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01-16-2001, 10:13 AM
Its possible for you park hoppers to do everything in a day. I dont recomend it, but it works for me.

I wanted to be able to use Disney transportation, so I had to find a place to park. I picked Epcot center because it is the last place to close and it has the monerail connection. So I parkd their and got on a bus to Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is basically a half a day park. if you get their at 9 am, you will probaly see every thing by 1 pm. The entrance to the park is probaly the worst of all the theme parks. Its a long walk on hot pavement with nothing to look at but a waterfall from the rain forest cafe on your left. I entered the park and headed to Dinoland. Construction is being done for the new part called Dino mania or somthing. Their was only a 10 min wait for dinosaur so I did it. Dinosaur is an ok ride. The only problem with it is that its in the dark to much. About half of the ride is in complete darkness. I kept waiting for a huge Dino to jump out and scare every one but it did not happen. The best part was the ending when the dino is about to eat you right before you go back to the future. Indy Jones in Disney Land is a great ride because their is so much to see. With half of this ride in pitch blackness, its almost like this ride cut a lot of show seens. But dont get me wrong its not a bad ride, its worth a 30 min wait. The next thing I did was the Slowpids, that are supposed to be known as the rapids. This ride is just a piece of junk. Did this ride actually have been made by Imaginears? Their is only one place you will get wet on this ride and thats the drop. THe rest of the ride you move around traveling at two miles an hour. This ride is not worh a 5 min wait. I did not even see any rapids on this rapid ride. This with out a doubt is the worst rapid ride ever made. From six flags to bushgardens, to IOA, everything is better than this. Supposely the best ride at California is going to a Grizzly rappids ride, well if its anything like the slowpids that park is going to be in trouble. The slowpids should be closed down and rehabid. I next went to africa to get a fast pass for the Safari sence the wait is 45 min. This wae a good idea, because i want to do A bugs life. This is a good 3D attraction and maybe the scariest 3D attraction I have ever seen. I loved this thing. Arrows shooting past your face, water shot at you, maggots in your pants, being sprayed with bus spray, and being stapbed by a hornet was all awsome. I heard some people with the loudest screams ever during this attraction, with little kids leaving the attraction horrorfied. Awsome! I then did the 2 week safari and it was Awsome. This is the ride that this place was built for. I have lived in florida my whole life so I no what are agriculture looks like. But being their in this safari is amazing it actually looks like you are in the middle of no where looking at animals. I have never seen any thing like this. All the trees and plants cant be found anywhere in florida. In bush gardens you no your in florida and in a theme park because you see roller coasters in the back ground. Here you see nothing but miles of jungle. A must do. A great attraction and not to be missed. This is the spiderman attraction of the park and its fantastic.

Well I was done Ak, I only did 4 attractions (Ill catch the shows next time) so I caught the buss to MGM. Here is tip make sure your get to this park around 3 pm. If you get their late in the day 2 hours before closing its not a good idea. Because that is the time everyone makes their way down to the Tower, RNR, and Fantasmic. While mom and baby sit and wait for the show dad and kids are doing the rides giving TOT a 45 min wait and RNR a hour wait. But if you go at mid day TOT has a 10 min wait while RNR has a 20 min wait. So what I did was got a fast pass for RNR and rode TOT 3 times. I then did star tours, and the muppets. The muppets has been a favorte atrraction for along time of mine, a must do. The pizza planet from Toy story is awsome too. It has the claw with aliens, and the space guy smash just like the movie awsome. I then headed over to RNR did my fast pass, and then did TOT one more time. RNR is a good coaster, but I think I could of done better. Its not that intence and it has no drops, if it had some air time it would be a hole lot better. And the best seat in the house on TOT is the middle seat belt seat. Awsome air time.

Next I took a buss to the Magic kingdom. I got their at six and the place closes at 7. So I went to Tommarow land. Buzz had a 45 min wait, cant do it, space mt. looked like it had a 4 hour wait because the line started out side. So I tailed it through fantasy land and to a favorte of mine the haunted mansion. I love doing this ride at dusk, it has a magical feel to it. After that I headed to splash MT. It was a walk on. Splash is my favorte ride at all of disney. And I got to stay on and ride it twice. After that I had twom min too run over to Big thunder before it closes. I rode it and its trurns I think are more intence then RNR. The parks closed so I hit the monerail to Epcot while the Fire work show was going on. At epcot I did a very underated ride in Journey to the Imagination, thats better then what people give it credit for. I next plaed some sega at innoventionts. I next drank some free, yeah you heard me free soda, for the Ice place, Watermelon and the lemon flavor our my favorates. I must of drank 48 ounce of soda their. I next did test track a 10 min wait in the singles line. I love this ride and I dont care what people think. When you hit 65 mph and hit the last turn its like jumping to lightspeed in star wars, what a blast. I had 30 min until the fire works so I did what turned out to be the Longest ride in history, The Universe of Energy. If You have Impationt kids dont do this thing. The Dino saur thing is cool, but the movie at the end is like 30 min long. They need to cut some of this movie down and edit it 10 min. People cant take seeing Ellen on a 100 feet long screan for that long. I got Off and caught the end of the fire works.

Well now you see you can do all 4 in one day. Maybe if i got to AK at 8 am I would have been able to see more. But I didt hit the big attraction, and was able to do TOT 4 times and Splash 2 times. It truely was a great day

01-16-2001, 10:30 AM
We also finished animal kingdom really early. I think it makes a big difference if you don't see shows. We didn't see many last time, and FLEW through the parks!

One disagreement, I got SOAKED to the bone on the rapids ride. One time water was shot up in the air and landed on me, and the next a wave crashed right over my head!

01-17-2001, 08:26 AM
Yeah I will be making another trip this weekend to see the show's like Tarzan, Lion King, Drew Carry and others. I did get wet on the slowpids but not soaked. You have to admit these rapids are pretty boring compared to Congo at bush gardans, and Popeye at IOA.

01-24-2001, 04:38 AM
Always do the 4 park thing my last day; it's much easier with a rental; drive to AK, drive to MGM next, drive to EPCOT and use the monorail to go to the MK and back, ending your day at EPCOT.

Marla Hellwig
02-14-2001, 11:36 AM
You did good - I have only done 3 parks in one day. Thanks for posting!