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10-05-2007, 10:25 AM
Can anyone tell me:-

Is there somewhere you can leave your luggage at the station? We're staying at cheyenne and on the last day when we've checked out it would be easier to leave our luggage at the station rather than the hotel& would give us more time in the park on our last day. I know about the disney express thingy but we havent got this as we didnt book the hotel and eurostar as a package.

Is there any shops at the station like you get at the airports?

And it says on our ticket to get there 30mins before,but is it wiser to get there more earlier because of queues?

sorry it's our first time on the eurostar,i'm hoping it going to be better than flying- not really a fan of planes, it's just a shame they dont do more trains as they seem to get booked up very quickly ~prob will have some more questions but cant think at the moment.:goodvibes

10-05-2007, 12:10 PM
Disney has a guest storage, it's towards the right hand side after you pass through security, by the Disneyland Hotel. Note you do pass through security and they will ask you to open your case, they don't root through though, but you might just want to ensure you don't have your dirty undies placed on top of the pile or anything :blush:

There is a charge per item at guest storage, but it's free to Dream Pass holders.

I also think there is some kind of storage at the station too, but don't know the details of this, sorry.

If you booked your hotel via Disney Direct, then it is possible to add Disney Express for 14 per person I believe :goodvibes

Not sure which station you are asking about, if I remember right there is a WH Smiths, a couple of coffee shop type places and suchlike at Waterloo, and at least one place you can get drinks and snacks from at Marne Le Valle (sorry, can't remember the spelling). I don't know what will be available at St Pancras though.

Regarding arriving 30 minutes in advance, I would get there sooner in London, we always have but then again I am paranoid about missing the train. They do call you to board about 20 minutes before departure I think, the Eurostar is very prompt! On the return journey it's maybe not so critical, I don't think they open the booking until about 45 minutes beforehand anyway, and once you get through to the departure lounge there is very little there other than toilets and a coffee machine (if that!) from what I remember.

10-07-2007, 03:54 AM

There is a baggagerie at the train station - we used it on Friday there.
It costs 9.5 euros for the biggest locker (which will take a medium or large size suitcase). Its upstairs from the main concourse, but there is an escalator at the far right of the building (looking from the main Disneyland entrance to the station).

We left our suitcase there at 8am, and there was a notice on the door saying the baggagerie closes every evening at 10pm.

As kevaniki says, theres a coffee bar or 2, vending machines, and a couple of small shops in the train station.


10-07-2007, 04:07 AM
I think Disneyland Guest Storage is 2.50 per item, which would presumably work out cheaper, even if you have several large cases?

10-08-2007, 03:05 PM
Just got back from DLP and we used the guest storage at the disney park - it was 2.50 E for a bag or 4E for a suitcase.

On the way there we were charged for 3 bags as our 2 hardcases were v small (the ones you can use as handluggage) but on the way back there was a queue and the guy charged us for 1 bag and 2 suitcases, despite the bag being larger than the cases lol!

:) Sadie

Katie C
10-09-2007, 07:01 AM
Paying extra for Disney Express is probably a good way to go, the tags just for the return trip aren't that expensive- I think you can get them from the luggage place in your hotel or from reception (sorry- don't remmeber which!) Once through security at Marne la vallee there is little to do apart from get on the train, but the buffet car does open before ou leave and going there then is a handy trick to beat the queues- and not walk through the train laden with food while its moving! Itsa good way to shed extra Euros as well.