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10-07-2007, 01:44 PM
Up early again this morning, dressed, packed, and checked out of the hotel by 8am. As we were getting the TGV to the airport later in the day, I took our case on the bus from the Santa Fe to the Parks, then left it at the baggagerie at the train station (cost 9.50 euros for the largest locker).

From there, we called in at City Hall to ask if Woody and Jessie would be anywhere apart from the Parade today. Very nice CM made a phone call, and suggested we go to the Cowboy Cookout around lunchtime. Then again off we headed into Fantasyland, and did our favourites Dumbo twice, teacups, and carousel (couldn't persuade DD to do Peter Pan again). Had GMF breakfast booked again today, but it was much busier than yesterday. So busy in fact, I couldn't be bothered to queue for the coffee machines. Made do with orange juice instead. This morning there was also a very noticeable drop in the weather temperature - Weds and Thurs we were in short sleeves, this morning in fleeces, and could see our breath on the air!

After breakfast, we again went to the Castle stage, to get a jump on the queue for the Princess meet n greets. Cinderella was out first again today, but the CM said that after 30 minutes, Sleeping Beauty would be coming, so we waited just beside the gates that take you onto the stage area, until Sleeping Beauty arrived. All the princesses (and princes) were in their winter costumes today. Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip were just as lovely as Cinderella had been yesterday, DD was pleased she got their autographs.

This was our "take it easy" day really, as the parks had been so quiet over the past 2 days and we'd done everything we really wanted to do. So we meandered here, wandered there, taking in loads of little details all over the park. We walked up through the Family Robinson Treehouse, then the length of Frontierland, then back to Main Street for a drink stop at Caseys Corner. I had a much-needed coffee while DD fed the many many little birds with cookie crumbs. Refreshed, we went back into Fantasyland, and did Its a Small World twice in a row, then we walked around to the Auberge de Cendrillon. We had been advised by a very nice lady in the princess queue in the morning that the princesses and their princes use the little stone passageway at the side of the Castle to make their way to the restaurant for the Princess meals. But by the time we got there, the princesses were already in the restaurant.

While in Fantasyland, we saw 3 puppetteers on stilts, holding child-size puppets of the dancing girls etc from Pinnocchio, so we had to have pictures taken with them. The sun also started to shine at this point :) , and stayed out the rest of the day. We went through the Castle in time for the Character Express at 1pm, and found King Louie on it this time, so we had another photo opportunity. We then wandered down to the Cowboy Cookout, arrived there about 1.25, and Woody and Jessie were there, with just a few children around them. So DD ran off to them with her autograph book. We had lunch at the Cowboy Cookout, and ate it outside in the sunshine, just like having a picnic. Then we jumped on the Mark Twain riverboat for a lazy cruise.

Then it was nearly time for us to go - we did one more tour of Its a Small World (just to beat our previous record) then the teacups, then it really was time to say Goodbye DLP, for now.

Picked up our case, boarded the TGV for the airport, no problems at all with the homeward journey. I'd recommend the TGV for speed and ease over the VEA, to and from CDG. It really was very easy to do. And it allowed us to stay in the parks at least an hour later than we'd have been able to if we'd chosen to use the VEA back to the airport.

Home now, and already contemplating when we'll be back :thumbsup2 !


Ware Bears
10-07-2007, 02:12 PM
Another lovely day :goodvibes isn't it sad when it's time to go home. :sad1:

So, when are you planning on returning?? :rotfl:

10-07-2007, 02:17 PM
Loved the reports Elaine, you chose a nice quiet time to go, so much better when you can come home knowing you've done everything you planned.
Thanks for sharing your days with us. :goodvibes

10-07-2007, 02:22 PM
Yet another wonderful day, I can't believe how lucky you were with characters, after hearing all the horror stories on here! :cool2:

10-07-2007, 03:56 PM
Thanks guys,

I'm thinking of possibly March/April for the next trip, just before or after Easter. Haven't sorted out dates or anything yet, but DD wants to stay at the Holiday Inn next time. But we'll just have to wait and do the sums again nearer the time :coffee: .

Annette most of the character stuff we did with no problem at all. The scrums around the characters is what I dislike most about DLP, and with the exception of Chicken Little and King Louie, this time was far more relaxed all round. Maybe it was because the parks were so quiet, and so the characters themselves felt more relaxed, not being rushed here there and everywhere?

As I said in my trip report, I lost it a bit at Chicken Little, and another Mum lost it next to me when we were with King Louie. Her little girl and mine were next to get a hug from him, when another whole family (parents, teenagers) literally grabbed King Louie by the arm and dragged him over in their direction. She told them off good and proper :eek: !

The few kids in front of DD around Jessie and Woody were all British, and they were actually in a line in front of them, which then encouraged the parents and children behind to wait their turn. It was great to see. I also saw that happen at the Studios, in the forecourt area, where Pluto, Goofy and Chip n Dale were.

10-08-2007, 01:30 AM
Being as DD is now 15 we don't bother with the scrums, obviously, but I did want my photo taken with Chicken Little myself last time. We spotted him and he was pretty much alone, I was waiting patiently when all these other people came along and started scrumming, being as I was an adult I felt unable to push them out of the way. I did manage to get a quick photograph but it was the nicest experience so I came away disappointed. Shame as Chicken Little is my hero, but he tainted my opinion of him :sad2: