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01-18-2001, 05:29 AM
First, let me appologize for the long delay between posting day 3 and day 4. Day 4 is November 7, 2000.

We got off to a slow start this morning and got to MGM about 9:45. We grabbed fast passes for the Rock N Roll Coaster (for DH and DD#1 - I am a coaster chicken!), then took the back lot tour. Nothing much had changed since we took the tour 2 years ago, but I did notice they already had the lights up for the Osbourne Family Festival of Lights. Then DD#2 and I should in the character greeting line for Buzz and Woody while the others did RNR Coaster. While we were there, we also saw Jessie and one of the green soldiers (my personal favorite - don't ask me why!). The 4 of us got back together and I finally convinced everyone to go see the Hunchback show. Neither of the DDs liked the Movie much, but we had never seen the stage show and I really wanted to so they indulged me. About a half hour into the show, they abruptly stopped it and the stage manager came out and told us they were stopping the show due to "technical difficulties" and that we should leave! Huh? So did Quasimoto ever get the girl or what? I guess I'll never know!

We split up again, the ride maniacs going to TOT while I took DD#2 to the Muppet 3D show. Although this one feels dated, we did enjoy it. Hint - if you get in late check the front row, no one was going there for some reason and it was the last to fill up. By now it was time for lunch at the Sci-Fi. I know this place gets mixed reviews, but we like it because it gives the kids a chance to wind down. We did have another party sitting in our car this time, which was a little weird.

By now it was time for the Mulan parade. We could barely see it through the crowd (an amazingly high number of rude people pushed their way in front of us-this was never a problem at MK or Epcot, does MGM attract the rude ones?), but what we saw was pretty cute. After the parade we ran into Star Tours (a fun ride), then went to see Beauty and the Beast. When we saw it 2 years ago they had 2 Belles, to accomodate an impossibly quick costume change after the Beast is stabbed. Now they have one actress completely cover her face with a hood, so they only need one Belle. I felt a little sorry for the laid-off Belle.

On the way out I stopped at Sid's One-of-a-kind to try and find a weird trinket for my nephew. I've had good luck here in the past, but not this year. All I could find for under $30.00 was pieces of silverware from Cher, so I didn't buy anything. The other place we stopped was the store that takes your photo and puts it in a celebrity scene or on a magazine cover. DD#2 is a big Three Stooges fan, so we had a photo done with DD#1 as Moe, DD#2 as Larry, and Curley as himself. I love that photo! I smile every time I go by it, it is a great souvenier.

Back to CSR, where we went swimming in the Rancho pool (love the Rancho section!) then ordered room service ( lousy and overpriced, much better price/quality at WL, must be those conventioneers ruining things at CSR) and sat back to watch the election returns. I was getting tired by 10:30, but said "I'm not going to bed until I know who won.") Luckily, I did not hold out that position, or, as we all know, I would be dead!

Next: Day 5 - Our first trip to Seaworld. :D

01-18-2001, 12:07 PM
Thanks for your report. I cant believe that they stopped the play in the middle. I guess some technical difficulties take too long to fix. Glad you didnt stay up till the returns were in. :eek:

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Marla Hellwig
02-13-2001, 04:24 PM
Did you ever get back to see Hunchback? I really like this show. Thanks for posting!

02-14-2001, 06:17 AM
No, we never did get back to see Hunchback! I guess it's just one more reason to plan another trip! Thanks for your response. :D