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10-12-2007, 11:33 AM
part 2 ( part 1 now with pics)

went on pirates next it was a walk on , really enjoyed this more than our last time there i don't remember the swinging man from last time , then we went on casey jnr this was shut last time , very pretty area but a bit boring for our lot, we were then all hungary so as planned we went to studios and ate at rendez vous stars the new ratttouille themed restaurant it cost 85 euros for the 4 of us and it was rubbish there was no rats anywhere this was the reason we had gone as ds 10 loves this film , the menu was very french me and ds both veges really struggled even dh who eats anthing wasn't impressed and the food was very lukewarm , so after only 30 mins of being there out we went, the high school musical show was on so stopped and watched that, it was quite good,
by now it was about 1.00pm and we were soo tired from the early flight and had headaches so we went back to dlh to ask if there was any chance our room may be availble , we spoke to the lovely Barbara again and she phoned house-keeping to ask if it was ready and yes it was so off we went to it, and wow, wow it was theroom i had been dreaming of,


i don't know if any of you remember but i was the one who had been asking should i phone hotel before we went and ask for a particular room i didn't but if i had of it would of been this room , we were on the ground floor of the west wing exactly opposite the swiiming pool with a lovely patio it was so elegant ,

the room wasn't huge but bigger than sequioa and those ceilings were so high , the beds were lovely and comfy and the bathroom! well it was soo pretty again there was a phone next to the toilet the kids thought was funny and the toilet paper was folded into a point every time housekeeping came in ( something i always notice the state of the toilets)


we had a little rest and then went back into the parks and watched the charcter express , this was so catchy and fun we really enjoyed it and are still singing it, then we got ready for the villans pre parade and ouadp on at 3.45pm and 4pm it was sooo busy by now much more than i have ever seen it , we sttod by the castle stage on the right and got a really good view the pre parade was okay stich was there and chicken little but the ouadp was so much better than this


we then went back to the hotel it was so warm we decided to go into the pool , it wasn't very big like everyones says but it was very nice and there never seemed more than a few people there except in the eve's the pool was quite cold so went in the jakussi this was heaven after all the stress of travelling etc it was soo warm 35" i think , then idiscovered the sauna and turkish steam room they were always empty every time i went they were so lovely and hot!!!!!

it was now about 6pm so decided to go to village to get something to eat before it got too busy we had already decided on the rainforest cafe so off we went there we got seated straight away they have made the restaurant double the size and halfed the shop to make up for it , we sat at the back by the fountsin it was really nice in here , had not been here before ,we had me vege lasagne with fries it was lovely really hand made and propre cheese on the top it had pistachios in it i think , ds vege had fries and a caesar salad which was enough for 4 people , ds 13 had something with spicy nachoes , fries etc.. dh had sirloin steak with a jacket potato but this had some like funny cheese and ham in it that he didn't like but said the steak was lovely , we then had the volcano to share it was lovely but we all couldn't finish it, the only down about here was the wait to get drinks/food/dessert it took ages even though it was quiet in here. the bill came to 103 euros with 1 drink each
that was about it we had a mooch around the shops and went back about 11pm and fell fast asleep and didn't wake till 7am next day

10-12-2007, 12:47 PM
It sounds like you had a great day.
I hadn't realised there was a courtyard there so thanks for sharing the photos.
I have made a note of the volcano pudding as we love to share large puddings like that.

10-12-2007, 05:33 PM
......there was a phone next to the toilet the kids thought was funny.

We had a bit of a laugh at this as well. We were most disappointed that we never needed to use it, the phone that is..:rotfl:

I also loved the bathroom, I would really love to have one of the Snow White & the Seven Dwarves mirror (shown in the picture)

The patio you get on the ground floor looks really cool, maybe I'll ask for a ground floor room the next time we stay in the DLH, if I can't manage the Castle Club again.

It sounds as though you had a good first day. I look forward to reading the rest of your trip report.

Ware Bears
10-12-2007, 05:36 PM
What a lovely room. :goodvibes

Fabulous photo of your volcano but what a shame about the meal at Rendez-Vous in the Studios.

10-13-2007, 12:42 PM
We were quite lucky at the ratatouille restaurant as we asked at the entrance what the veggie options were and the bloke told us 'salad'. So we went elsewhere!

Sorry you didn't have much luck there.

The rainforest cafe was fab for veggies wasnt it! I was so glad we ate there :) Our 2 children shared a veggie burger meal and it was plenty between them!

:) Sadie

10-15-2007, 02:04 AM
can't wait for part 3. And once again thank you for the pictures. But why is the date on the pictures 2005? And were the old floats from The Princesses parade at the end of the Once upon a dream parade or did they run separately before The Once upon a dream parade? :confused3

03-10-2008, 05:04 AM
Ist there a chance that you will finish your Trip Report. I loved the first two parts and would love to here more if you are still a member of the DIS board. ;)