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Am new to forum and look forward to your help.

We are going to DLRP October 28th til November 1st. 13 of us travelling altogether (6 adults 7 kids). We fly in from Dublin and from checking flightstats website it seems we will fly into Terminal 2 (but no other info, I think Terminal 2 is divided up into A,B,C, etc.).

We were going to get to DLRP with VEA but I don't fancy an hour on a bus and would rather just get to the hotel and head to the parks. We booked back in March and at the time I had checked train services and was told by someone else (not on here) that I would have to change trains and we definately don't want to that. So anyway, today I looked at the sncf website and see there is a direct service. Yippee!!!

Now, after checking on here I see that it can be quite a walk from Terminal 3 (i think) to the train. Can anyone tell me how far/long it is from Terminal 2, just so we can get the return time right if nothing else?

Also, should we get our tickets online beforehand or is it easy enough to get them there?


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Welcome to the DIS gcmcmsa :wave:

The TGV train, which takes just 10 minutes to get from CDG to DLP, goes from the station located at Terminal 2 - to the right of the terminals shown on this (http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/Adp/Resources/91efcef1-be6b-42b8-828e-27aba0f17fba-plant2abcdgb.pdf) map.

The train that goes from the station near Terminal 3 is the RER - which travels into Paris.

You can easily travel between terminals at CDG using the CDGVAL. Have a look at this (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1004423) thread, which you can also find in the Very Useful Information sticky, for more information :)

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Thanks Becky,

That has been a great help