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02-14-2002, 10:13 AM
I've never really seen people try to get more than $10 per point until now. I'm looking for a not busy time of year (not Easter/Christmas, etc.) and have been getting emails offering points at $11-12 apiece.

Thought I'd do a check. Is this out of the ordinary?

02-14-2002, 10:30 AM
No it is not out of the ordinary. Disney actually considers points to be valued at $10 each for rentals, so in my opinion, anyone renting points for less than that is selling themselves way too short. You may see some people sell for 7 or 8 if their points expire soon and they are unable to use them. When I wanted to rent points last year before I was in DVC I got several offers from people on these boards. I ended up going with someone that was asking $11 per point, even though I'd had offers for $9 or $10. It was because he had a lot of experience renting and had points available at any of the resorts. Since I hadn't been around the DVC stuff very long the experience factor was more important to me than the money. If I had to do it over again I would still make the same choice.

02-14-2002, 10:32 AM
I've seen some posts, not real recently, for points at $11. Conversely, I've also read posts where potential renters are offering $7 per point and I guess the members are supposed to be really excited.

$10/point seems reasonable, I think, maybe less for the Fri-Sat night stays but certainly is more reasonable than trying to secure the same accommodations for Sun-Thurs from CRO but there are some people you just can't satisfy.

** Disney Lover **
02-14-2002, 06:52 PM
We've been able to get points for $7 and they were not just about to expire. I've had two separate people offer me that price and both by emails. In other words, if I posted for wanting points on here they emailed me with their price per point.

I think $7 - $8 is a great price and I think there are LOTS of members willing to rent their points out at that cost - just not so anxious to advertise it. I think $10 is a bit high but people continue to "advertise" for that and potential "takers" still post (ie notice the low number of posts that the responders that are so "anxious" to take people up on the $10 per point offer).

Either way - they are "doubling" their dues cost just renting at $7 and who cares about the purchase price, that's their decision to buy into Disney - not the renters responsibility. I say put out your notice if you want to rent and wait for someone to rent you at $7 or $8 - it definitely happens and that's DEFINITELY the best going price.

Hope that helps shed some light! I've been on these boards for a long time and have seen how things "work" around here!! :)

Kristy-Mama Bear
02-18-2002, 01:02 PM
I posted a message stating I wanted to rent points and got many replies. Specifically, I had one person who offered me 10.00 point and then another offered me 9.50 a point. Well I did opt to go with the lesser of the two, of course, but what really confused me was the person who offered me the 10.00 got very angry after I emailed her back. I explained to her that I really appreciated her offer, but I had been offered 9.50 and I would go with that since it would save me some money. She emailed me and was so upset--she said that this wasn't that much of a money difference to her and that she didn't know I worked liked Ebay. What???? I just posted a request and she is treating me like I did something wrong by taking the lesser of the two offers. Do you normally get this treatment? I wasn't trying to make anyone mad, but I do want the best deal I can get for my money. Have you dealt with people like this before? I didn't quite know what to think about this. Thanks for listening. I am new to the board and didn't know if I did something wrong.

Gary K. D.
02-18-2002, 01:27 PM
There is certainly no excuse for rudness when dealing with anyone conducting a transaction through this Board. To date the Board has offered a free marketplace for the renting or trading of DVC points between members and non-members alike. If the deal suits you and you have not committed to dealing with another, strike the best deal that you can. I am frankly surprised to find so many points offrered below the break even price of $9.25 per point. There must be quite a few members who find themselves in a financial bind or have passed the banking deadline to offer points for so little. If I weren't already a member and points were continually offered at these levels for all of the DVC Resorts, I would never buy....renting at any price below $9.00 is a far better deal with none of the cash outlay, annual dues payments or the loss of investment opportunity on my money.

02-18-2002, 01:34 PM
I am in the process of attempting to rent points for the first time. It seems that most offer at $10.00 per point but take less..in the $8.00 range.

02-18-2002, 02:17 PM
Kristy-Mama Bear....It is unfortunate you were put in that situation with your choice on who to rent from. I have rented out my points as well as rented from other members on these boards and have always dealt with great people. You didn't do anything wrong...putting out a post that you are looking for points does not obligate you in any way to rent from those that reply. Hope you have better luck in the future....these boards are filled with a lot of great info and many DVC members are very willing to help you out. You do not need to tolerate being badgered about who you chose to rent from and why.

Ken the Retired Cop
02-18-2002, 04:54 PM
Kristy Mama - again so sorry you were treated this way! I honestly have gotten the vibe that there is a driving "dream" of having these points rented out at least at $10 or even higher! I'm sure in a board of over 30k members there might be some people rent at that price but I'd gather to say not many. A fair and good price is anywhere from $7 - $8.50, possibly $9 if it's at a premier location such as boardwalk (which from what I understand the rooms are so tiny I don't think I'd let location win my vote over room size, as OKW rooms are huge compared to WL and BW - but that's another debate ).

We set a price we wanted to pay and that was $7 per point, which I felt was a very fair and good price. It's more than double of what the person pays for dues, and in fact, it's what we've set in our minds that that is the price we'd pay if we were indeed *not* going to join DVC. We've met a wonderful lady from these boards and her name is Andrea and she has been the most pleasant person to deal with. My daughter is actually conducting all the business and she tells me that Andrea is a most wonderful lady! I've done research on this board and there's been several instances along the way where people have rented as low as $4 or even $3 per point as they had points ready to expire within the month - now that's a great deal! However, we wanted to make sure our reservation was made well in advance so we have a good chance of getting our requests honored - so again we set a price and that was $7 per point and we are extremely happy with that price!

In addition to hearing from Andrea and working with Andrea, I've had at least 2 other offers that I can think of that would rent to me at $7 per point, but I had to decline them as we've already began business with Andrea. I've since pointed them to some other people that I've been emailing with that were also looking for points and they've been able to work out their vacations as well. So keep looking and even advertise over on the TUG site (don't know that address) - you can post "free" ads looking to rent timeshares!!

So long story short - what "is" the actual going price for renting points? I'd say - be patient and hold out for anywhere between $7 and $8.50 :)

Good luck!

02-19-2002, 10:55 AM
I agree with Gary D. whom has a great reputation from what I have read. I feel as members our only cost is not just Dues but also the outlay of Cash that we have invested and in most cases interest on that Cash also. We are not independently wealthy and it was a dream for us to become members which we finally accomplished. I can also say not everyone interested in renting points is wonderful to work with either. I had many responses from people just window shopping and since you spend your time checking availability and so forth it is irritating sometimes. Also non members do not realize how quickly reservations are no longer available and when they cannot decide then they are angry you cannot make the reservation still. In some respects we are doing the non owners a service by renting I know the regular prices are much higher and we have some conviences they do not like Kitchens, laundry, and free use of the gym at BWV to mention a few. I was relived to finally rent to another member instead of a non member who realized the value and gave me no trouble with reservations. All the leg work we do for the non member is of some value after all....

02-19-2002, 11:08 AM
I could not agree with you more LadyLvsTramp!! You pinned the tail right on the donkey.