View Full Version : A fantasmic Tuesday at MGM! A College Students report

01-31-2001, 08:45 AM
To sum up MGM on a typical Tuesday in two words.....NO LINES! Yes no lines the entire day.
I arived at 1 pm and headed over to TOT and RNR. I am always suprised of why do people still get fast passes to rides with 0 min wait time? I went up to TOT and got my favorate seatbelt seat. The Cast Members no me so well there they automaticaly place me on box 5 (the seatbelt seat for non TOT fans). Well I rode TOT 3 times in 15 min. Each time the my picture is taken I make a diffrent pose. Just for people who dont know every ride that has a photo opp, has a person back in the back who looks at every picture in the back to see if some one is making an evil gesture (middle finger). So if your picture does not come up thats what happened. Its Disneys way to keep sites like Flash Mountain (splash mt. with breasts) off the web. I next headed over to RNR and rode that 3 times (two in the front seat, and one in the back). I think the front is the best set on the ride. I still think space mt is Disney's best coaster. I have not seen the Indy show in a long time so I headed over to that. After seeing it, I think the show needs a rewrite. It just takes so much time to change sets. I just whish the show was done in one take like the Wild Wild west show at USF. I hate watching 2 seconds of action, then have to go through 10 min of talking just to set up the next 2 sec of action scene. After the show I headed over to the Drew Carry show. The Show stars Drew Carry, but Drew is only show on film for about 2 min. The rest of the show is in complete darkness. Now I like the show, its very interesting, I am just saying it would be better if Drew was funny in it. On TV drew is funny as heck, but on this show I did not laugh not one time. The show is kind of like alien encounter. I then headed over to my favorate 3D attraction in all of Disney the Muppets. I love this show. Also one of the real hidden supprises at MGM is over here and thats Toy Stories Pizza World. Its just like the movie. Next up was the Mulan parade, which needs to be replaced. The Mulan parade is the worst MGM parade ever. Bring back the Toy Story, and the Aladin parade with those spitting camels please. The only thing that is good about the Mulan parade is the acrobats and karatie guys. Those guys and gals are good. Next up was the Huntch Back Show. This thing is realy good, and is as good as a Brodway show. This show is a must do at MGM, its an really inventive show with a puppet show style of gypses. Next up was the Backstage tour. It basicaly showed the Home Improvement set, and was kind of a commercial for 101 dalmations. A movie I could realy care for. They also showed the Shene set. But the thing I was realy pumped at was the Who wants to be a Millionare set. I cant wait for this baby. I going to go to like 3 shows a day once this baby opens. Plus regis will be comming 3 weeks a year to shoot shows from the set. And every audience member will get a chance at the fastest finger. I next headed over to the Little Mermaide show, is it just me are can you feel the magic of disney at this show. I then headed over to the Great Movie Ride. The ride is getting a little old but I have to go on it because I am a little missed up. I am still wondering what will happen to the Chinese theater once that big Blue hat is built. I then rode the disapointing Star Tours. Let me pray for a moment. God please tell Michael Eisner and George Lucas to rip this peace of junk attraction down and make a Spiderman like star wars experence that will be the greatest ride ever, not this boring out dated not fun ride that puts the star war movies to shame. This ride is unworthy to have the Star wars name on it. Please god show these men the way and get rid of it. Amen. I headed back to do Tot and RNR one more time, then it was 6:30 time for fantasmic. This is always the perfect way to end a day at MGM.

01-31-2001, 12:40 PM
WOW, no lines! That makes for a great day in its self! Fantasmic is a great way to end your day isnt it.

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02-02-2001, 07:38 AM
Its no lines at MGM almost every day of the month during January. I hope this trend continues in febuary.

Marla Hellwig
02-16-2001, 06:36 PM
I also think the Hunchback show is one of the best that Disney does. Thanks for posting!