View Full Version : Who Loves 50"s Prime Time Diner?

09-30-2007, 05:33 PM
I do! I had the time of my life there with my BFF and her parents. I was very observant and knew if i didn't eat my vegtables, I would get embarresed. So I was scarfing the green beans down. My friends mom said" look, she's eating all her green beans" I was like" I don't want him to yell at me" My friend is picky so she wasn't eating them. Her dad told on her and HE got in trouble! :eek: Uncle Tim said," Tattle tale, she'll eat them soon let her finnish!" I thought that was a smart reply!:rotfl: :rotfl:

Smee Is Me
09-30-2007, 05:35 PM
I do. I had to sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame to the area where we were sitting during my trip in 2006. I had to do it because I refused to eat all my veggies.:rotfl:

09-30-2007, 05:37 PM
I've never been but I want to
Even tho im more of and 60's and 80's kinda girl

09-30-2007, 05:40 PM
my dad doesn't like it cuz they made him take his hat off, in public!!!!!!!


but I ♥ that place. but they changed the menu. now it sucks.

09-30-2007, 05:59 PM
I've never eaten there.
I went inside though because I really had to go to the bathroom.
It's very themed which I love,but I don't think we would eat there because my family aren't big vegetable eaters..:rotfl2:

09-30-2007, 06:33 PM
omg i went and i had some lady who was losing her voice so it wasnt fun.
but this guy looked threw the window next to me and my cousin and told us to say goodbye to this little boy. the little boy was so embarrassed! but i didnt eat some nasty stuff on my plate so the lady when there was dessert and i didnt want anything she gave me something anyway, and it was the nasty stuff full of whip cream, and stuff, but i cleverly put it in my empty milkshake cup. so my plate was clear. and the dude that worked there made fun of this chick whos hair was really long and called her bo bice(american idol). it was funny. haha every time someone would walk by my sister would jump and sit up straight and stuff. it was hilarious ! it was overall pretty fun.
i just realized i wrote a lot ! =] haha

09-30-2007, 08:23 PM
I love that place.

They put my Friend in Time out because she was being nasty to me xD.

09-30-2007, 09:27 PM
I haven't been there since I was 6, but I think it's a really cool place.
I really want to eat there again, it sounds like fun...and I don't mind a good laugh. :)

09-30-2007, 11:32 PM
We didnt eat there on our recent trip do to we decided to eat at the Brown Derby instead for our MGM meal even though I would love to eat there

10-01-2007, 12:14 AM
what is it

10-01-2007, 06:26 AM
what is it

A restaurant in MGM Studios.

10-01-2007, 02:06 PM
I love 50's Prime Time Cafe. It's fun! My dad got in trouble cause he was "hiding" his green beans under his chicken. xD

10-01-2007, 05:58 PM
I went with my friend, her mom and Dad and little brother and of corse my mom. I kept getting in trouble for putting my elbow on the table. I had the smore dessert. My friend little brother is picky eater that he got in trouble.
I think we all had a lot of fun :rotfl: .

My Own Little Corner
10-01-2007, 06:30 PM
I like it a lot. The food is very good and like home made food. Scrumptous