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Tiger Fan
01-27-2001, 07:41 AM
Cast of Characters:

Lisa , me – 31
Lynn, partner – 37
Emily, daughter – 3
Leah, sister – 20

Day 4, January 16, 2001 (Tuesday)

We had hoped to be at MGM by opening, but just couldn’t get ourselves going in time. It seemed fatigue had really set in. We were there by 10:30am and things seem to be less crowded than the past two days. We headed straight for the “big” rides, Leah was itching to ride ToT and RnR. As we headed in line to ToT, Emily began begging to ride. I was explaining that she was too short (since it was also 40 inches and she had been too short for SM), however the CM overhead and said, have her stand right here. It was just beneath a “street sign” type thing. She was plenty tall enough he said and off we went. Lynn refused to ride this, doesn’t do freefalls. This was fun, but none of us wanted to ride again anytime soon. As we left, Emily stated, “I don’t ever want to ride that again!”. We then went to RnR and traded off with Emily so we all got a turn. This was the best! We all consider this one of our favorites. Leah would later separate from us at lunch and ride this ride 6 times in a row – wow – too much for me.

It was getting close to time for our lunch PS at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. We headed over to get a fastpass for Star Tours and then strolled along New York Street before heading to lunch. We were seated within 5 mins and immediately liked our server, MOM, of course. Lynn had fried chicken, I had the pot roast and Emily, you guessed it, chicken strips. We all really enjoyed this meal, the food was absolutely wonderful. The pot roast literally melted in my mouth. Emily asked for seconds of her corn on the cob (they didn’t charge us for this either) and Lynn and I split a smores dessert. We felt this was great food in a cute atmosphere at a fair price.

We left wanting to catch Indiana Jones, but realized that we would have standing room only and I just couldn’t stand that long. We went to Star Tours and Emily refused to ride. She was tall enough, but for some reason just chickened out. Lynn and I did the baby swap, it worked great. We decided to go stake out a spot for the Mulan parade. Mulan is one of Emily’s favorite movies, and we had missed this parade in June. It was cute, we had great seats and Emily seemed to enjoy it alot. As soon as the parade was over we shot across to catch Indiana Jones. Lynn had been excited about catching this show. We were seated on the front row, one section over from center. Almost immediately the “casting director” came out and began talking to the audience, asking for volunteers. Lynn raised her hand (this is way out of character for her, I think she just got caught up in the moment) and yes, she was “cast” as an extra. It was so cool to watch her throughout this great show. I would like to see it again sometime, since I found myself watching her and missing some of the great action. Emily kept worrying that the “bad guys” would get Lynn, but overall liked the show. With E-ticket night ahead at Magic Kingdom, we headed back for a short rest.

E-ticket night is awesome. We arrived back at MK just before 6pm and rode Barnstormer, Dumbo and Peter Pan several times before catching the e-rides. We rode the following (several times each) during e-ticket night: Buzz, Astro Orbitor, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain (yes, amazingly, Emily was tall enough now), BTMRR, Haunted Mansion (this is scarier at night I found). We also rode Alien Encounter – don’t waste your time in my opinion and ate at Pecos Bill’s Cafe. We loved this restaurant for fast food. The toppings bar is out of this world.

We collapsed back in the room at 10:30pm.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah...Tip for Today: E-Ticket Night is a must!


Judy from Boise
01-27-2001, 05:38 PM
I am curious, did Emily end up liking Splash ?

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Tiger Fan
01-27-2001, 08:56 PM
Judy, she loved it and we rode several more times later in the week. It's one of the things she talks about most now that we're home.



Marla Hellwig
02-14-2001, 04:13 PM
Another fun day. Gotta to love those E nights. Thanks for posting!