View Full Version : british columbia, canada?

09-24-2007, 07:03 PM
does anyone know anything about the landforms and climate of british columbia? im doing a project for social studies and cant find much online.

09-25-2007, 04:55 PM
The climate, is definitely warmer than the east coast. I can tell you that. People from out west, always have a hard time getting used to the cold when they move down here.
It's bordered by the Pacific ocean, and the Rockies are there too. Lake Okanogan is in BC too, it's famous for the story of the Ogopogo (quite similar to the Loch Ness)
Whistler is known for it's ski resorts (so ski mountains)

09-25-2007, 07:48 PM
I live right by it but still in the states meaning just 30 minutes away the climate out there is similar to Seattle WA I really cant tell you about the lands form since I dont know what you mean but from what I know it is one of the nicer areas of Canada