View Full Version : Ever plan your points usage for the year & ruin it by a last minute trip?

02-15-2002, 05:28 PM
Anyone else plan their point usage carefully and then throw it all out the window with last minute trips?

We have a long trip planned in September. Didn't want to bank any points into next year since we were thinking of skipping 2003 and going 2004 for DD 5th birthday.

So, I planned carefully, using up all my points left from 12/2001 for our 9/02 trip for 13 nights in a 1 bdrm at BWV. I was then planning to bank my 12/2002 points and do a big trip in 2004. I thought I had everything figured out. :rolleyes:

That is until my Aunt Mamie, a fellow DVCer with 8 kids :eek: , called me last week to "borrow" some points for a last minute trip with her 2 boys and her 14 yr old nephew (my cousin) to the BC. (they are down there this week) MS wouldn't let her do it 'cause she has a April use year and she is trying to make resort reservation less than 60 before her use year. So, I borrowed 12/02 points for her trip.

She will just "reimburse" me the points when she gets her annual allotment of 640. She'll just make the reservation for me when I need it.

Anyway, as we were talking and arranging her current trip, we decided to make another last minute trip to WDW together in March! I would take my 3 year old DD and leave my 10 month old with my dh and my Mom. Mamie would bring 4 of her girls (13,11,5,4). The older girls would help with the younger ones - a girls trip down to the World! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

We will again be using my points so she doesn't have to borrow from her 4/02 points into March. I cancelled 2 weekend nights in my 9/02 trip (will drive to Miami for the weekend instead) and will be borrowing from my 12/02 points for this trip.

I managed to get a 2 bedroom at VWL for 2 consecutive nights at the last minute (3/4 & 3/5), am wait listed for the next 2 nights with a back up 2 bedrm at OKW. If the wait list doesn't come through, we will cancel the OKW and get 2 savannah view rooms at AKL for 2 nights. Yes, more points - but with little ones we wanted to be closer to MK & AK.

So, after carefully planning out my points usage for the next 2 years, I now have absolutely no idea what my points balance is right now!!! :confused: I think that if the VWL wait list falls through and I have to finalize my 3/4 - 3/8 trip with AKL reservations, I'll have close to zero points for next year!!

After this trip, I'll have to sit down and re-figure out how to use my points in the coming 2 years. Mamie will probably have to make some of my reservations for our 1/2004 trip - in fact she'll probably come too!

With my now 3 year old DD asking me literally 5 times a day when we are going to DW, I have a feeling I'll be planning some more lst minute trips next year with Aunt Mamie!! No way DD will last 16 months between trips!! :p (At least I may not last her nagging!!)

Hmmm...maybe I can look into an add-on at BCV while down there in March! :D Does dh have to be there too? :smooth:

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