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02-17-2002, 02:50 PM
Our family (DH, 6 yo DS and myself) will be taking our 1st trip to WDW the first week of May. I've got reservations, at a great price, for a 1 BR suite at the new Residence Inn LBV, on Palm Pkwy. for the 5 nts. we'll be there. HOWEVER, the more I think about it, the more I think we should stay onsite for at least the 1st 2 nts., when we'll be at MK (Day1) and MGM/EPCOT (Day 2).
We are NOT early risers and the idea of dealing with driving to the parks, then waiting for a parking lot tram to TTC, then yet another leg of transportation to get to MK seems a bit much.

We're also are not a "as long as it's clean, we'll take it" kind of family. We really do like spacious, attractive hotel rooms. And, of course, we're on a budget!!! From what I've read recently, CBR seems like a good bet for moderates...rooms a bit larger and attractively furnished. Late last night, I was checking out reviews on it from MousePlanet and the feedback was awful!!! 5 hour waits to check in, noisy "paperthin" walls, etc. What's the deal? Has CBR improved dramatically in the past year? This trip is important to us and the "wrong" hotel could really put a damper on it, so I want to do as much research as I can. (And, BTW, thanks for the great photos SeaSpray!!!)

Now, if by some unbelievable stroke of luck--or sprinkling of pixie dust--I was able to get an affordable rate at the POLY, my only question there is: what's with the vegetation/mildew smell debate? I have fairly strong allergies to molds/mildews, so this is a crucial question for me.

Sorry this is so long, but, you know, sometimes first-timers DO want to try to get it "right" the first time!

Karla B.

02-17-2002, 03:32 PM
I've never stayed at CBR, but lots of people on these boards love it. I think ANY Disney resort would be great.

We love the Poly. In all our visits there we have NEVER smelled a smell. I have a sensitive nose and both my kids have miserable allergies, but we have never had a problem. Check out the discount pages. Many times you can find rates for the Poly that are reasonable (by Disney standards anyway.)

02-17-2002, 05:10 PM
CBR isn't my favorite hotel, but I just don't like the size and the atmosphere as much as some of the others. If you compare it to a normal hotel, it's wonderful. We were there this past Thanksgiving. We arrived just after a bus full of people and the line was incredibly long, but in true Disney fashion, after about 5 minutes people started filing out from the back and every check-in spot was filled in. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes in line, which was really quite reasonable if you consider there were about 20 parties checking in before us.

02-17-2002, 05:59 PM
Okay, I just got off the phone with CRO and booked at the CRB for $94/nt.! I requested either the Martinique or Trinidad North bldgs., 2nd floor. I supose if a great deal came up at the Poly, I could switch. But it would have to be really low--like $170 tops. CS at CRO said that, with the CIF code, the best rate would still be about $250.00. How low has anyone else gotten the Poly?

In any event, I hope we'll like the CRB if that's the way it ends up. The pictures of it look very nice--esp. the white sand beach parts. CS said that they do not have conventions there, so I'm hoping it's not too noisy.

Thanks for everyone's help and input!!!
Karla B.