View Full Version : Incredible, fantastic, glorious WDW trip 1/9-1/16 (Part four)

01-22-2001, 08:15 AM
Fri morning we slept in until around 9:00 am and then drove over to typhoon lagoon. We arrived at about 10:30 and the parking lot was practically empty. Typhoon Lagoon was a blast! We had great weather and we felt like we had the wave pool all to ourselves (only about 75 people in it and none near the start of the wave except DH and I.) We did all of the attractions a few times as there were no lines. I love water parks and typhoon lagoon has the best theming of any water park I have ever been to. On my next trip I want to try Blizzard Beach which I heard is even better, but both times we have gone to WDW it has been closed for rehab. At about 1:00 we headed back to DL but first stopped at Taco Bell for a cheap, quick lunch. We got cleaned up back at the hotel and then took two bussess and the monorail to get to the contemporary. We wanted to rent water mouse boats and we thought the seven seas lagoon we would be a great place to ride. The little boats were a blast. We each rented our own and then took off for a great view of the Polynesian, the grand Floridian and the Magic Kingdom. We got some of our best pictures from the water. After about an hour we called it quits and decided to spend our last evening at Epcot. We took the monorail to epcot and arrived at about 5:00. For a friday evening we found the crowds very manageable. We did Spaceship Earth, HISTA, Cirlce of Life, living with the land, journey into your imagination and the living seas. We wanted to hit fast track one more time and we decided to do the singles line again because there was an incredible line. If you have ever stood in the singles line before, you will know that it begins under the outside track. As you wait in line you can hear the car making the outside loop. After about 5 minutes in line listening to the cars, we heard a horrible sound and then the loudspeaker came on to say that FT was experiencing technical difficulties. Then a CM came out and said the ride would be down for at least an hour. I felt so bad for all the people who had been waiting in line for so long. There was a massive crowd forming at the entrance to the ride, so my DH and I decided to hightail it out of there and head to world showcase. We toured all of the countries and did Maelstrom and El rio De Tiempo. We got a bratwurst and a beer in Germany and staked out a spot to sit and watch TON. After the parade we watched illuminations again in front of Japan. This was an awesome location and I felt better than in front of Rose and Crown Pub. After the fireworks we took a boat to the Boardwalk. This hotel and property area is magnificent, especially at night. We grabbed a bite to eat at Big River Grille Brewery-delicious, 5 minute wait. After dinner we went to Jelly Rolls Piano Bar which was packed. After we left the bar it was now starting to get cold so we decided to head home. We took a bus from the Boardwalk to DD. We contemplated hitting PI for our last night at Disney, but I wanted to do EE at MK the next morning so we decided to call it a night and we took a bus back to DL. This was my best day on the whole trip. The combination of the thrills at TL, the relaxtion and fun of the boatride and the night spent at Epcot and the boardwalk made for a magical day.

01-22-2001, 01:27 PM
Nothing like a little Disney Magic to make for a wonderful day. :D

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01-22-2001, 03:13 PM
Sprout, I've enjoyed your trip report and I've got a question for you, if you don't mind. How did you get the name "Sprout"? I ask because that is my maiden name and it's rather unusual!!

01-22-2001, 04:14 PM
Thanks for reading my trip report. It has been so much fun to write it, because I get to relive all the wonderful memories of Disney. Now about the name-my DH and I do not have any children, but we have two precious dogs. My little dog is named "sprout" because his tail sticks up like a bean sprout. I've never had a nick-name, so I adopted his name.

Marla Hellwig
02-26-2001, 04:16 PM
Sounds like a lovely day. Thanks for posting!

02-27-2001, 12:39 AM
Sounds like a great trip. I leave in 4 long days. Nice to see someone else from Washington on the boards. Thanks for posting!

02-27-2001, 09:00 AM
My goodness, you guys and your trip reports! I can't wait to go myself!!!! Thank you for sharing!