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02-14-2002, 06:11 PM
I called last night to ask about the new code that is out. They told me the room rate was the same ($94 a night at CBR) but that I could get ultimate park hoppers for 10% off with the new code. (I originally had just the room and free mini golf passes.) I had already paid off my room which as $738.68 for 7 nights. Adding the tix (2 adults, 11 y.o., 6 y.o.) would bring the whole total to $1974. So basically the 8 day tix for 4 of us would be $1235.32. I no longer get the free mini golf with the new code.

Now my question is: what are the regular ticket prices? How can I find out what tickets would be with a AAA and DC discount? Does anyone know if this reservation works out to be a good deal? I am trying to save as much money as I can.
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I checked the sites that ******** listed with prices and it does not look like you recieved any kind of price break for those tickets. If I were you I would do a little research on this.

This is the figures that I got
Regular rate for 3- adult and 1 child 7 day park hopper plus tickets=1238.16

Disney Club discount rate for 3- adult and 1 child 7 day park hopper plus tickets=1,172.48

If you were planning to go again within a 12 month span I would get the an Annual Passholders card. If offers you soooo much and the next time you go all you have to get is the hotel because you would have the AP that are good for 365 days.

regular Annual Passholder rates for you family at regular cost would be a total of=1,424.64 but with your disney club card it would be 1,363.16
and the Priemum Annual Passholder for your entire family with your disney club card would cost you=1,832.85. This one allows you to go to all the water parks as well as disney quest at no additonal charge. Without a disney club card it would be 1914.47.

difference for PAP is $597.53 with dc card and the difference for regualr annual pass is 127.84 with dclub card.

I would go with the AP and then wait for great AP rates to come out again withing the next year and take another trip with only having to pay for Air and hotel (with great AP rates of course) and not worry about buying tickets.
I hope you figure out the best way for you and your family.
It also would be great to hear what you have decided.

I forgot to add that the Disney Club card rate for the regual

02-14-2002, 08:17 PM
Are you sure that when you called for the discount for room and tickets that the C/M used the correct D/C Code to give the extra discount on the room and tickets, since generally the cost of the package is within a few dollars of doing the room on a discount and then purchasing the hopper passes.

02-14-2002, 08:19 PM
Hi: I would go with the 5, 6 or 7 day hoppers or the annual pass.

The problem with the ultimate hopper is that if you miss a day in the parks due to sickness, tiredness, want a resort only day, going shopping or to another amusement park, or just want a break you are still paying for a day in the park for everyone, and when the trip is over so are the passes.

If you do the hoppers they are good for a lifetime if you end up taking a day or two passes home with you. The annual pass is good choice too. The room rate you have is excellent, the only better one for a moderate is a postcard that was sent to certain people for 84 a night. Have a nice vacation.


02-15-2002, 03:57 PM
I looked at the websites that buzz listed and they have the 2001 ticket prices. Are there any sites that have the 2002 prices listed yet? I have not been able to find any.

Unfortunately we cannot get an Annual Pass because this will be our only trip to Disney this year and it will probably be years before we can go back. We defintely want to get the ultimate park hoppers so we can go in and out the parks whenever and as many times as we want to. We also want to be unlimited on the amount of times we can go to DisneyQuest and the water parks.

atruesag: She did read the code back to me, so I know she put it in right. It is supposed to give you a discount on the hotel room and the tickets. I just can't find out the regular price for tickets for 2002. I am just going to call CRO again and try to get the right info. The whole reason there is any question is I keep getting CMs who are confused and are giving me many different quotes.

Thanks for everyones help. :)

02-15-2002, 04:06 PM
They have not changed the price this year for the tickets. I would call and see if anyone knows if they are going to increase the price of tickets. I doubt that it will be happening this year because of tourism being down. Did you check the difference in prices of the 7 day paark hopper plus and the ultimate paark hopper. If you are going tfor 7 days I am sure you could make do with 4 trips to a water park. It gets tiring going to a water park each day to swim.

02-15-2002, 04:09 PM
Prices as of 1/13/02 are at Mousesavers.


RobinLyn :)

02-15-2002, 05:12 PM
I am still completely confused! I called DC and they told me ticket prices for 8 day ultimate park hopper is $374.27 adult and $298.94 child and this is supposed to be with the DC discount.

I then called CRO who told me they had lowered prices in January to $363.60 adult and $290.46 for a child, this is supposed to be Regular price. CRO said if I had a DC I could get a discount of $346.65 adult and $277.75 child.

Which of all these prices are right? Who am I to believe?

02-15-2002, 05:51 PM
Ultimate Hopper Passes
Available exclusively to Disney resort guests, including those staying at the Swan/Dolphin and the Downtown Disney hotels. Ultimate Hopper passes provide unlimited admission to the four major parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom), the water parks, Pleasure Island and DisneyQuest for the length of your stay. These passes expire at midnight on the day you check out of the hotel.
1 night/2 days - $120.85 Adults (10 and older); $96.48 Children (3-9)
2 nights/3 days - $163.26 Adults (10 and older); $130.40 Children (3-9)
3 nights/4 days - $221.55 Adults (10 and older); $177.04 Children (3-9)
4 nights/5 days - $263.96 Adults (10 and older); $210.95 Children (3-9)
5 nights/6 days - $297.88 Adults (10 and older); $238.52 Children (3-9)
6 nights/7 days - $331.81 Adults (10 and older); $265.02 Children (3-9)
7 nights/8 days - $363.60 Adults (10 and older); $290.46 Children (3-9)
8 nights/9 days - $391.16 Adults (10 and older); $312.73 Children (3-9)
9 nights/10 days - $416.60 Adults (10 and older); $332.87 Children (3-9)

Disney Club

In 2002, Disney Club offers a discount on all multi-day WDW passes including Hopper (save up to $10), Hopper Plus (save up to $16) and Ultimate Hopper Passes (save up to $20). A Disney Club discount also applies to Annual Passes (save up to $15) and Premium Annual Passes (save up to $20). In previous years there have also been discounts on the Water Park Hopper Annual Pass, one-day admission to the water parks and on DisneyQuest admission, but these have not been announced for 2002. Disney Club costs $39.95 a year PER FAMILY to join, so if you are buying multi-day passes for a whole family, a Disney Club membership will probably pay for itself. Click here to learn how to get a discount on your Disney Club membership.

These prices are not Disney Club discounted and this info is on
You should go to this site it is absolutely fabulous it will give you all the info you need PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!!!

02-15-2002, 07:26 PM
I finally figured out what was going on. The first CM was quoting me prices for the wrong length of stay. She had quoted me the 8 night/9 day passes instead of the 7night/ 8 day passes. That is why there were so many prices that I had been given. I am glad I finally was able to figure all of that out. Thanks to everyone for their help. I greatly appreciate it! :wave: