close for?

02-17-2002, 06:08 PM
While we were there, it was closed for the night, and reopened again the next AM.

02-17-2002, 08:43 PM
Please call the Dolphin AGAIN, and ask EXACTLY WHAT dates the Groot pool will be closed for the parties/conventions? I read this info on another thread. I have never known the Dolphin to CLOSE the Grotto pool for "4-5" consecutive days/eves for convention parties. They usually only have 1-2 BIG conventions staying on property at any given time, and only permit one BIG POOL-CLOSING Party per convention (For OBVIOUS reasons). The pools are only closed for about 5 hours, and then all are open to everyone again. Please, call and confirm the dates you mentioned.

&...IMOP, it is NOT enough to turn me away from the Dolphin/Swan! The Grotto pool is only closed for a short period of time in the LATE afternoon. You can swim from noon until they tell you to leave! Have fun and do not be deterred by some party revelers! :D

02-17-2002, 08:56 PM
Hello, Now you have me really worried. Planned a spur of the moment trip for next month. Family is all in agreement( kids are teens) we just wish to lay around the pool for the majority of the day and go out in the eve. We have been to wdw multiples times so no rush to the parks. NOW I'm worried the pools will be closed. Are they always closed in the pm, because there must always be a convention there. How do i find out if they are closed March 13 -17???? thanks

02-17-2002, 11:05 PM
I absolutely adore the Dolphin, but a big reason is because they have the best pool in WDW - IMO. Since our kids favorite part of Disney is the pool and they spend many hours every day there, that would definitely factor into the decision. We love coming back from the parks late on a hot May night and taking a relaxing swim. I'd have to run the decision past the family and let them vote.

02-18-2002, 09:03 AM
I would switch because of a pool closing IF I couldn't rearrange my schedule so it didn't matter. BUt I'd be willing to do a bit of rearranging to stay at that preferred location on the Boardwalk.

02-18-2002, 09:25 AM
I thought about this all night long and my answer would have to be "no".
First, I would see about changing my schedule around.
They never close all of the pols at the same time, so, you always
have somewhere to swim.
I think I would hit the pools aorund 1 ish. By the time the pools closed, I'd be back in the room readying myself for my evening park touring.

02-18-2002, 10:56 AM
Hi: Do any of the non convention guests ever complain and get something extra thrown in like a free meal to compensate for this. Thanks,


02-18-2002, 11:42 AM
Yes,especially i have children with me,a pool is very important!:sunny:

02-18-2002, 01:18 PM
In answer to the upgrade question, Starwood members get free upgrades if there are rooms available. I have never stayed at S/D but I always give my Starwood number when I make reservations. I get upgraded without asking.

I'd probably switch if the pool is going to be closed for a good part of my stay.

02-18-2002, 01:34 PM
Not sure a moderate pool is going to be much better than the quiet pool that's open at S/D. If the pool is that important to you try to get a rate for a Disney deluxe hotel. The one time I was going to stay at S/D for about 150 I was able to get a BC rate of 179 (AP) and decided to spend the extra money.

02-18-2002, 07:06 PM

02-18-2002, 07:19 PM
Not me, I like the location of the Dolphin too much.