View Full Version : Family of Four Canadians First Trip to Disney - Day 9

01-09-2001, 10:22 AM
The date is December 26.


Tom - husband
Sherrie - wife
Heidi - daughter
Raymond - son

With Christmas Day finally behind us we thought that we would have a slow day. So, this is the day that we checked out Typhoon Lagoon.

Jack and Regina were leaving Disney this morning so we all met in the food court and gabbed for a couple of hours and said our good-byes. Then we headed to Typhoon Lagoon. We got there around noon. We brought our Blizzard Beach refillable mug so that we would not end up buying a TL one. It cost $4 something for a days worth of refillable drinks. Of course the first thing that we did here was the wave pool. Absolutely amazing. Raymond did not think much of it for the first half hour or so. He kept running towards shore every time he heard the siren and saw the wave growing at the back wall. He eventually gave in and joined in the fun. We stayed in the wave pool for a really long time. Then we had lunch, we everyone just gobbled really quickly. By now it was around 2:30 and we wanted to do some slides and other stuff. We headed towards the Shark Reef area. Tom did the snorkelling first to see if Heidi could handle it or not. He said that she would be fine so she took off to do it. It took her about 3 swims across the pool to get used to snorkelling. She had never done it before. Of course both of them loved it. They both did this for quite awhile while Raymond and I watched. Raymond does not swim well, and he enjoyed looking at the fish from where he was anyway. After that we went on a set of slides called Storm Slides (I think). The kids loved these ones and kept racing each other to the bottom. They did this until the end of the day. At 5:00 there was an announcement saying it was the end of the day. We did not get to go on everything like at Blizzard Beach, but the kids had fun with what they did do.

Back to the resort we ate at the food court and did some laundry. Kids were in bed at a reasonable time anticipating the surprise I had planned for them at breakfast

01-10-2001, 05:31 AM
Sounds like a great day! Typhoon Lagoon is so much fun!


Marla Hellwig
02-07-2001, 11:50 AM
Love surprises - tell tell. Thanks for posting!