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09-23-2007, 07:21 AM
Aloha! I have recently traded for a red HKDL shirt and now that I have been wearing it I realized I dont really like it :sad2:

Here are some of my wants:
White HKDL castle pin (will add, see below)
Green Explorer
Gray Mansion
Multiple star magic (preferably bat and spooky)
Pirate Q (minor want, not a huge fan of pirate Q but it never hurts to have some :) )
snowmen (another minor want)
DLR pumpkins


1. Green explorer shorts

2. Green explorer top with camera and a few in park Q items

3. White HKDL Pin- I will add 1x firewall, 2x pirate Q couches, 1x small sand,
1x pirate stool, 1x pirate post,1x treasure chair, 1x galleon bow chair, 1x galleon stern chair, 1x red turnstile, 1x blue turnstile, 1x red scoreboard, 1x blue scoreboad, 1x green scoreboard.

4. 5* bat and 5* spooky

5. 4* bat and 3* spooky with a few items added

I will add more auto wins later. :)

Note- I will look at all offers. I realize my autos wins and wants might be a bit high.

curlee-Q :tinker:

09-23-2007, 03:08 PM
Taking my daily bump :)